Captain Puhza requests an audience with Borial Itash


Captain Puhza felt a bit awkward on the march back to Wintermute, after all his route home was also being used by Borial Itash’s invasion army. He knew that the opinion about the Itashi Alliance was currently mixed, only a couple of nations in the Alliance viewed Wintermute favorably and even some of those only tolerated them. Few in Wintermute truly believed that Borial would like them more then anyone else, however the promise of power and perhaps even the domination of Korpu was tempting. This would require betraying the nations that weren’t hostile to Wintermute which considering the general view of Undead would only cement people’s views of Wintermute being evil.

Captain Puhza was told to get more information about Borial Itash so he went over to Borial’s attendants. "Greetings, I am Captain Puhza of Wintermute as you are aware. I understand he has extended an offer to the government of Wintermute to either declare neutrality or to join his invasion of the Northern Kingdoms. I would like to discuss the pros and cons of his offer with him as many in Wintermute are conflicted by this offer. Perhaps we could help set their minds at ease with further discussion?


PeaceLord Qantra Dulenah greeted Captain Puhza and offered him a feast in honor of his arrival.

"Apologize honored Captain, that Lord Boriel himself could not be here. Right now he is personally leading the march through the Kasanthian lands. Never did I expect the Kasanthians to claim Neutrality with the I’tashi Loyalists.

I guess the Alliance has not given many Northern Kingdoms hope for the future.

But brave Boriel wishes to free the last true slaves and restore Grand Magi I’tash, blessed be he.

Thank you again for coming so far Captain Puhza. I helped Lord Boriel draft the neutrality agreement with the Kasanthians so I would be able to address any and all questions you may have."

Captain Puhza noticed that the Kumfei peacelord was being extra polite, and going out of his way to make this visit as pleasant as possible. They were set up in a beautiful feasthall overlooking the many petaled crystalline cityscape of Boriel’s retreat.

Captain Puhza was still impressed with the old Sylvan living crystal cities. He had seen I’tash Capital and now Boriel’s Retreat, and every time he wished the art of creating such things had not been lost to time and war.


Peacelord Qantra was a female kumfei standing barely as tall as Puhza’s knee, and her battlearmor made her seem like some delicate statuette of a soldier that one might keep on a mantle. But Puhza was not fooled by her diminuative appearance, she was anything but fragile.

Peacelord Qantra Dulenah asked Puhza, “And honored Captain is there any food, beverage or service I can summon for you? So that you may enjoy comfort while we speak about these complex matters.”