Chat with the Hover Trucks - Grim, Lurtor, Eli, and Nuria


(OOC this is the thread to ask the Trucks questions now that all the players know they were people, or at least one of them was)

Lurtor and the others (If the wanted to) gathered the hover trucks to… talk to them. Eli had just told them inside about the fact that his truck was a little girl, and he thought a person, not an AI.


Lurtor says to the Hover trucks “I’m told that you are more than just trucks, but might have been a person before. Can you tell us your story? Who you are? What happened and when. I have seen the effects of the blood before and how things are absorbed into the body of the victims. We maybe able to help you.”


“To H E double L hockey sticks with those questions! I want to know where your parents are and how are we going to get you to 'em?”


Lurtor says “We maybe able to get them to revert back to their original form. But I don’t know if its possible until we get more information and see what could be done. That is why I asked what I did. I think that is a priority over sending them home first. At least that is what I would want. And its always good to start with Names, which I forgot to say.”

To the hover trucks "My name is Lurtor, This is Grim, Eli, and Nuria. "


Grim having run in to several AIs and other synthetic beings in his travel, plus being a suspicious bastard, looked over the trucks using Leyas sight and Spirit scope. Looking for any hidden traps or People hiding in the vehicles. Thinking to himself, “these guys can be too trusting. These could be Suarm or even some weird K’ias trick. Didn’t the Earthers have some legends about using a wooden vehicle to sneak into enemy fortress.”

After he examined and determined that there was no traps waiting for him, he looked at the truck he had ‘won’ and asked “So Ol’ Quickdraw McGraw there says you can talk. You gat a name or any information you want to give me?”


Grim looked up and down the vehicles with Leyas sight first, and saw while some obscurements had been woven around them, the obscurements were rank amateur. Grim peered between the layers of twisted and bent Leyas and saw there was obvious technomancy at work here. Damn he hated technomancy.

Using his spirit scope he viewed the same spot, and quickly realized there was a human aura under the hood of the hovertruck. Popping the hood, he looked inside but wasn’t quite sure what all the parts were. Earther tech had so many more moving parts than Sylvan tech, or Falosini tech. The spirit scope allowed him to pinpoint the part that was giving off the human aura.

Grim pointed at the part and Eli McGraw advised, "That is the main control computer for the hovertruck. It transmits and translates the movement of the wheel, the accelerator, and the other controls into information the hover emitters can use to keep the vehicle flying level and in the direction desired. Most hovertruck drivers keep a spare in the trunk in case of malfunction. Its not exactly a part that is easy to tech forge out in the middle of no where, unless you have a portable computer manufacture plant available.

If you do have a portable computer manufacturing plant tell me, because that would fund all our future endeavors. I couldn’t find/afford one of those even when I was a multi-millionaire."

Grim could tell it was definitely that part that was a human being in disguise, or perhaps not disguised.

Finally the audio speakers on the hovertruck activated and a very child-like voice answered, “I am an advanced Hovertruck. My job is to drive folks back and forth. What is your destination?”

Even to their ears, it sounded like a person trying to give a bad cover story.

Nuria, who had some experience with victims of child abuse back home, could tell the kids (if they were kids) simply didn’t trust them. In fact if Grim hadn’t pointed out the part, and Eli hadn’t acknowledged what it was, they probably would have stayed silent and tried to simply hide, as children in deepest fear do. Now that the kids were “found out” they would do anything to keep the adults they were frightened of from knowing more.

It would take some good convincing to get the kids to be open about who and what they were. Then again Nuria thought back to the battle. These kids had witnessed Lurtor, Eli and Nuria openly slaughter their entire community with grenades, pistols, fire and violence.


“Molly, I’m back from doing terrible things but necessary things. Things.”


“It’s pretty scary ride of a good time.”


“Yeah, I know. Know. J.J. got some things to do for the next couple of days. Going to try to get the workers home while I get some people to move in here.”


“Good talking to you. I got a letter to write and mail to swissy missy since the radio tower ain’t working too well in this weather.”


Molly blurted out, "Rami…er…one of the hovertrucks…er…hmmm…scanned what we think is Bysos Borak. That angry K’iou that used to lead the Mercs before the Frost took over?

I don’t know if you saw him ever but here is a hologram. He used to be a nice person, but ever since he started working with the “Agents” who hired him for our last job it has been weird and downhill."
And Molly showed Eli a set an entrance to a set of caverns near Jemison Post that she claimed Bysos had been seen near.

Since the caves seemed empty right now, they returned to the Truck Depot. Eli felt a little better knowing Molly was starting to trust him. She still played at being only a Hovertruck…but it was a good step forward.

She also introduced Eli to one other hovertruck she called Rami, though Rami still seemed frightened and quiet.


(Week 10+)

Buffy, Lurtor, Grim, Nuria and Eli were standing near the Depot watching Molly do tricks with her hover engines when a runner came over from Administrator McIvinson.

The runner said, “The Administrator is asking for your presence, apparently there have been new developments on the Belinda Frost matter.”

When they return, they find Molly very concerned. She says to Eli, “Im really worried about Aunty Belinda. The OtOs are all saying she is behind the IceGuard attacking town, and I…I don’t believe it. Aunty Belinda is too sweet and loving for that!!!”


Eli just shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. We’re going to just have a little chat with her and straighten this out.”


Molly said, “But I’m really really scared. There are ice men attacking the town. Those are real! And if the Jemison Post people THINK Aunty Belinda is behind it, they will have Grim and Lurtor and you and Nuria kill her…just like they did with the rest of my family…”


To Molly: “It’s time for you to go home with your family. Sorry for the shit I put you though. Don’t tell anyone that, though.”


(After GW Finale)

Molly, Eli and Buffy finished cleaning out the Hovertruck storage area. The three other kids had returned to live with Belinda in the Frost District far from here.

Molly said, “Eli, thank you again for taking care of me and the others. If it hadn’t been for you…I don’t know what would have happened to us.”

“Probably a life of slavery dragging copper ore from Nuria’s mine,” said Buffy only half joking.

“I thought Nuria said no to slavery?” asked Molly.

“Many people don’t quite look at trucks as being slaves…for a variety of reasons. If I hadn’t figured you all were alive and sentient…” said Eli, “Well let’s not dwell on that. The EEF and Fort lendill have been Anti-naniting any pools of Dragon Sickness they find so no other kids have to go through what you did.”

Molly grabbed him by the hand, “Eli, thank you for saving Belinda.”

Eli blushed for a moment.