Candy Gram - To anyeveryone who cares.


Via Mail or dictated via candy gram:

"Hello, I’m Godart of the Lucky Fate Squad. Wait! This is not spam - there’s something strange happening in the goblin lands. I mean stranger than the weird stuff that happens in the neighborhood. Who am I going to call? You guys! Because I broke all my pencils and this copy machine thing seems like a good idea. I just learn that an active temporal portal or portals to the land of evil clones has open up. Not kidding. Temporal portals are not cool because I should know. I’m still paying off the shrink bills and it’s all I have to show for it. What weird stuff? For example, you have might have noticed people missing or people acting weird or evil clones. This is a big problem.

I am asking you to please come to Dock 7 in Port Unen. You don’t need to like or respect me or wish me a long life. Just bring snacks, thanks."