Auf Gor and the Awakening of Holys (Caused by TSGL3 Pregame week 2 missions)


His reward would be a trip to the tomb of Holys, 5 years before so he can attempt to have a conversation with Holys himself. It was an irreverant ride, but here he was in the depths of the Tomb of Holys. Unfortunately for Auf Gor, talking to the great Negamancer Holys did wake the monster-K’ias up.
Holys’ armies of Warmongers Dead spread across the planet. Here five years before the present, he was two years before the Border Wars that freed the Northern Kingdoms. To his shock, as he met with Holys, a full I’tashi airfleet would now besiege the Tomb Factory of Holys. The defenses of the Tomb were enough to hold the siege long enough for Holys’ Blackhole Warriors to take Chooru, I’tash, Tal Hanon, Tarris and the Domes. They sucked those who defied them into their empty chests, consuming hundreds of thousands of lives as they passed.
Knowing what was happening was quite concerning to Auf Gor, after all this was not the history he was hoping for. He thought a simple conversation would not change things, little did he realize it would result in a new Timeline where Holys was awakened.
By year three, when the planet might have been freed from the Iron Republic, instead a full IR task force was sent to glass the planet. They had little hope of defeating the Blackhole Warriors who could simply absorb their dome buster attacks, and annihilate warships before their crews could even escape.
The deathtoll was catastrophic, but Auf Gor held tight to the reclamator crystal the pirate crew had given him. Auf Gor knew he could shatter the crystal at any time, and he would be saved by the Pirate crew.
For now, however he could speak uninterrupted to the mighty Negamancer Holys. Learning many legends and facts that were also true of his own timeline.


[Only open to Auf Gor and Time Shredders]


Looking upon Holys brought many memories backs to Auf’gor. As he approached he said “It’s been quite a long time father.” A silvery shimmer as he returned to his natural for. His skull mask still cracked in a few places.
“I have many things I would like to know and was hoping you would indulge me”


Holys physical form rippled, and soon the ripples formed a vibration, from it came the voice of the Grand Negamancer.

“Ahh my child you have returned to my side. Tell me of all the good and all the evils you have done in this world. Tell me of what creatures you have studied and what you have learned?”

Great cushions made of hardy Olgog skin with the fur still on it and stuffed with Baribur feathers were brought for him to recline.

He was given great platters of food and jugs of finest Mak’lal liquor and Holys prepared to hear what he would hear.