Dark Refuge Post 2220 Mission 1: A Glacial Border Dispute


Max Deveros was hating the cold. Despite the warm winter coat, and the heat on high in the cockpit of his Training Strider, he could still feel that deep down inner core cold. When their patrol was over, he was spending all of his free time in the showers.

He kind of wondered why anyone would want to live up here, all he saw were blizzard filled skies and an endless field of snow. But a few months ago, Colony General Malthus had given his life to defend this forgotten coastline from invasion, and the EEF would be damned if it was all for nothing.

But from Max’s point of view, it was just a waste of time. Most of the lands up here were owned by the Northern Kingdoms. The EEF owned a little slice that ran from the Glacial Research Station to the coast. On one side was the neutral Northern Kingdom of Jemison Post, named after a famous Earther astronaut.

On the other side of their territory was the lands of the Hobtla Mag’ol. Nasty little white fur Olgogs known for eating anyone they find. Things had gotten worse over the last couple of months since the invasion. It seemed a whole army of Cambions serving the illuminated Unixah had landed here, and were supposed to help the invasion. But when the invasion failed, Unixah married the Olgog Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol and intergrated her forces with his.

From Max’s perspective this was all political nonsense, but he had seen the white fur olgogs of the Hobtla Mag’ol watching their patrols with interest. But when they began tunneling towards the EEFers with speed, Max was a little surprised. He raised the alert just in time as the attack began.

A pitched battle is going on between an EEF platoon and its strider support near the Glacial Research Station. On one side is the EEFers, 24 soldiers and one strider. On the other is a combined group of 35 Hobtla Mag’ol Olgog warriors (F.S. 5, Water 3, Shadow 3).


[Bold] Mission Rules [/Bold]

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.

THIS MISSION IS OPEN TO ALL PLAYER ACCOUNTS. Anyone may choose to post to this mission with any number of accounts they may control. However they each can only send 1 Character to this mission. Choose your character carefully.

This mission ends on Friday February 24th at 12 Midnight EST.

The First player to post gains 1st initiative, Second player to post gains 2nd, and third player to post gets 3rd iniative. Remaining player actions with be narrated in order decided by the narrator.


Players may choose to aide either side they wish. Please post clearly which side your post supports.


Planning Thread for those allying with the EEF.

Planning thread for those allying with the Hobtla Mag’ol.


song: Attack The Barbarian - Streets Of Rage

“Say hello to dragon fire rounds little doggies because Eli is in town to discipline y’all!”

Eli “Barbarian” McGraw will drive his tracked bike behind the white furs to flank 'em while shooting his Heavy Revolver and lighting 'em up (Agi 6, Drive 3, Handgun 7, Range 4 attacks, 8 Energy dmg, Nano Shield (10 melee, 10 missile 1/2dmg, 10 energy), Immutable). Then he’ll drive though 'em to break them up and cause confusion. Lastly he’ll keep and eye out for hostile (to him) reinforcements. If massive hell rains down from above or below or what-not, Eli will switch to biking for his life.


Lurtor did not want to be seen by the white furs in this rescue attempt. While he was there for a rescue, he didn’t want to provoke them into attacking Jemison Post. So Lurtor decided to go Old school. While the bone rings were apart of him, he didn’t have to look like himself

Lurtor pulled out his old EEF Marzac Body Armor. Lurtor mimiced his Lurry Earther form. Then he put on his body armor. With this, he would just look like a big earther. And his obscure should prevent others from seeing through this.

Next he geared up his knives, throwing blades, magi cannons and a spring shot…… The spring shot gave him an idea. Lurtor took out the spring shot rounds and then added a water leyas ward to each. Then he reloaded the spring shot.

Next he took the Walkie talkie that Eli gave him, wrap it in Nightmare hide so he could use it without touching it.

Lurtor would first prep a place to create a shadow for him to push the EEFers through to. Lurtor would then leave an eye spy from his goggles there.

Next Lutor would make his way to the location of the EEFers. Lurtor would radio the EEFers that he was coming in to help once a distraction happened. And then Radio Eli that he was in position.

At this point With Bird sight and thermal vision, he would scout the area. As the distraction happens, Lurry would take the Spring shot, andvshoot the Water leyas wards in a pattern to cover the area where the EEFers were, giving them a radius where the white futs could not sneak up. And at this point his cover might be blown. He would shadow jump in with his Razor cannons ready.

To the EEFers, “I’m your friendly transport out of here. I’ll create a portal for you to jump in. Those who are immutable, I’ll pull through. Now lets go.”

If noone else creates the Shadow wall, Lurtor will. Shadow Jump is an ability doesn’t require a roll (Devotion).

Lurtor (VLAD Agent) LR:6, HP:24, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:6 (12), Agility:7, Will:8, Health:6, Int:5, Chr:3 (7), Emotional Control:3, Temper:2)

Attacks (Melee:4 (5), Ranged:3 (6), Thrown:2(4), Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:4 hps /rd, Melee Strike +3, Ranged Shot +2, Rapid Throw +1, Duelist, Gunslinger, Knife thrower, Quickdraw, Goo Warrior Special Training, Bladed Sun Devotion, Faith (Bladed Sun) 1, Path of the redeemer lvl 2, Shadow Assassin Devotion lvl 1, TimeShredded, Tough As Nails, Ignore Poison (4 Succ), Bird Sight (+2 Bonus to Range Combat w/Missle/Energy), Animal Sight (See in Dark), Animal Hearing/Smell (+2 to hearing and smell tests), Ignore Poison, Obscure 6 Succ (+12 to T# for Leyas sight));

Skills (Artillery:2, Blunt Weapons:1, Edged Weapons:5, HtH:3, LCM:7(9), LCR:7(9), Pilot Airship:1, Pilot War Giant:3, Polearms:1, Springshots:5, Thrown Weapon:4, Sylvan Tech:3, Computers:5, Tech Forger:4, Tech Repair:3, Performance:5, Religion:3, Acting:1, Burglary:4, Climb:4, Diplomacy:2, Explosive Theory:4, Heraldry:2, Herbalism:4, Leyas Mapping:1(3), Leyas Recognition:2(4), Leyas Theory:3(5), Medicine/Healing:1, Monster Lore:1, NN Lord Lang:2, Profession(Spy):6, Prof (Spy Master)4, Set Traps:4, Sleight of Hand:3, Stealth:5, Survival:2, Swimming:3)

Leyas (LR:6, Air:3, Earth:4, Fire:4, Water:3, Light:3, Shadow:4, General:2, Healing:1, ShapeShifting:6, Summoning:1, Technomancy:6, Troubadour:4)

Shields (Life shield, Protective Aura(4 Succ item)Sonar 4 Succ.

2 Magi Cannon - (8 Succ) Razor Skull Barrage d6 Pain Dmg - Pain Dmg no AR, +8 Dodge T# Obscure - 6 Succ
Mazac Body Armor.
2 VLAD Combat Knifes (Shieldbreaker 6 Succ)
Goggles with Eye Spy (Not his good ones)

(Pull other weapons if needed)


Raka’na, caparisoned in his bone spike battle mail, strode alongside the forces of the Hobtla Mag’ol. He cursed the frigid air and the snow that were constant companions in this wasteland, and rubbed his hands together for warmth as he walked. It was showtime, time for him to prove himself both to the Queen, and to his followers, the Ashen Cult. Breathing warm air into his hands one last time, he cracked his knuckles and slid a bleached skull bone mask into his spiked helm, and reviewed his plan.

After all this cold, he was ready for some fire leyas, and lots of it. He’d focus on keeping the forces of Unixah safe from enemy bullets, utilizing burst shields and fire shields. He would have to put complete focus into guarding a large area, but channeling faith was nothing new for the second Herald, though he would put his trust in his new allies to defend him against direct attacks. And should the tide of battle turn, he would fire leap into the air and rain down large fireballs upon the enemy to give allied forces time to retreat.


Dirk hated being in disguise. But he had to protect his reputation. Better to look like a Duskan than himself.

His original plan was to lay back and heal the EEFers. He was then going to make sure Lurtor didn’t get into trouble. If anything not an olgog showed up, he’d use his light abilities to distract the enemy and let Lurtor do his business. He was also ready to use reverse metal, boil blood, or call water in a pinch. Otherwise, Simulacra was always nice to use. Confusing as heck too.

But as he arrived to the skirmish, Dirk found himself irritable. Why the fighting? Warmonger was gone. He was tired of fighting all the time. He had had enough of the violence.

He prayed, meditating on the word of the Bladed Sun. Using that faith, he focused the Leyas into the frozen tundras that everyone was fighting on…And he separated the fighting parties. If possible, erecting barriers of ice between the fighting sides. The purpose would be to make the whole concept of fighting useless and tiresome…Until all parties had the chance to retreat.

When everyone left the field, if anyone was dead, Dirk would resurrect them, telling them that they had a second chance at life, use it well and fight no more.


http:// https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E_hWh8Mvc6vaKSvBaAuVY7R_xXpAiSIqgVFsJpnSw5U/edit?usp=drivesdk


Lady Sarphin strode along towards the battle. This would be the first time since her promotion that she would be representing Lord Grim. Her instructions were simple: attempt to finish the conflict with the least amount of life lost. She will aid Spymaster Lurtor if he needs it, although she doesn’t trust him as he is rumored to put foreign governments needs before those of the people of Jemison post

She will attempt to save as many lives on both sides as possible. loss of gear and vehicles, other that hers, is perfectly acceptable.


Lady Sarphin, First Guardian of Jemison Post
Kiou Peacebringer
LR 2 (bravo) shadow 2 light 2 general 1
skills: LCR 2, LCM 2, polearms 5, Springshot 5, edged 5, survival 6
special trainings: +1 melee, +1 ranged
gear: war sword, peacebringers trident, springshot rifle, raider mail.
Artifacts: Torc of Guardianship (obscure, comfortable aura, skin like stone


Nameless Finality rode rapidly across the icy plain toward the distant fighting. He wondered why the forces of warmonger continued to wage war in his name. This chain of thinking lead into wondering how the other so called Warmonger’s Dead were dealing with his death. As he was unsure as to what this particular conflict was over, he couldn’t risk endangering innocents on either side. He would do his best to neutralize any fatal attacks from either side. When the forces from one side ro the other have withdrawn, he will do his best to prevent any further deaths and stop the “victor” from chasing down the routed forces.


Nameless Finality
dead trooper emmissary
Leyas: LR 6, Shadow 6 radiation 4 (not used on this mission)
Psychic: Xaos
skills: LCR 5,HTH 5, polearms 5 rifle 5 edged 5 riding 4,pilot strider 1, medicine/healer 2 stealth 4,
special trainings: faith 2,ranged +1, melle +1, blessing of the bladed sun, angel of redeemer, tough as nails, path of redeemer 2, Warmachine upgrade
Gear: 2 hobtor handaxes, Magicannon with Radiation bayonet, Hobtor’or Deathaxe


Milos Greybeard roared a loud battlecry, tossing a handful of acid grenades at the legs of the Strider. He then created a wall of pikes to push the now (hopefully) legless Strider onto its back. Once its immobile, time for more acid grenades to the weapon systems on the Strider.

Milos would only kill the pilot if the fool was foolish enough to exit the vehicle and attack him in direct combat. If the vehicle can be fully disabled without death, he would do it. He wanted to take the useless vehicle back as a trophy to place at the feet of the great Hobtla Mag’ol.

He wanted to show the power of the Elogans and the Kolgul Militia, and the value.


Milos Greybeard
Olgog Ur-King Tribal. Standard Stats
Gear: Standard kit gear, extra Acid Grenades


Zh’ka Dol Kaor’an could not stand the cold.

But he had to honor the Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol if he wanted the Army of the True Flame to be accepted in the Glacial Wastes. Better that than to sell out and make deals with a Northern Kingdom like Jemison post. At least that was how he saw it. Zh’Ka’al might have sent him to gain allies, but he had decided to choose the Hobtla Mag’ol over the Earthers.

His original plan was to lay back and create shields over the Hobtla Mag’ol. He was also ready to hurl glass and feces projectiles using his rapidol. He would use firedart II on the Rapidol to make the projectiles even more damaging. Glass shards hot enough to scald skin covered in feces should make EEFers withdraw instead of pushing forward. He would have Burst shield active for their inevitable counter fire.

But as he arrived to the battlefield, Zh’ka Dol Kaor’an found himself concerned. Why fighting EEFers? Would this cause diplomatic challenges if he was seen?

He dived under the snow and kept his armor covered by his heavy jacket so they would just think him a random Olgog Merc if the EEFers witnessed him.


Zh’ka Dol Kaor’an of the Army of the True Flame
Kolgul Militia Raider, Standard Stats + Cult of Horned Dog lvl 1.
Gear: Zh’Ka’al Quall Bone Armor, Rapidol Polearm, glass projectiles, glass and feces projectiles.


JeanLuc trailed behind Milos. He used air leyas to protect himself from projectiles. He’d use shadowwalk (special artifact) to get to where he needed to be. He’d not actively attack the Earthers, or anyone else, but heal the injured, like Milos. If needed, he’d levitate the injured away as well (artifact).

If Milos was successful, he’d shadowwalk to the strider, and then shadowwalk it off the battlefield. When out of harm’s way, he’d then tell the Pilot that he’s VLAD with the purpose of infiltrating the Hob’tla Mag’ol. Not to worry, he was going to make sure the pilot was safe, but keep his cover intact.

Once the battle ends, he’d return to the Hob’tla Mag’ol - his liege appreciates the assistance in procuring the Earther technology, and hopes that his assistance of Milos Greybeard proved his usefulness.

If failure is imminent, he’d use his abilities to ensure Milos doesn’t die or get captured. No direct damage, but lots of light and air abilities to distract and allow for escape.


The Plague Giant Gooplosic really lost, it follow Zh’ka Dol Kaor’an as orderd, even be real quiet as no be seen, now no see Zh’ka Dol Kaor’an. Very sad, then suddenly walk into fight with little White Olgogs and big scary metal giants with little men gor. Gooplosic told fight no good, so Gooplosic help. Make smelly gas and vomit between fighters. Then shoo them away. If both side get sick have to go way yes? If all else fail, Gooplosic start crying and tell everyone no fight!, Gooplosic do good job.


High above the frozen northern lands that were the ancestral lands of his father Glog flew. He had heard from a few friends the BEEF were having trouble with the local olgogs. So he grabbed a Poisonbringer, Treebighter was her name, and set off to see if he could help.

A single warning was all he would give the white furs before unleashing volleys of fire arrows and and a few passes of Poisonbringer breath.

Glog- Tor’og(pc) +1 EmC, +1 Temper Shape shifting 4, Leyas Combat Ranged skill 5, +1 L.R. To a maximum of 6, Survival (Goblin Lands) skill of 5, and Bow 3

1 Poisonbringer juvenile