Dark Refuge Post 2220 Mission 2: A Tsunami of Opportunity


Panic on the I’tashi Coastline

A Tsunami slammed into the coastline of the Northern Kingdom of I’tash. Its origins were offshore, traced back to an ancient undersea crater. Current tectonics scanners show the region is very active now with thermal vents, perhaps caused by some earthquake event. Due to the rarity of Tsunamis in that region, the coastline was wholly unprepared.

There was a Sea Kings beachhead that is now in complete disarray, with ships and soldiers scattered along miles of beaches.

The I’tashi Fort just up the coast from the beachhead was equally struck, with most of the guards drowned and many of the peacebringers there still dead at their posts.

Mission Option 1 – Raid the Chaotic Coastline
The Hobtla Mag’ol are gathering mercs to raid the coastline of I’tash, attack the fort and make off with as many weapons, artifacts and armor as they can fit in the shadow cocoons aboard their raiding ship.

Their enemies will include freed I’tashi Peacebringers (Use stats in the DR Core book page 154) and
Mongrels (page 155). These former Slave-soldiers were freed by the current I’tashi Alliance Government who they work for defending this fort and section of beach.

Mission Option 2 – Punish the Sea Kings

The I’tashi Military is reeling in trying to deal with the catastrophe of the tsunami. Spread thin, trying to do humanitarian aid they have relaxed their border security as a result.

This has given Rogue units hiding within the I’tashi kingdom an opportunity to smuggle in warriors to strike at the Sea Kings. They are targeting the current Sea Kings Illuminated, a Pharoah Qory Kal I’tash and his main bestial Overseer Crimson Heart. Their armies are scattered across the beaches, so many groups of three to five Cambions are wandering the beach and further inland.

Mission Option 3 – I’tashi Rebellion Time

Seeing the I’tashi Alliance Government struggling to meet the needs of its people, many in New Vorik and the other colonies see this as a perfect opportunity to stage a rebellion and then invade under false pretenses. They are calling this invasion plan “the New Vorik Conviction”.
Each Political Candidate should make a statement either In Favor Of, or Against “the New Vorik Conviction”.

For Mission options 1 or 2 give your specific way of getting there (check the planning threads if you are not sure).

For Mission Option 3 Give your Speech. And any media teams or printing teams working for you can also post what type of messages they send out either in favor or against this plan.

[Bold] Mission Rules [/Bold]

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.

THIS MISSION IS OPEN TO ALL PLAYER ACCOUNTS. Anyone may choose to post to this mission with any number of accounts they may control. However EACH ACCOUNT can only send 1 Character to this mission. Choose your character carefully.

This mission ends on Friday March 24th at 12 Midnight EST.

The First player to post gains 1st initiative, Second player to post gains 2nd, and third player to post gets 3rd iniative. Remaining player actions with be narrated in order decided by the narrator.


Those Allied with the I’tashis

Those allied with the EEF.

Those allied with the Hobtla Mag’ol.


Lucia M. Largonel would be attending speeches, with some new and tasty kinds of fish stored in a shadow cocoon. Each piece of fish would be about 3 ounces, and several pieces would be distributed discretely to families in attendance at the time in her speech when it seems most beneficial.

While the speeches are going on, Lucia would speak to the families.

"With war, there are a few things that are guaranteed. They’re chaos, famine and death. It doesn’t matter how fast its over, who wins, or any of the other variables that can happen when the bullets start flying.

Its even worse given the famine that we’re dealing with. Do you think the army is going to go hungry? No?

Its just going to get worse for us folk. The food that we have grown, have stored, have scraped together is going to be stolen by the “authorities” for their precious war machine. There is nothing we can do for this. If we fight, we cause the situation we need to stop; if we do nothing, the provocateurs speaking here today will cause the fighting to begin.

Its even worse for our children, our precious hope for the future. They are least equipped to deal with famine and war. Parent are left with the hard decisions, how do I get food, can I skip this meal to provide for my child, the list goes on and on and on.

The essence is the best thing I can do for my child."

Speaking in a lower tone

"I can help with that, I have a secret place that is away from this place, away from war, away from the danger, and away from this famine. We have some food, but its limited . We can’t support everyone, not yet. We have a school, where the children can learn, we have good teachers, the best that we can find. We have a save haven for those that we can support, those precious few.

We can save your children future from hard times, if you will let us."

Lucian will also visit orphanages in the area, and see about quickly adopting most of the children and taking and children whose parents give them up for transport back to Turtle City . This will be accomplished through temporary use of Ryuk’s teleport stone.


The Daemonsbane assassin was ready for anything, ready to face this strange new style of combat. He was focused on Yildor Roren.
The Daemonsbane assassin would target any broadcasting equipment, loudspeakers or other devices. If they were tech he would constantly chill them while obscured (obscure 10 successes unique artifact) if they were leyas basedd he would use shadows to make a strike with shapeshifted vorpal claws at the equipment when no one was looking. Then he would steal any backups and destroy them and blame them on a different campaign (the other church of oner if possible). His main goal would be to find out who were Yildor Rorens main supporters and deliver that list to miss muffet. Daemonsbane had faced tougher foes and he would use his new pain magi cannon to make sure no innocents or nontargets were hurt in his operation.


Lurry, as this identity was was mimiced into his Earther form wearing the Mazac Body Armor. He added 2 more magi cannons pistols if needed, but otherwise looked the same.

Attacking Sea Kings when the illuminated addresses his workers in the morning. Target: Capture Pharoah Qory Kal I’tash.

Using Fire 4 create Firebomb workings. Hand out some. Artifice his radio with obscure and techomancy so he can use it to communicate with Eli and the others.

First, Lurry would prep the explosive Firebombs he created. At the time of the distraction,these bombs would be dropped from the shadow of the Dummy Eli was having jump out, and placed at the feet of a few patrols. He will try to keep collateral damage limited with his placements. This was his participation in the distraction. He expect someone to target bestial Overseer Crimson Heart.

Lurry would sneak his way in past the patrols and guards through the shadows, keeping out of sight. At the time of the distraction, Lurry would use his knock out (pain) magi pistols and shoot the illuminated in the back (Skull aka seeking +8 Dodge T#) to knock him out a few times.

Lurry will then pull the illuminated through a shadow to him. Then Lurry will shadow jump away from the immediate danger to a presetup spot. First Lurry will remove weapons and artifacts, careful to not touch any with his skin. Then Lurry will quickly Doopleganger the Illuminated while he is asleep like what Boriel did to him. Staying in the Illuminated form only long enough to gain the form and the memories. Lurry will revert back to the Lurry form. Next Lurry will bind the Illuminated and cover his head. Then Lurry will take the illuminated to the predefined meetup location for the group.

Lurry will make sure to keep the Illuminated facing the ground so he can’t annihilate anyone. If he starts to stir, Lurry will shoot him again to knock him out.

If the others need help, Lurry will recover their team through the shadows to help with withdrawls.

(OOC Lurtor is doing the Doopleganger in private so no one sees him turn back into himself. Or knows he did it. Doopleganger is Lurtor doing it, not item.)

Lurtor (VLAD Agent) LR:6, HP:24, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:6 (12), Agility:7, Will:8, Health:6, Int:5, Chr:3 (7), Emotional Control:3, Temper:2)

Attacks (Melee:4 (5), Ranged:3 (6), Thrown:2(4), Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:4 hps /rd, Melee Strike +3, Ranged Shot +2, Rapid Throw +1, Duelist, Gunslinger, Knife thrower, Quickdraw, Goo Warrior Special Training, Bladed Sun Devotion, Faith (Bladed Sun) 1, Path of the redeemer lvl 2, Shadow Assassin Devotion lvl 1, TimeShredded, Tough As Nails, Ignore Poison (4 Succ), Bird Sight (+2 Bonus to Range Combat w/Missle/Energy), Animal Sight (See in Dark), Animal Hearing/Smell (+2 to hearing and smell tests), Ignore Poison, Obscure 6 Succ (+12 to T# for Leyas sight));

Skills (Artillery:2, Blunt Weapons:1, Edged Weapons:5, HtH:3, LCM:7(9), LCR:7(9), Pilot Airship:1, Pilot War Giant:3, Polearms:1, Springshots:5, Thrown Weapon:4, Sylvan Tech:3, Computers:5, Tech Forger:4, Tech Repair:3, Performance:5, Religion:3, Acting:1, Burglary:4, Climb:4, Diplomacy:2, Explosive Theory:4, Heraldry:2, Herbalism:4, Leyas Mapping:1(3), Leyas Recognition:2(4), Leyas Theory:3(5), Medicine/Healing:1, Monster Lore:1, NN Lord Lang:2, Profession(Spy):6, Prof (Spy Master)4, Set Traps:4, Sleight of Hand:3, Stealth:5, Survival:2, Swimming:3)

Leyas (LR:6, Air:3, Earth:5, Fire:4, Water:3, Light:3, Shadow:4, General:2, Healing:1, ShapeShifting:6, Summoning:1, Technomancy:6, Troubadour:4)

Shields (Life shield, Protective Aura(4 Succ item), Sonar 4 Succ.

Firebombs created for mission
Mazac Body Armor.
2 VLAD Combat Knifes (Shieldbreaker 6 Succ)
2 Magi Cannon - (8 Succ) Razor Skull 9d6 Pain Dmg - Pain Dmg no AR, +8 Dodge T#, Obscure (6 Succ)

Below are the pistols he would switch to if things really get bad (Lurtor hasn’t used these in public).
Magi Cannon - 10 Succ - Long Barrel, Fearful Vengful Skull 9D6 Dmg - Chill Dmg - x4 Vehicles and Structures, +8 Dodge T#, 1/2 AR + 2 Called Shots, Obscure (6 Succ), and Shieldbreaker 6 (Succ)
Magi Cannon - 10 Succ - Long Barrel, Fearful Vengful Skull 9D6 Dmg - Chill Dmg - x4 Vehicles and Structures, +8 Dodge T#, 1/2 AR + 2 Called Shots, Obscure (4 Succ), and Shieldbreaker 6 (Succ)

Earring of Forms - Obscure, Mimic-Shape, Goo Form, DoopleGanger and Animal Form-Shape 5 (4 Succ), Inantimate Form (6 Succ)
Earring of Limbs - Obscure (4 Succ), Drop Limb (5 Succ), Blowfish spines, Extra Limbs, and Wings (6 Succ)
Earring of Tech - Obscure, Wireless Hacking (2 Succ), EMP Field, Turn Key (4 Succ), Assemble (5 Succ), Nanite Healing (6 Succ)
Earring of Sound - Sonar (4 Succ), Actor’s disguise, Enhanced Beauty, Translate (6 Succ)
Tongue Ring of Songs - Songmancer, Song of Swords, Song of Frost (4 Succ), Sonic Spear, Song of Storms (6 Succ), Song of Tragedy (6 Succ)
Ring of Movement - Teleport (2 Succ), Obscure (4 Succ), Shadow Drive, Shadow Jump (6 Succ)
Ring of Fire - Lava Walk (2 Succ), Protective Aura, Warm Aura (4 Succ), Fire Light (6 Succ)


song: Great Leader Has Fallen - Brigador

“What is Projec:)tarkside and who’s this Lurry guy? Hell with it - got a job to do for Moose!”

Eli McGraw had a simple plan. He was geared up with his heavy pistols, new “laying down the law” brass knuckles, wacky nano armor along with the Crown of the High King’s Favor™ under his hat, J.J. riding in the Auto Health Spider, radio and good looking face. Eli would sneak (skill level 5, Int 4) in as close a possible and then when the time was right, shot with the pistols(8 attacks at Handgun skill 8, Agi 6) or punch with the brass (2 attacks, killing strikes plus 4 called shot, at Hand to Hand 5, Agi 6, Str 5) on the person named Overseer Crimson Heart. When the time was left, a dummy of Eli that has explosives and a radio will be drop from Moose’s gunpod onto the battle. Eli will shout into the radio going “Yeah ha!”. Of course this is unnecessarily dumb but it’s funny to Eli.

Note: If the Hobtla Mag’ol don’t get in his way, Eli going to leave them alone. For now. Maybe. Anyhow, per Daemonsbane’s request, any loot or ghaz or what not from his mission will be “invested” (laundered?) though McGraw Harbor by “Little Miss Muffet” (who’s total not Buffy Striker-McGraw). He’ll also get the extra 250 ghaz and the Woodland War Giant if successful.


song UNLEASH THE ARCHERS - Test Your Metal

The 50 plus members, earthers and olgogs, Lucky Fate Squad will go across the colonies to delver Daron’s message Against the New Vorik Conviction. The main talking point are we’re good neighbors, and most wars of aggression are bloodly and stupid. The citizens of the colonies are kinder and smarter than that. It’s mostly going to be spread via word of mouth and news print. The public rally in Saragosa will be recorded by Hekeriki because she’s got the know-how and no one expects the teenage olgog girl to be dangerous.

She be in a white business dress with black sunglasses and operate the video camera (E.C. 2) remotely. She’ll arrange to have some extra security by asking really nice (Etiquette 3, Int 6, Cha 6) to Aeron Din, Elected Lord, and his Rough boys for help. “If you ever need some hauling or a giant robot… cough.” During the speech she’ll stay by Daron side and have his flank by a summoned white ridding unicorn (Leyas Rating 3, Adept, Summon 3) in a business suit with black sunglasses. Not kidding. If trouble shows up psychically attacking, she’ll summon a white combat unicorn. She’ll open a briefcase, hand his weapon and escort him out of there if needed. She’ll use her smarts, some throwing knives (attack 1, Thrown(small) 3, Agi 3), and her luck (Xaos). If trouble shows up a heckling, she’ll let Daron do the talking and get the people on his side.


A small earther girl with her red hair up in pigtails skipped almost randomly thru out the conflict zone. In areas where she had passed, it seemed as if random people disappeared. Thinking to themself, the girl was amazed at the number of samples and new toys they collected. “have to remember to keep them in good condition and not to break to many this time. We really would like to see how a Bestial’s organs are put together as compared to a vorin’s. Last time, we broke them all before we learned any thing new.”

It seemed that the only creature she didn’t collect was any Illuminated. For some reason, she seemed to do her best to remain away from and out of sight of any illuminated.

After gathering as many samples as possible, she retired to a small cloaked ship waited under the waters of a nearby lake to study and plat with her new toys.


Insane Failed Clone Experiment (nightmare powerarmor)

LR 6 adept
Shadow 6 summoning 6 general 2 earth 6 fire 6 air 6 light 6 water 6 healing 6 shapeshift 6
Skills: leyas theory 5, monster lore 5 necrotech 8 burglary 4 leyas recognition 4 science 5 nightmare skinning 8 profession spy 4 torture 8 intmindation 4
combat: hth 8 edged 8 polearms 6 LCR 8 LCM 8
Special Trainings: +3 melee, tough as nails, Bonded armor, +2 ranged
Gear: WarScythe of the necromancer, experimental nightmare powerarmor(actually aware and source of several personalities) Shaodw cacoons, death’s head magicannon. Lampry bioship, nightmare lord magicannon.


There was one and only one King Blood’og the Third and he would charge onto the beach swinging his Hobtor axes. If Raka’na backed him up, Blood’og III would throw poison dipped bone javelins at any fools who tried to take down Raka’na and friends.

I’tashis would probably fire Light Leyas, so King Blood’og III will use his Brezan stalker to burrow under the battlefield and come up hit and run style. Axes out and cutting legs like a Brezan Butcher.

During the battle, King Blood’og III will cut the heads off enemies he kills, because a Belt of Skulls, that’s why.

If Blood’og III sees anyone really worth kidnapping for ransoms, he would use the pain setting on his Magi Cannon to knock them out and drag them under the sand. Blood’og III makes sandworms seem tame, cuz Blood’og III!!!

If Blood’og III found himself alone defending the beach against the I’tashis, he would curse the name of Raka’na before his inevitable death against all odds.


Blood’og III
Goblin King Olgog Militant of the MakLal’Tor Gang

Special Gear: 2x Hobtor Axes, 1x Hobtor Hammer, Jar of Poison (Injectable Toxins), 6 Grenades (3d6 Energy), 3 Bombs (20 Missile dmg), 3 Shaped charges (20 Energy dmg) Magi Cannon - (Slots 6) - 4 Success - 6d6 Dmg Obscure 2 Succ

  • Razor, Fear Tounge Magi Cannon - (Slots 4) - 6 Success - 3d6 chill or 3d6 Pain, Razor, Fear Tounge, Obscure 4 Succ
  • Goggles of Night sight (3 Succ)
  • Earring of Translate (3 Succ)
  • Earring of Charisma +4 (4 Succ)


Mission 1

Kaor’an would act as Queen Unixah’s bodyguard during this raid, or the bodyguard of the Leader Unit who took the role of leadership during this actual capturing portion of the raid. Kaor’an would use his Rapidol to pelt the I’tashi Alliance Peacebringers with glass projectiles sped up by fire dart. Then when the Mongrels reached the field, he would switch to the glass and feces projectiles aiming for the Mongrels hands or feet to disable them.

If given the opportunity, Kaor’an would look for an opportunity, to duel an I’tashi champion and defeat them in combat.

He would bring back trophies from the champion and those defeated.

Kaor’an would launch three fire darts when the retreat was declared, and another 3 on arrival at shore. He would keep a lookout for his allies to help cover them during the retreat.


Zh’ka Dol Kaor’an of the Army of the True Flame
Kolgul Militia Raider, Standard Stats + Cult of Horned Dog lvl 1.
Gear: Zh’Ka’al Quall Bone Armor, Rapidol Polearm, glass projectiles, glass and feces projectiles.


Captain Oliver stood before an assembly of Kolgul Militia soldiers, Army of the True Flame soldiers and many citizens of the City of the Gods. At the podium there was a microphone but he didn’t trust it so he stepped back, and drew together a mesh of scintillating Troubadour Leyas. Speaking into the mesh his voice bounced out louder and fuller and reached the far edge of the greens.

Captain Oliver began to speak, "Thank you people of the City of the Gods. Your kindness and openess has allowed my friends in the Army of the True Flame to make their first official pilgrimage here. And for the sake of tourism dollars to local businesses I hope it continues long into the future.

My Kolgul Militia supporters were happy to keep the roads safe, and project the pilgrims from highwaymen and bandits."

Then he got very serious.

"I am sure you all know this coming election for the Colony General will be a tight race. And I want to be the first to declare that I support the rights of ALL LEGAL FAITHS in the CITY OF THE GODS! You may fear when you think about Candidate Roren or Candidate Grimaldus, and your fear is justified. They don’t understand your faith. And unless you are a Church of Oner, these two Candidates will have never witnessed your faith as a real and valid experience. They think in their hearts that your deeply help beliefs and faith is DEVIL WORSHIP, and will persecute your for it!

You know they will happily take away YOUR RIGHTS. Rights that your ancestors fought against the Church of One and their facist allies to gain through blood, and pain, and loss. Now the Church of One will seek to get one of their candidates into power and take away YOUR RIGHTS using backroom legal means."

"Unfortunately you don’t have much hope in other directions either. What do we really know about this Daron? He is a northern kingdom citizen, and doesn’t even live in the colonies. Ask yourself, why all of a sudden has he stepped up to lead? I suggest it is to make sure the Colonies have a Colony General who will not attack the Northern Kingdoms.

Until we know for sure if Candidate Daron is a Northern Kingdom spy, we CANNOT move forward on the New Vorik Conviction. It would leave us possibly walking into a trap. And I can guarantee that if I am Colony General we will never face a real trap.

Oh try as they might, our enemies may try to harm us. But if I am Colony General, the EEF will use all methods available to them to keep you, and your ability to practice your own chose faith, as an enshrined right of our society.

That is a guarantee I make to the City of the Gods and to every Colony. Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Association will always be maintained on my watch. "


Mission 2 - catch a ride with DRRT

Lady Sarphin will act as a diversion for Lurry. Approaching the camp from the side, She will stop on a dune and call out to the camp. “Hail the camp, I come representing Lord Grim of Jemison Post. I am here to offer a amnesty and place for any cambion which wishes to leave the host of the Seakings and travel to his holdings. Any Cambion who accepts his offer will be a free citizen with all the rights and duties thereof. I will wait at a point 2 miles east of here for any that wish to join his nation. He has recently extended a similar offer to many of the SEakings forces that attempted to invade the Glacial Wastes and many accepted a chance to start a new life. I await you answers.”

Dropping out of sight she will head to the meeting point to see if any take her up ion the offer. she will be alert for atteacks from any approaching folk.


Lady Sarphin, First Guardian of Jemison Post
Kiou Peacebringer
LR 2 (bravo) shadow 2 light 2 general 1
skills: LCR 2, LCM 2, polearms 5, Springshot 5, edged 5, survival 6
special trainings: +1 melee, +1 ranged
gear: war sword, peacebringers trident, springshot rifle, raider mail.
Artifacts: Torc of Guardianship (obscure, comfortable aura, skin like stone


Daron would rely on Lucky Fate Squad in help of setting up a location to talk to the people of New Vorik.

Daron would say “Greetings, I am Daron and I’m running for Colonial General. I am raised a warrior. My experiences have shown me their a multiple forms of strength. Strength of Arms and strength of heart. It is the proper use of both that wins the day.

The plan for the New Vorik Conviction will do more harm than good. I have a unique experience as once I was part of an oppressed group until I earned my freedom. When I traveled through the colonies and eventually found my way to Brez. It was the Brezians who inspire me for the plan today. For the help and respect they have is what earned my respect.

Civil wars are messy. And is what maybe caused by this. In any war, the weak and the common people suffer. Even if you come in as a helping force, the people will not see you as that for long, if at all. The people will grow to hate those of the colonies even more. They will blame them for all their troubles. And then a new rebellion will form or join the old one. And you will start the cycle again.

My suggestion for you is based on my experience here in the colonies. Those who flee or come from the north. Show them kindness, help them, train them. Help them get on their feet. They will use that experience and help to help their own families. Those who are helped and their families will be lifted up. They will spread the message that the Colonies are their friends, not their enemies. Overtime, the will of enough will change the government. Here on refuge, the will of the people is a powerful force.

The Brezians helped me find work. Taught me how to survive in the wastes. Allowed me to stay with their tribes and work for a living. Now, one who didn’t know of them, will fight to defend those who helped me in my time of need. And that is what you can do with your northern neighbors.

Thank you for your time today and I hope in the coming days and months I can earn your vote for Colony General.”


Ser Resugent faced a group of reporters and a crowd of citizens of Absolam, and Hebron who had gathered at his tower. As Lord Grimaldus’ new campaign manager he had been asked to give a speech to talk about the future of the campaign.

"Good citizens of the southern and northern colonies, we live in truly daunting times, I myself have born witness to armies of demonic dead, rampaging giants, Qual’N Drone, Krato invasions, and more. I have watched armies from alternate realities ravage the land, truly this last year has shown the very world of Refuge that no single race or faction can survive on it’s own.

This is why I am here speaking to you this day, my cousin, Arnold Grimaldus stood by my side and fought along side me against these threats. He used to believe that only Earthers had the strength to face the evils of the world, it is true that his past is spotted as is my own. We grew up believing that bigotry and zealous hatred were holy and good, that violence brought us closer to God. Such fools we were, I count myself lucky that desperation forced me to cooperate with the native Olgogs, that forced me to open my eyes and see them for what they truly were. An honorable people who have struggled through oppression and genocide that can never truly be made up for, who, despite being my natural enemy, showed me kindness and compassion. They taught me the truth, that all species deserve respect and the chance to grow up in a world that accepts and honors them. After my realization I devoted myself to convincing my cousin of the truth, while wary at first he was forced to accept the truth when he was exposed to the crimes of the Church of One. By finding out the true past which had been denied to him, he knew that he had to change.

Change, it is a frightening thing, I know it, you know it, and my cousin, Arnold Grimaldus knows it. However difficult it is, he embraced it. Absolam, and Hebron are integrated cities where all citizens, regardless of race, or species has equal rights, and equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. Arnold Grimaldus is the best example of what we need in a leader in this uncertain time. He has a man who was shown the flaws in his thinking and instead of recoiling and sticking to his hatred, he adapted, accepted the truth and became a better man for it. He is a man who will find out the facts, the entire story and then make an informed decision. He is a man who learned that Earthers alone cannot guide the future, all races must stand as one to lead the way. Experience has taught us that when we do not fight together, we die alone, for we stand as one our differences will not divide us, but make us stronger. Earther standing side by side with Olgogs, with Children of the Falosini, can overcome any and all threats to our world.

Join with us, stand with me as I stand behind Arnold Grimalus. Our prejudices, and arrogance must become a thing of the past, we must become bound in a belief of unity. We shall forge ahead and forge a future so bright, that it will be remembered throughout all eternity!"


Burke hated Illuminated, ever since one threatened to annihilate him trapping him in that alley so that robots could hold him down while Krato cultists summoned a demon into an alternate timeline evil clown giant who then proceeded to molest him.

Burke would hide in the hedge rows overlooking the beach giving him a good view of the beach without giving a way his position. He would use his scope on his laser sniper rifle and provide cover to his allies as they went down to kidnap the Illuminated. He would hold his fire until it was needed, and if he did shoot it would be disabling shots instead of lethal ones.


Gina Flowers would use the drone high overhead pumping its feed to her brain to help the team evade all Sea Kings patrols and wandering groups. Once on the objective she would attempt to infiltrate the Sea Kings camp and without being detected place numerous small explosive and smoke devices along a single flank of the camp. The devices would act as a distraction and hopefully get the sea kings to move forces to that flank to defend against an attack and give the other the team the window they need to extract the pharaoh.

After setting the devices she would fall back to a hill and stay off the crest and out of sight before detonating the first round of devices. She would relay what she was seeing through the drone to the other members of the team so they could coordinate. She would only engage the Sea Kings if they engaged her. If she did have to defend herself she would use her autospring pistol and rifle along with firedart II to wound them and hopefully by herself enough time to exfil.

As a last resort the drone had a nose full of high explosives and could be used in a kamikaze attack.

She would try to memorize the map and the various rally points. She didn’t want to be the last one on the AAV out of here.

As EEF demolitions w/ addition skill Profession Law enforcer 6

Tacticool infantry armor (Same as infantry armor w/ a +1 to intimidation checks)
Auto spring rifle with scope (+4 called shots)
Auto spring pistol
10x fire bombs
10x smoke bombs
Neliff communicator
1x Drone rack drone deployed


Raka’na slid his helm on and charged the beaches. He fortified his faith with the rock hard resolve that only one who has witnessed Kalok in his full magnificence could, and began to work his magic. While his allies were busy, he’d conjure up as many augumented Balgogs as possible to cause havoc on the warfront.

“With fire and sword” he muttered under his breath as he drained his own lifeforce to enhance his abilties and glorify his god-king.

He’d also use burst shields and fire walls to protect himself, while coordinating his fell forces to cause mass destruction and chaos on the beaches. He’d retreat when the signal was recieved, but until then he’d focus fully on all out assault, and also the support of his ally Blood’og.


Vulfrym’s Lions would ride into towns around the colonies in their dress regalia. They would use holoprojectors to the show the stern visage of General Vulfrym, “There are those who want another war just like the last war. They would use the instability in the Northern Kingdoms to stage another war of Northern Aggression.”

“Just like the last war the casualties will be far too high and men and women of your colonies will come back having experienced horrors most can’t imagine.”

“Just like the last war instead of being farmers and workers they will need your communities to nurse them back to health.”

“Just like the last war fear will make every shadow some ones nightmare, all the men and women who normally protect their families gone to spill blood on the snow.”

"Just like the last war the EEF will topple the government and then not know what to do.’

“Just like the last war your children bear the cost of the war and of rebuilding.”

“When those who want war try to drive you to that war before you grab your spring shot and sword ask them and ask yourselves how will this war be any better than the last war?”

“Those that want this war want it now because they believe the EEF is weak and the colonies are weak without the colony general. They argue only way to prove our strength is by waging an unnecessary war and having you and your neighbors die unnecessary deaths.”

Vulfrym would smile, “Field Marshal Strykker still leads the EEF. Field Marshal Strykker is ready to assume the mantle of leadership. He won the last war so we would not need to fight it again. Support him and support peace. Thank you for your time.”


Peace Lord Brayden Seth had watched his communities suffer. The never ending winter made fishing dangerous. The boats would comeback with so much ice on them their prows barely broke the waves. Then the damnable Sea Kings showed up and began poaching whatever they pleased from his territorial waters. The tsunami had changed that, the fear, the sadness, the anger at all the loss. It stirred his people out of a slow decline.

He would lead a small group of his body guards and most veteran peace bringers and hunt down the sea kings who wandered inland. They would set traps for the blue ones. Something to slow them down and distract them followed by volleyed leyas attacks to kill them. The corpses would be dragged to the nearby villages. Compared to the dark desperate measures taken last winter sea kings would be far more palatable, and his people would have food.