Blackheart expansion on refuge


Blackheart Security is announcing recruitment and service offices in all colonies (except Dunesphere), the Port of Unen, Doyest Vesk, Jemison Post, Borvis, Tarris, Wintermute, the Shadow Dome, and New Holys. Services provided include: VIP protection, site security, caravan escort, training programs for tactics and law enforcement, full Lion Guard clinic and response team in all colonies, recruiting for both full time employment and short term work, quality licensed Gunderson & Sons Springshots, and operator apparel for every tactical situation.

((OOC: For Narrators:

As an Ally:
Blackheart has a constant stream of short term contracts for caravan escorts and site security. Any of which can be plot hooks for an adventure. Perhaps the site the adventurers are hired to secure is attacked by bandits or the caravan the adventurers are escorting turns out to smuggling contraband or morally questionable cargo. A Blackheart short term contract can easily explain why the adventurers are all together.

For groups willing to get their hands dirty Blackheart will with plausible deniability hire groups of adventurers to recover goods stolen from convoys or sites they were supposed to secure. They will also hire adventurers to clear routes hunting down known antagonists before they can attack convoys.

As an Adversary:
Blackheart is known for not being burdened with an abundance of morals. If the ghaz was good they could be the elite bodyguards of a crime lord, corrupt official, or other villain. Generally Blackheart operators are well equipped with infantry armor, PDR assault rifles, heavy springshot pistols, zela studs to supress the leyas, and clothing and protective gear appropriate for the area of operations.))