Auf Lal'al Trading post and Farm


(OOC as I’m not sure of timeline and mission results I won’t mention those events)

Lurtor picks up his commcrstyal to Lalder and asks "Auf Lalder, I have an offer and idea. At Jamison Post, that is the settlement we are starting, there is a need for Trade, supplies, and Food. As for trade, We hope Jamison Post will be able to increase our tribes trading partners. This will open the market here.

There is also an Old Olgog tribe called the Hobtla Mag’Ol. Their settlement we visited looked to have over a million olgogs. They are ruled by Single chiefton whose body guard is an illuminated. I’m concerned by that. But they look like a very very old tribe. We have a number of their exiled Olgogs coming to our post. These olgogs would die if we didn’t allow this. But that will mean we have a workforce looking for work and a place. They exile many because they cannot support their population. So we are going to be growing quick and will need to support our own population.

For Jamison’s Post’s part, we will have our fishing business going soon. And as we build up we should be able to find other ways to trade for the food we we need."

Lalder responds “We were recently given a building that could be built for us. Our Dodgeball team won for us at the games. We can have that built there and then expand the underground for the farms. We will need workers for the farming as the tribe is very busy right now. Our enemies are on the move. Also, I would like to setup a ship building yards, a place where we can build and repair our ships.”

Lurtor responds “I will see if Grim agrees, but we could most likely allow the ship building. But we do not have the stone here. You will need to bring it. Start with the Building and farms. Becareful any building doesn’t send vibrations our of our immediate area.”


(OOC This is the Keep from the rewards of the first place from the Olgog games.)