Bastion Siege Strider 9 (TSGL3 Week 1)


The Bastion Siege Strider 9

General Angelus Vulfrym stood on the bridge of the nearly aircraft carrier sized walker. It was a slow ponderous vehicle in power saving mode, and it kept its Dual Domebuster cannons pointed ever forward.

Terror was looking at an etching on the corner of the command console. It was written, “In honor of Horace Von Duke, My dad and the best damn strider designer in the galaxy. I hope you like my first attempt to incorporate all your designs into an existing carrier. Love”

That was annoying, thought Vulfyrm, they forgot to sign their name. He pushed thoughts of it aside and looked up across the bridge at Major General Terror, the K’iorn who had showed up unexpectedly at Dunesphere in the hours before the Kefeda Quall attack.

Together they waited for the arrival of Lord Grimaldus’ representative. Neither sure how they would handle the Church of Oners.

Vulfrym looked down at Childeen, his friend, and sighed. Hunting down the Kefeda Quall was harder than they expected. The Kefeda had sunk the obsidian isle on which their energy bridges had been extended, so every time an EEF agent tried to track their escape they ended up taking a deadly dip in the sea of fire in the distant land of the Quall N’drone.

The Bridge of the Bastion Siege Strider had sat links for communication back to Field Marshall Stykker and EEF High Command.

[This is currently open to General Vulfrym, Blackheart Security, Field Marshall Strykker, Terror, Celyse, Te Te, McMurphy, VLAD, and Lord Grimaldus]


Childeen had changed back into his nightmare hide business suit. “So Boss, got those body guards in place. All earthers or former lions. Hopefully it will make your VIPs in Dunesphere feel much safer.”

“Funny thing though, when they said payment would be 5000 ghaz in steel I was expecting a lot more of it.” Childeen sighed, “Ya’ know the price elsewhere is much lower, still kinda high in the Draco because of all the building and rebuilding that has happened, but free systems and Brethren space you can get a lot more steel for your ghaz. Honestly if Field Marshall Strykker is willing to do it I could have all my colonies flood the colonies with low cost steel and iron. It will break the merchant guilds monopoly and their price setting schemes.”


Paladin Captain Durandal arrived with a few Squires to attend to him, showing the proper clearance as a representative of Lord Grimaldus. He would enter the bridge and gaze upon the representatives, General Vulfrym he recognized, along with his tiny midget mercenary Childeen who was suppose to be talented. Finally his eyes fell upon General K’ain, the ‘Terror’ and a slight wave of anger filled him, clutching his fists together for a moment he let the anger fade a bit. The Terror’s crimes were against Dunesphere, the same colony he himself was dedicated against. Old grudges were hard to put away it seemed.

Walking forward with a serious expression Durandal spoke “Greetings my Lords, I am Paladin Captain Durandal sent by Lord Grimaldus to meet with all of you and discuss plans. I am the protector of Hebron and was in charge of its defenses during the Giant attack. I am told that we have a problem in regards to Quall N’Drone. I am eager to hear your opinions and latest reports as to keep my Lord informed.”