August 2nd Independent Games Day 2014, Gaming + Camping


Come join the DR team at Independent Games Day just outside of Ithaca NY on Saturday 2 August for a day of awesome live gaming.

Games day starts at 10:00am for signups
at the picnic field of
the Bird Haven Bed and Breakfast at
167 Main St
Newfield, Finger Lakes, NY, 14867

Make sure to bring blankets and/or sheets to put down for the picnic-style of gaming on the grass. Bringing water, sunblock and an umbrella for the sun is encouraged (it is a hot summer day in August). Admission is Free.

All participants in this years’ Independant games day will get 10 Rehsedian Olgog Chariots with crew for their online character. This Heavy Cavalry is equal in power to giants and will give your tribe a huge advantage against WarGiants and other larger land-based threats.

As an added bonus anyone who goes on Facebook and pre-registers for at least one event of our friends in Tokyo Masks and Boss Fight Tactics Arena at the Games Day (When posting on facebook make sure to post if you are joining the morning game or afternoon game) will also gain a single Sylvan WarLoech able to craft Sylvan Tech weapons and vehicles. This Leyas crafter can turn one month of exportable resource (except water) into a plethora of special weapons, armor and vehicles that can be used by Immutables, Leyas Users and Undead. As a special bonus this character will be useable during GL 2 Finale this week if the player pre-signs up this coming week.

If you would like to camp overnight make sure to bring tents and other camping gear.


I can’t wait. Just need to set up a ride. :frowning: It sucks not being able to drive


I’ll be there. I’m going to try and camp out this time though.