Catdancer's Biological Experimental Systems Tech Center


Catdancer’s BEST Center,

Where everything good comes out of it and nothing less harmful survive

Where everyone has a chance to to die

Where you either know what you eat or whats eating you

Where we are working our BEST to care for you


Sleepy Time Mark 2

A further developed strained of Sleepy Time with the addition of healing leyas.

This extremely virulent disease puts people in sleep paralysis and gives them “vivid” (horrific) nightmares. Healing Leyas will heal the affected slowly, giving more time for nightmares to consume the afflicted.


Unnamed Number 1 (name is WIP)

Created parasites infect a being and consumes and replaces the movement based nerves inside the brain, leaving the afflicted unable to move but totally conscious and able to feel pain.


Unnamed Number 2 (name is WIP)

Creates several million tiny parasites that will cover the outside of a host’s body. The will link together and create a second skin indistinguishable from the original skin, allowing the user full control of the host’s body including speaking.

Require Total Concentration to manipulate a host.
Infection counts as a summon (max number of infections = charisma score)


Gift of Life

Requires a corrupt khazga wood tree living inside the user

Upon killing the host of the corrupt Khazga wood tree rapidly grows by consuming the life fleeting life force of the user. It uses this to grow as large as possible, creating the most beautiful flowers conceived. These flowers release glowing white spores that when they land on something that has an animating force, will implant itself inside the being, rapidly consuming the new host’s animating force and growing into a tree just like the first.

Trees are proportional to the size of the animal.


ZPSS replaces WIP 1 and 2.

for Gift of Life which character will you be testing this on? requires a character already bonded with corrupt Khaz’gha wood.
and what location will the test take place?


Gift of Life is a suicide thing

So that when CatDancer finally dies (not revivable form unstoppable, not turning into a true vampyre, basically when they Final death her ) everyone gets screwed.


[Dark Refuge Post 2220]

CatDancer had been working in her BEST lab for over a year, and learned a great many things. She had avoided OtO’s politicial rise in Jemison Post, keeping to her work on the western coast. Always the work. But the science was lining up with her desires.

She was also surprised to see a rise in disease across the Goblin Lands and the Earther Colonies. It was as if some faction was exposing the populace to something new, something dangerous. She had taken samples, and each of these pointed to someone else trying to develop a biological weapon of some strength.

From her samples, she thinks the potential enemy is building up to a viral attack.