Brezan Alchemy and Herbalism


An Earther-sized Olgog entices you:

“Are you having problems communicating your will to others? Do your peers, your underlings, or Olgog in general, not respect you enough?? We have just the thing. Ongagab (Hunts the Healthy Adults’ Eye) cream is just your fix. Put a little bit on and all will find themselves more pliant to your will. Look better, sound more commanding, become more likable. This stuff can only come from Brez. We’ll accept any items for barter, but warning, it won’t come cheap.”

“Gortla (Water of the Enemy), the draught you need for a boost of Tor’or. One drink of this stuff and your Tor’or comes more naturally. When Brez was overcome with Nightmares, our people learned to ferment their ichor into a palatable drink. Sounds nasty, but it works. We’ll barter for anything, so try some Gortla today.”

“We have Loktlatorya (Grass of the Deathwaterflesh, or blood grasses). This stuff is feisty, when you need to be. Bring out your inner rage with Loktlatorya. Ka’or becomes easier to draw, more powerful in your hands, and fills you with warmth. If you need that extra Ka inside, eat one of these and your problems are solved. These trade cheap, we scour for them in the North. Get that boost you know you’ll need!”

“We in Brez may not be known for much throughout our lands, but we know our herbalism, and we know to get you that extra kick you need in everyday situations. If you’re looking for something, let me know, maybe I can get one of our herbalists to concoct something for you… if you can make it worth our while.”


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Og’na’na’na asked the salesgog, “What is price for the Loktlatorya ? Ka Gor can trade Stone and Obsidian. It’s good. ?”


“We Brezans not only grow and scavange our own herbs, we steal from hateful Earthers too! Behold what we have concocted for you!”

“My first specimen is what we call Urya (thought grass). We wrap it in either stolen paper or it can be smoked from a pipe. It’s calming for the soul, let’s you focus on wielding the various forms of Der’al’or (what he calls Leyas), making it’s usage more powerful. It won’t let you get angry, and it’ll make you a bit jumpy, but if you really need that boost when using LalHob’or to dig a tunnel faster, or if your ship is taking on water that you need to channel off your ship using Tla’or, or if you just want a stronger breeze on a warm day using the Der’or, then Urya is just the thing you need. One dose trades cheap!”

“Using a concoction of Earther and native plants, we have a drink called katla (tea) orogon (the mind’s eye of strength). If you have the ability to call creatures to your will using Der’al’or, this katla will make improve your focus and allow you great og. You will perceive many a great thing, and you will call many a great creature after embibing this drink. So if you need to call upon nature to help you, make katla orogon your drink of choice.”

“Finally, we have a special gultlamakya (cactus, or thorny grass of fruit and water). It’s fruit, soaked in its own water, gives the gog who eats it great og to overcome their gor. Bend reshed to your will. Break kol. Wrestle a Yaldol with your own bare hands. This gultlamakya can’t be found anywhere outside of Brez, and we can offer it to you. What are you willing to give for great og?!”


“We have enough stone. What obsidian weapons do you have?”


“how much we get for 10 obsidian spears?”


“10 Spears…that buys you alot. 25 roots.”


“I wish to purchase Urya and Gultlamakya in quanties for a K’iorn travling a long distance by foot without rest or bed,” said Nngao, “I offer this bag of shadow cocoon. Inside anything may be held, except that attached to light leyas or what you call Sa’or or Ur’sa’or depending on tribe. It is made of the hide of a falsewyrm and will not fail you in battle.”


“You are known among my gog. I give you special deal. 60 Gultlamakya and 100 urya.”


Quickly purchasing and running off Og’na’na’na says when he sees Nngao ,“He scary,thank you Uf Mahogany we trade again soon.”


Many thanks he would have said before leaving and finishing the trade.