Children's Charity Event 5: In the Dark Dome of Karov


The Unity Core Piece under Karov

Part 1: Everyone Hates Warmonger’s Dead…

Hob'na of the Army of Krodnok was stuck in the offices of Uhryu Bill, the current administrator of the Shadow Dome of Karov.   Across from her was a bastard and a K'iou both dressed as wanderers who had started a fight with her guards, all of whom were Krodnok's Dead.  

Watching them all were Uhryu Bill and Zh’Mak Gor’ab who were argueing about the presence of the Dead in the city. It seemed the Gor’ab agreed with Forge (the K’iou) and Scout (the bastard) and their assessment of Krodnoks Dead of being no better than Warmongers Dead and worthy of an end to their unlife.

Bill however had kept all the lands under his control free to travel for all peaceable beings, dead or alive.

It was at that already tense moment that a small bastard with a bucket on his head rushed into the room and made a comical bow, “Honored Mr. Bill, I am Steg, I am a bodyguard of Commander Shiro who wishes to meet with you.”

Bill seemed concerned when he heard the name Shiro but nodded and EEF Commander Shiro was brought in, flanked by Cat Dancer, Specialist Kreshak and a pair of EEF Goliaths.

“Bill its good to meet you,” said Commander Shiro, as the olgog soldier entered the offices carved from the stone caverns under Karov, “For the first time.”

“We have spoken on many occasions,” said Bill with suspicion, “You were responsible for much mayhem here in the Goblin Lands.”

“It was not me,” said Commander Shiro, “I can only say a doppelganging spy working for the Quall Hives replaced me, and had been trying to set the Colonies and the Olgogs on each other.”

“I do not believe you,” said Bill.

“Then believe this,” said Shiro motioning to Specialist Kreshak, who used a holographic display to show an orbital scan of the Shadow Dome of Karov, “This shows a piece of the Unity Core, an extradimensional city that exploded its outer layers two years ago. A full year before your people resettled the Ruins of Karov, a small section of the Unity Core must have landed here through a transdimensional rupture.”

“Why should we care about your extradimensional wars, Earther-servant,” said Bill.

Shiro replied tersely, “Simple, the sections of Unity Core that were jettisoned were infested with a species known as E-strain Manslayers. They will kill your people and destroy this little city of yours if you don’t let my agents deal with them first.”

“I don’t trust the Earthers,” said Bill, “Everytime I trust them my people are harmed or hurt. If I had to allow…” He was interrupted by Steg who had pulled off the bucket on his head, revealing an identical bucket below. The bucket Steg had removed now showed the words soap box on it, and Steg offered it to Bill to stand on. Bill idignantly turned it away, gaining a crayon tear from Steg’s own bucket helmet.

“Thats why I assembled this team. And If that is Scout and Forge I see sitting over there, I’ll extend a little hazard pay their way to help get this team in and out,” said Shiro.

“No Earthers,” said Bill again.

“The Goliaths will stay here with me, Bill,” said Shiro, “Go with the squad. Steg is acting squad leader.”

Bill went to leave and Zh’Mak Gor’ab grabbed him by the shoulder and pointed at Hob’na accusingly.

“Take her with us?” asked Bill, “Fine if you don’t trust her, you can keep an eye on her.”

Zh’Mak grunted in agreement.

Hob’na followed them out, wondering how her day had gotten so surreal.

Steg walked over to her and his bucket seemed to reform its crayon face into a smile. He pulled one off and offered this one to Hob’na. She smiled cooly at him, and allowed the strange little bastard to place it on her head. To her surprise it covered her face but allowed her to see as if it wasn’t there. On its side, it said +8 in silvery crayon.

Hob’na left the bucket on, hoping it would keep the locals from freaking out at her undead visage.

Scout and Forge followed the strange squad of irregulars, as they descended tunnels deeper below Karov. They passed by work crews that seems without fatigue and without rest.

Forge said, “It seems like they got more than their fair share of undead down here.”

“Yeah lots of undead,” agreed Scout, “I thought the Karovians were very anti-undead.”

“We are…”muttered Zh’Mak Gor’ab angrily.

“The Kul Gul Rapi Family showed us all, through their good works and their giving water to all tribes, that not all cursed beings are evil and deserving of final death,” said Bill with righteous indignation, “The Wintermute Undead have been friendly and supportive of my people. They have asked nothing in return except to be accepted the way a living being would be accepted.”

“Which is why the place is crawling with Warmonger’s Dead,” grumbled Forge, “Once you let one dead thing in, everything goes to rot.”

“Improved Warmonger’s Dead,” corrected Hob’na.

“Improved,” mocked Scout with air quotes.

“I don’t serve Warmonger,” said Hob’na, “Never did. Just went to sleep in the wrong cave at the wrong time…”

“We are here,” said Bill showing them the wall of the cave network closest to the crashed city-section on the maps.

Forge stepped forward and tapped the Havokhammer against the wall. The ancient K’ias artifact flared momentarily with a Leyas spark and the wall smoothly opened up revealing a corridor of strangely technological design.

As Nanite plague dispensers and cutting beam weapons deployed from the ceiling, death seemed almost an inevitability.


Part 2: A Bad Day to be a Bad Cyborg

Cyborg Hunter Model: 1LV107 had the unlucky duty of experimenting on Special Project 1L since he was assembled by Cyborg Hunter Model 207 at the height of the Border Wars. One Love as he was called by his maker, was a single minded obsessive compulsive type of scientist. He liked everything clean, and his work to be above questioning.

Unluckily this put him on duty in Med Lab 1L on the day that Unity jettisoned the Core’s outerhull. It was an emergency measure approved by the Concensus to deal with the E-strain Manslayer threat. One Love couldn’t really blame them, after all the E-strain was reproducing out of control.
The few eggs that had been left on this city section had grown into a rather concerning nest, despite One Love’s attempts to keep them in check, had cost him his entire compliment of Praetorians and Cherubs. Only his experimental Throne, Ajax, remained functioning.

When the Olgogs had moved back to the Ruins of Karov months before, One Love had sent Ajax to cover over and hide any sign of the med lab and the surrounding hallways. He had hoped that trapping the E-strain below would help limit any chance of discovery.

Somehow he had failed.

Just as he had tracked down the last two viable E-strain Manslayers, a tunnel was breached into his tiny fiefdom. It was the Olgog Leader Bill and a ragtag group of mercs who found him, and One Love had no hope of hiding the med lab now.

Instead he began downloading all of his research on Demonic Cloning. He kept one robotic eye focused on his main specimen, in the center of four levels of medical and occult sealed rooms. She was calm as always. He couldn’t help but think that she was his in a material possession sort of way. And One Love did not plan on leaving this possession behind.

But how to sneak her out? He wondered. If the allies of the Olgogs saw him he would be their primary target. After all, a place like this could not run on itself. But…but…

His attention was drawn the video uploads coming from the defensive systems. The heroes had already disabled the Nanite Plague dispensers, and were taking out another bank of cutting beam emitters.

One Love uplinked to Ajax, “Throne Ajax, deploy now. Drive the E-strain towards the intruders and let them finish each other off. Wait until they are defeated then engage whomever is left standing.”

Without regards for the feelings of Throne Ajax, One Love was already reprogramming a nano-plague to infect the throne and alter him. As he watched with amusement as the heroes fought the E-strain, One Love was almost ready. He sent the code changes down the line to another nanite dispenser and it began to mist the hallways.

This plague had no effect on the heroes. Instead as they moved to face the Throne, its gears within gears already beginning to warp reality around them, Hob’na noticed a greenish glow working it way through the spaces between the gears.

Forge slammed into the side of the throne with both Dragon and Demon Axes striking in multiple successions. The otherworldly axes sheared through the Throne. Bits of gear exploded off, and greenish clouds spread through the halls.

One Love watched from the video feeds as the party left the Throne damaged on the ground, and continued towards the med labs. He ran over to the wall, activating a Shadow Satellite and disappeared with all his data and the original bio-sample in tow.

It would be up to the dead to carry out his true prize, One Love thought as he set up the final defensive measures.

Part 3: Improvements

Hob’na stepped back through the shadows out of the central chamber and into the hallway. At her side was the bag, within a bag, holding the beautiful blond haired green eyed woman she had found in medical bay all alone.

Bill said, “Show us the being.”

“What being?” asked Hob’na purposely playing dumb.

“The woman who left with you,” agreed Forge.

Hob’na opened up the bag, revealing the head only of the woman she had rescued.

Specialist Kreshak murmered,
“I know that woman, she is a Greater Fiend.
Its Lilith, General of Warmonger.
I saw her execution. She was tossed into the plane of life. She was recycled.”

Without waiting another breath, Forge already raised up the Demon Axe and brought it down, severing the evil spirit from the body it was parasiting off of. Unluckily it also bisected the head, killing the host instantly.

Hob’na stumbled backwards, covered in a spray of the blond girl’s blood. She felt it mix with the greenish dust leftover from the altered Throne they had defeated. It acted like a magnet, drawing Lilith’s evil spirit directly into Hob’na’s body.

“Hello Sweetness,” said the voice of Lilith inside her head, “We are going to be great friends.”

Zh’Mak drew his Zela scimitar and approached Hob’na. His eyes spoke his intent.

Hob’na prayed with all her heart to Krodnok, hoping the upstart god could hear here.

A voice sounded over the intercom in the Unity corridors, “1L Subject has escaped confinement. Return 1L Subject to confinement or a full bio-purge will begin.”

Steg said in his high pitched voice, “Naughty Demon has to get back in the cage.”

Hob’na said, “I have no clue what you are talking about…”

Bill said, “Your aura shows two beings are where only one used to be in your body.”

There was a flash of dark energy, and the undead olgog Krodnok stood before them. He stepped between Hob’na and them.

Bill forced a beam of healing energy and light to strike Krodnok driving the upstart god back. In that moment, Krodnok grabbed hold of Hob’na (and her new demonic parasite) and teleported away.

Klaxons began to sound and a voice could be heard, “Bio-Purge will begin in ten. Nine…eight.”

Cat Dancer and Specialist Kreshak eyes met and they turned quickly explaining they all had to go…now.

“But Why?” asked Steg as they ran for the Karovian caverns.

“Because Purge means to destroy or push out,” said the Specialist.

“But Why?” asked Steg.

“And Bio usually means biological,” said Cat Dancer, “So they plan on purging all of us.”

The party ran down the hallway, and finally slid into the karovian tunnels moments before the numbers counted to one.

Bill raised a hand and tunneled the earthworks above them, causing it to slide in and seal over the entrance to the Unity corridors. There was a compressive noise and even the walls glowed for a few moments. Luckily Forge, Scout, and Steg’s Squad all made it out in one piece.


Gultor’Uf gains Bill Convinces the Wild Gor’abs to let the Wintermute Undead, Unit 817 and Kul Gul Rapi free travels across all of Karov. This also allows the Wintermute Undead to expand their construction efforts in the Ruins of Karov.
Bill purposely excluded Unit 111, Unit 7756 and Krodnok’s Dead from this deal, causing these types of Undead to be hunted in Karov by Wild Gor’abs.
The Ruins of Karov now gain the Exportable Resource: A Metal Deposit (Contains at least six months of recoverable Gold, Copper, Steel for trade or for use. Requires a Karovian Alchemist to spent six weeks converting materials to turn these tunnels into usable metals.

Hob’na gains Lilith (Model 1L demon/clone) as a Passenger.
By the start of GL3 (or by Running GAGG 2015 whichever comes first), Hob’na must decide if she will act as Lilith’s host under Warmonger’s Rule or find and convince another being to become Lilith’s host.
Until then she temporarily has tombstone psychic ability and takes x2 dmg from attacks that harm demons. Lilith gives Hob’na the ability to Banish Lesser Evils by touch (counts as a Hand to Hand attack).

Cat Dancer gains A position on Shiro’s personal VLAD squad. This includes a special commcrystal to call in AAV pickup, and an apartment in Chooru.

Specialist Kreshak gains A position on Shiro’s personal VLAD squad. This includes a special commcrystal to call in AAV pickup, and an apartment in Chooru.

Steg gains A position on Shiro’s personal VLAD squad. This includes a special commcrystal to call in AAV pickup, and an apartment in Chooru.

Forge gains A position on Shiro’s personal VLAD squad. This includes a special commcrystal to call in AAV pickup, and an apartment in Chooru.

Scout gains A position on Shiro’s personal VLAD squad. This includes a special commcrystal to call in AAV pickup, and an apartment in Chooru.

Krodnok’s operations are now under observation by Cyborg 1LV107 (One Love) for use in experimentation.


The Strange Requests of Olgog the Olgog

Field Marshall Strykker was having a bad day. Not only did he eat a steaming plate of cru’ie crabs that had way too much hot sauce on them, resulting in gastrointestinal distress, but his technicians had discovered an olgog with EEF training trying to hack the satellite grids.

His attempts had been instantly discovered. After the OtO “Accident” two years before, when a rogue agent had activated the EEF and I.R. Satnetworks and unleashed their orbital weapons on innocent Olgog communities to deadly effect, all satellites had their onboard A.I. And countermeasure software upgraded.

Believing he had hacked his way into the main satellite network, instead the Hacker south of the border had been traced back to his location. No changes had been made to the satellite (now powered by a sephir mek spirit).

A pair of special forces wraiths delivered a comm-crystal, and now Strykker found himself on the phone with the unpleasant voice of a frustated olgog of some infamous repute.

“Olgog the Olgog, what do I owe the displeasure of this call?” asked Strykker, thumbing through the Dumbari Tribune’s noting an article on high earnings going on in Kelvara’s House Thalia five months running.

In a thickly accented olgog language the voice of the infamous OtO replied, “I know you can understand the language of my peoples. I have only ONE question for you.
Who do you want to take down more than anybody?”

Looking around at his white tiled “office”, and the aide holding the commcrystal in front of him, Field Marshall Strykker sighed, “Right now? I’d say that would be you…are you offering?”

“No, I mean your greatest enemy???” said Olgog the Olgog already feeling the conversation spiral out of control. This was not how I planned this conversation, he thought with a flare of anger.

“Still waiting for a name,” said Jeremiah, “Because so far I see no reason to continue this conversation.”

“The Old VLAD,” snarled OtO, “You would think the man who tried to overthrow the Colony General Malthus would get at least the top of your list.”

“The Old VLAD???” asked Jeremiah nearly snorting with laughter, “You think you can bring in the Old VLAD? Okay…I’ll bite. What do you think you are asking for in return?”

“I know what I am asking for, first you must stop the Provisional Colonies from being accepted into the Colonies. I claim every bit of land south of the Colonial Border.”

Jeremiah let out a long breath so as not to start laughing, “You do know the EEF doesn’t have any say in the internal workings of any the Colonies. I can’t decide who gets let in and who doesn’t.”

“Then just delay their acceptance until I have subjugated these lands,” said OtO.

“I already explained, we can’t delay the votes, we can’t delay the process,” said Jeremiah, “The EEF just protects the colonies from external enemies.” Which you sound a lot like, Jeremiah thought but refrained from saying.

“That is not all. And a Nanite Production Device. For making nanobots and Nanites,” said Olgog the Olgog with not even a hint of sarcasm.

Jeremiah began whooping and hollering with laughter. He was laughing so hard he began to cry, and the aide leaned forward to wipe his brow with a clean napkin. He gently pushed her aside and leaned in closer to the commcrystal she held.

“Listen, I haven’t heard a single reason I should trust you at all,” Strykker said assuming a more military posture on his seat.

“Because Old VLAD. I infiltraited his organization…” said OtO.

“And plan on betraying him…I heard you,” said Jeremiah, “So after all the times you betrayed the EEF why should I trust you now.”

“Give me a Nanite production device and you can trust me,” said OtO.

“It doesn’t work that way,” said Jeremiah Strykker as he finally felt the pain his lower gut pass, “This is a rare and expensive piece of equipment that my own troopers don’t have. If my guys don’t have it why would I get one for you?”

“I have seen one or two for sale in the Grand Bazaar in Neo Vargas,” said OtO, “All you have to do is send a technicians there and buy it. Its easy.”

“If its so easy…why haven’t you done it yourself?” asked Jeremiah.

“I am worried the EEF will have me shot by snipers if I enter the colony lands to get it,” said OtO.

“Its a good fear,” said Jeremiah, “I have kill on sight orders in place in every colony for you.”

“Why?” asked OtO.

“Does your brain check the words that come out of your mouth before you speak?” asked Jeremiah harshly, finishing his preparations with almost ocd precision. He began walking towards the door as his aide tried to keep pace. He continued, “You killed over a Thousand Olgogs in an allied settlement with EEF weapons. I’ve heard your excuses and complaints Oh wooes me, Im so tortured arguments before. I don’t care. You chose to kill those Tla’loc’alans and I don’t want to give you anything. And frankly you haven’t given me a single good reason to trust you.”

“Then transfer me to the Colony General,” barked Olgog the Olgog in frustration. This was not how he expected the conversation to play out, and he was on the defensive.

“It doesn’t work that way,” Strykker said angrily, “But I expect that Malthus could use a good laugh. Hold for Malthus.”

The girl from iponema played on the hold music as OtO waited. He gritted his teeth and ground his jaw as he waited in frustration.

“This is the Colony General,” said Malthus’ voice a few minutes later, “Field Marshall Strykker has appraised me of your requests, and asked for a good reason to not deploy kill teams against you immediately.”

“Colony General, I have infiltraited the Old VLAD and am prepared to turn their organization over to you…” said OtO.

“Yes I heard it was in exchange for something,” said Malthus without judgement.

“Yes,” replied OtO, “The provisional colonies must be delayed in joining the EEF. And I want a Nanite production factory.”

“And I want world peace,” said Malthus, “We are both in for a sore disappointment.”

“But I have infiltraited the Old VLAD,” growled the infamous OtO.

“And you think your new masters in the Old VLAD aren’t listening in on you right now,” said Malthus.

“My plan involving the satellite would have kept the conversations private but your men forced me onto the commcrystal networks,” countered OtO, “I would have met in private…”

“Okay fine. You want a meeting with EEF High Command,” said Malthus, “Let us set it for Mag Buskt Island. We needed to open up official talks with the Chieftain anyway.”

“Then you and Field Marshall Strykker will arrive at this time exactly…” began OtO only to be cut off by the Colony General, “You don’t get to meet face to face with the field marshall or the colony general. The Field Marshall and the Colony General will not be a part of face to face meetings with a known terrorist.”

“But…” said OtO.

“No ifs ands or buts,” said Malthus, “General Giffords will arrive with Major General Terror and Captain Raven’s Exorcists at the time we advise you. Malthus out.”

The comm crystal crackled and no voices could be heard. OtO turned to the Ur Rhug who held the comm stone for him, and said, “Tell Mag Buskt that we will be having guests.”


The following day at twilight, a stealth AAV arrived dropping off a seven foot tall K’iorn warrior, a six foot tall Uthvelor exorcist with a ten foot long sword, and a smaller older Earther all in EEF dress uniforms.

At one side of the table sat Krodnok, self-styled god, and his supplicant Hob’na. At the other side of the triangular stone table sat Mag Buskt, and the Infamous OtO. The third side was empty and cushioned seats were provided.

Terror and Raven took up defensive positions at the doorway, and only General Giffords walked forward. The older Earther sat down, and thanked Mag Buskt for the feast layed out before them. A trio of healing mini-mekanoids buried in his vest pocket would keep him safe from any posion or toxin, which allowed him to honor the host by eating freely of the meal.

He noticed as he sat there a small gnomish female of beauty and poise with a frightening living tree growing from one shoulder. She sat next to Mag Buskt, but Raven contacted him telepathically, telling General Giffords that the kumfei gal was the VLAD agent known as CatDancer, who had been left behind enemy lines to report back on Olgog the Olgog’s operations in the Goblin Lands.

Without a word being passed between them, General Giffords was ready to negotiate.

OtO began first, “I would like a nanite production factory.”

“With Respect, Mag Buskt, in our lands your champion is considered a known terrorist, so you can understand why we cannot give him what he desires,” said General Giffords.

“I know little of this terrorism claims. I know he put the fear of the Bruskti back in our enemies, and allowed us time to create a realm of peace here on this island and in the Bay of Unen,” said Mag Buskt solemnly.

“Seriously, was he the first guy you saw and said you are my champion?” asked General Giffords maybe half-sarcastically.

“No that was Lurtor,” said Cat Dancer with an annoyed sound in her voice, “Lurtor opened the tomb, and then afterwards Olgog was made champion.”

“This Olgog is an extraordinare warrior,” said Mag Buskt, “What are these nanites?”

“But his judgement is way off,” said General Giffords, “Nanites are microscopic robots, while they can easily heal wounds, they could also very easily become a weapon able to obliterate countless innocents.”

“Microscopic?” asked Mag Buskt.

“They are very very tiny,” replied the General politely.

“Oh…Champion what do you need these for?” asked Mag Buskt knowing the technology was beyond him.

“I need them to build new power armor,” said OtO.

“But you have this armor you speak of,” said Mag Buskt again not understanding.

“Not just for me, Chieftain,” said OtO in heavily accented olgog, “For the army of soldiers I am training.”

Mag Buskts eyes lit up at the throught of an army of Olgogs in the shining armor worn by OtO.

“Then if micro is not way then macro,” said Mag Buskt using the leyas to translate the unfamiliar terms into Earther, “Big devices you have that can make Armor and build parts?”

“Like a Fabricator?” asked General Giffords, “Yes I could get a Fabricator, but it would still require you to get the resources it needs to be running. Nothing nanite-based, but very effective non-the-less.
We use them as portable vehicle repair bays as well. Can’t do anything as big as a starship, but power armors and other man-sized vehicles can be built or modified.
But I can’t sell it to a terrorist.”

“Then sell it to me,” said Mag Buskt, “This is a transaction between your EEF and Mag Buskt. I wish to buy it, and I will pay you in silver bars.”

Giffords waited, wondering when the other shoe would drop, but none did. He really didn’t want OtO near any EEF tech, knowing he would use it against the EEF and the Colonies at some point. Then again, Mag Buskt could be a powerful ally in the region. A few overt tracking devices should prevent OtO from reselling it to the Old VLAD.

Giffords mulled it over saying, “You really don’t know the things this olgog did in his former Military role?”

Mag Buskt said, “No I only know of his service to me.”

“He attacked a commanding officer after stealing tactical materials from a battlefield, and hiding enemy technology for his own use,” replied General Giffords, “If you want to ask more, the comanding officer he attacked is standing right there.”

“Is this true?” asked Mag Buskt.

Terror emotionlessly nodded, saying, “Yep.”

“We have much to talk about,” said Mag Buskt.



Olgog the Olgog gains 1 Power Armor Repair Bay. Can be used to build new Lancer Power Armor, and can adapt salvaged Hover Emitters to make Fury Power Armor. Solar Powered EP 50.
Currently can also build the smallest form of EEF Striders and Tanks on the build your own Strider/Tank charts in the EEF Guide.
Requires 1 week to build a Tank/Strider, or 1 week to build 5 sets of power armor.
Needs a good source of Iron, Copper and Gold to keep production up.
Currently has enough resources to make 5 sets of Lancer Power Armor and 1 APC Tank.
Weapons to build are currently limited to Medium Tech weapons.
High and Ultra tech weapons require the salvaged High or Ultra tech weapon.
This Repair Bay is under tracking by the EEF and located at Mag Buskt Island.

Cat Dancer gains Finally Out of that Gig. She regains her EEF passport and can come and go from the colonies as she pleases (but will be watched to make sure she isn’t funneling nanite tech to OtO). She also gains BACKPAY from the new VLAD agency. May select up to 300 ghaz in weapons or gear or artifacts from the Outlaws Guide.