Blackheart requests an audience with FM Strykker


Childeen rented an executive conference room in Dumbar overlooking the cities industrial sector. He had his people draw up a full report on Strykker even though he had known the man long enough to learn little. “Field Marshal I will keep this brief, I realize before you announced your candidacy you had a full plate. I can only imagine its gotten worse now that you have to hit the trail. I need to make sure my interests are furthered by the new colony general. Given your wealth of experience and my previous positive dealings with the EEF I would like to support you.”


Jeremiah gave a quick nod. “Yes Director Blackheart, it has been hectic. Thankfully the EEF is in good hands while I’m busy with this. I would very greatly appreciate your support in the campaign.”


Childeen smiled, Strykker already sounded like a politician, “I will keep it to the point, I have a list of a dozen or so worlds whom could use law enforcement and military training but which lack the wherewithal to purchase my companies services without hindering their abilities to provide social services. I was hoping you would divert some EEF funds in the form of training grants and use the metrics I will provide to rate the bids on the contracts.”

Childeen pushed him a stack of papers. The contract metrics would favor Blackheart’s strengths by a large margin but at the same time actual amounts for the grants would not be outrageous and seemed competitive with what it would cost to have the EEF field military trainers.

Blackheart drummed his fingers on the black glass conference table, “Another contract I would like to propose is outsourcing some of the Barris island functions. You’ll find my company can save you money on administrative and logistics for the resort island and the EEF veterans I would be hiring to replace the administrative staff on the training island will free up the current staff for other duties.” Black heart slid another folder. “You’ll see the contract language quite clearly states that the drill sergeants won’t be replaced. My COO Peshareen notes how much he enjoyed stabbing and then head butting tires and logs and I fear most of my personnel lack the skill set to make that an enjoyable experience.” Childeen noted with a smirk.

“I would also suggest I could probably increase the value and efficiency of the standard GI boot camp, however a large contract like that seems a little too greedy on my part. If you are keen to give your straight leg infantry more training I would certainly host ideas for a test team to see what kind of impact my company can have.”

Childeen paused, “Assuming we can reach an amicable agreement in return I am prepared to offer analytic driven campaign strategy which I can then back up with synergistic solutions in key areas to swing the vote. I will give you whatever assurance in whatever form you require that everything my company does to influence voters will be completely legal and ethical or at least light grey.”

Childeen folded his hands in front of him, “So what do you think?”


Jeremiah read over the contracts and stats in each folder and considered again if he really wanted to spend the rest of hai career worrying about this stuff. Oh well to late to back out now. He looked up from the papers.
“I’d of course have to have all of this gone over again but I think we can work with you on most of this. The off world security contracts would be a help however I’d have to ask for a review clause in a few years. Say five? Once they are more on their feet they may want to provide their own security. Perhaps if that happens your people could transition to trainers and I’m sure we could put in a good word about the equipment you sell.”

“The Barris island plan also seems feasible. But keep in mind that can be a very dangerous place given the residents of the other islands. Anyone you bring would have to submit to a deep back ground check. But everyone assigned there does. As for your boot camp suggestions I’m afraid that will have to wait. Any decision regarding recruitment and training has to be approved not only the Colony Generals office but the Colonies as a whole.”


Childeen smiled, “The review period sounds like a good plan, once again insure no one can claim EEF favoritism.” Childeen shrugged, "I was hoping the Colony General would be able to authorize training teams for the military though requiring the colonies to ok it also is a good check and balance I guess. So If I may be so bold, I will have one of my top analysts as well as another person who wished a private meeting with you. Childeen squelched a transmitter in his pocket twice and one of the sets of doors to the conference room opened.

A serious looking woman with a long black pony tail and eyes hidden behind a set of green ski google like data screens walked in. She was dressed in a tailored grey shirt and suit jacket with dull grey earrings. Followed by General Vulfrym.


“Field Marshal, I am glad you have decided to run for the colony general position. No matter your decision today you will have my support, I don’t trust any of the other candidates with the mantle of leadership. Your ascension to colony general would seem to create some vacancies in the chain of command. I am the ideal choice to assume your role as Field Marshal. Firstly I have never lost a battle, some of the conflicts I have engaged in have had less than optimal results but you will find my record is far better tactically and strategically than my peers. Secondly I understand the choas which is the Northern Kingdoms, some of the train wreck which is the olgog nations, as well as the mess of the Draco. Being the leader of the Lions of Earth I have also kept my eyes on the prize, on my the brithright of my men the third rock of sol, if you grant me the rank of field marshal when you win this election it will give me the ability to further the EEFs grand goal of retaking earth.”

Vulfrym sat down across from Childeen and folded his hands neatly in front of himself. Vulfrym knew it was not a small thing he asked of Strykker.


“I know our system isn’t perfect but the EEF and Colonies have, in the past had many problems with too much power residing in one person’s hand. I can’t order any colonies to accept outside trainers. I can suggest. And if you can save them money I’d be shocked if they didn’t agree to you employ your company.” Jeremiah said to Blackheart with a shrug. After that he turned to Vulfrym.
“General,” he began with a nod. “I’m afraid I can’t promise you that position as I have already stepped down in favor of General Map’le. Still I’d appreciate any help in the campaign. Is there something else I could do for you? Maybe something that would help forward your plans for Earth?”


The woman’s brow furrowed. “Field Marshal, if you don’t mind me saying, your choice in new Field Marshal will cost you many votes. Polls show Dunesphere has little to no confidence in you. Having your most important hail from S’vanna Royalty.” She trailed off trying to figure out how best to phrase the effects, “You will lose many votes outside of Dunesphere as well as the city itself. Yildor and the other Earther First candidates are depending on strong human support, any support you can pull from them will help you. You are already a strong choice to win Mt Vir and S’vanna, there is little to be gained from a Field Marshal from S’vanna, in fact it may cost you votes depending on how her families rivals react.”

The data monocle began flashing as she began adjusting the predictive algorithm with the appointment.


Jeremaih looked at the woman. “Forgive me Ms. but I don’t believe we’ve been introduced. Also I very much doubt Dunesphere citizens will vote for me in great numbers. Considering my message so far as been that the kind of prejudice they are raised on is wrong. And as I am known associate of a number of people they call demons I am a pretty hard sell in that colony no matter what.”