Contracting help and seeing an old friend


While in his personal ship the S-crow Childeen would recieve this message along with all reports and intel about the Quall incursion.

To Blackheart Security CEO:
A group of Quall hard landed outside of Dunesphere. My lions and I will mount a defense of our city. I have at my disposal a hastily drawn up defense fund and would like to contract you and your company to free up resources for the defense by providing for the humanitarian crisis this attack will surely cause.

General Vulfrym

(Thread only open to Blackheart Security and myself at the moment)


Childeen smiled reading the impersonal message. Obviously the line wasn’t secure. He had the ship’s captain set a course for refuge. When he got their he assumed Vulfrym’s staff would have drawn up or forged the proper paperwork so him and his teams could land in Tarris and make their way south.

His team would set a staging area outside of dunesphere. Childeen would make sure he remained hidden until safely inside the Lion’s compound in Dunesphere. The Lion’s would likely be spreading rumors Childeen was a midget born as punishment for his parents sins. Better the people of Dunesphere think him a bastard due to the illegitimacy of his conception than think him a bastard due to the blood of the children of the Fallosini in his veins.

When he got into General Vulfrym’s office he found himself slipping back into his oldways when around his mentor, “So boss whats the deal?” He asked.


Vulfrym smiled he was happy to see his old assistant and personal assassin. “Childeen good to see you.” He quickly laid out the situation using a map on his large table made from wood from earth.

“Before you ask the EEF has already banned orbital strikes, and the other generals here in Dunesphere seem to have requisitioned all the parts and fuel I require to keep my vehicles running. The other general’s are jealous of my success and make sure I pay for it whenever I need to operate out of Dunesphere.” Vulfrym said a sneer slipping across his face. “I will be leading an infantry defense of Dunesphere, I won’t be able to do it without your help.”

He pointed to a square near the large central church. “Set up a defense and field hospital here. My Lions will have enough to do without worrying about the civilians. Make sure your people scan for larvae infection.”


Childeen nodded. The square had numerous entrances so he would be stretched a little thin but he saw the value. the people would naturally flee to the church and if it fell he could only imagine the kind of nightmares the civilians loss of faith and terror would create.

“What about me? The company commander can handle the defense and hospital.” Childeen asked already drawing up battle plans for the square. The commander would have his own ideas and after they discussed it he was sure the plan they came up with would be the best possible considering the circumstances.


Vulfrym’s sneer turned to a smile too large for his face. “We will engage the Quall in combat. We will fight them in the streets, and when the smoke clears I will stand atop a mountain of their corpses.”

“Dunesphere is losing faith in its leadership. It needs heroes it can believe in, heroes the common squire can emulate. Those heroes can not be the genocidal xenophobic paladins, those heroes despite any rhetoric they say need to be rational so when the truly the tough decisions come they make the proper choices.”

“I will be the hero Dunesphere needs, and I am certainly the hero the people of Dunesphere deserve.” Vulfrym said with absolute resolve.


Childeen nodded, when his old boss and mentor spoke like that with that sort of glint in his eye Childeen knew Vulfrym had decided and would not be swayed.

“Alright boss, we probably need to get ready then.” Childeen noted. It had been a while since the last time Childeen was in a good firefight. He opened the large molded plastic chest the Lion’s had brought with him. Inside was a set of Blackheart operator armor specially fashioned and artificed for him. He quickly changed out of his nightmare hide suit and into it. He pulled out a maroon box and felt guilty as he opened it. Inside were 2 rings made of a rubbery plastic. They had been intended for him and his wife.

“Here boss you are going to want one of these.” Childeen said tossing Vulfrym a ring. “They have strong shadow and earth leyas, they make it so as long as one of us it standing the other will always get back up.”


Vulfrym slid on the ring before turning to the decorative rack many of his weapons hung from. He removed his magi-cannon pistols looking down the sights of each. Satisfied they were still zeroed he holstered them in leather holsters on either side of his belt. Next he pulled his officers sword and scabbard down. The blade slid out effortlessly. Vulfrym took a few test swings getting used to the swords balance before sheathing it and attaching the scabbard to his belt.

“Feels like old times.” He said turning to Childeen. “The border wars all over again.”


Childeen was rubbing one of the lens to his pistols scopes with a cloth. “I seem to remember us having more support in the border wars. I have vague memories of a submarine capable of leveling a threat like this before it got within miles of us. Am I just going crazy?”


Vulfrym chuckled, “I received an urgent message from EEF high command ordering me not to use anything the olgog tribes couldn’t meet or supersede. The EEF fears if I use one of my warships in orbit or over the horizon missiles to destroy the threat the United Tribes of Refuge would decide they needed to take their flying brick into orbit as mutually assured destruction in case the next orbital strike is against their homes. Their orbital boulder would nullify the treaty with the Iron Republic and start a war that would leave billions dead.”

He looked at the map for a moment, “As for artillery, my artillery is all in Tarris. The general in charge of Dunesphere’s artillery sarcastically promised me I would have as much of his artillery as I wanted. Which is why I have pulled my troops into the city, the only thing more accurate than enemy fire is friendly fire.”

“Don’t worry though I am sure the paladins and inquisitors outside of my command will get in our way and generally be useless. I am sure the cynics at the top of the Church of One are perfectly fine with losing a few thousand peasants and squires to the Quall if it allows them to indoctrinate and control the rest with hate.”

Vulfrym turned putting on a silver pendant with the Lion’s of Earth symbol on it, “Childeen, you’re getting soft. You have spent far too long behind a desk reading financial reports.”