Blackheart Security Solutions


The premier purveyor of military hardware legal to own by civilians in the Polar Expanse circa-2219AR, BSS is there to get you the gear and weapons you need.

[Blackheart Security will set trades, prices and missions that will gain players weapon and gear rewards from Blackheart Security Solutions]

Characters who took part in the Prison Break in Pregame Week 2 Mission 2: Question of Timing gain an Gift Card worth one Primary Defense Package BUT THEY MUST POST HERE AND SPEAK TO A BLACKHEART REP TO CLAIM IT.

Primary Defense Package:
Marzac body armor (see DR Core book Armors), a pump action shotgun (medium tech, 12 Missile dmg, Cone attack), 10 armor piercing shotgun slugs (1/2 A.R.), 10 dragonsbreath shotgun rounds (incendiary, x2 dmg to Undead), 10 rounds of buckshot (standard dmg), 2 fragmentation grenades, and a whip blade (see DR core book).

Cost: Negotiable


A young Olgog dressed in a light yellow robe approached the representative of Blackheart Security. "Greetings, I am called Lur’ya and I am here on behalf of the Ar’yeserai, a long time ago one of our associates, a Mr. Dulk received some mail with a gift card worth a "Primary Defense Package. I would like to pick it up and perhaps take a look at other items that you are selling. Lur’ya will hand the gift card to the representative with a smile.