At the Cave of Bog'an, Planning against the Krato Generals (TSGL3 finale week 13)


Bog’an was pleased to see that so many had come to his call. Representatives of the Auf Lal’al and the Uf Mag’og, of the Shadow Dome of Karov, and even of the EEF.

It seemed his warning about the Krato invasion had come just in time. Now the leaders hoped to act as one, to push back the Krato invasion.

One of the officials from Absalom said, “Aren’t you a servant of the Krato? Why would you help us?”

Bo’gan sighed, "My master Kotine the Krato taught us to serve the Krato Ur-Kings. These Krato Generals are even criminals among the Krato these days. The Generals serve Warmonger and have rebelled against the wisdom of the Ur-Kings. Therefore in the name of those loyal to the Ur-Kings, I have gathered this War Council so we can push back this invasion.

The Armies of Eloga will act in defense of the Olgog peoples. But we can only direct our forces to one place, so I ask, where do we need our forces the most?"


Auf Lalyan Arrives. She says "Thank you for your help in the defense of Olgogs. We will have to see where help is needed. Our fleet will not be able to take part in the defense due to the nine’s attacks against it. Where before we would have sent forces to multiple locations, we may not be able to do so now. This is what Lalder was afraid of and warned of. But what is done is done.

We, Auf Lal’al, will be focusing on our holdings and at least the Tla’loc’al Station. We don’t know if I’ll be able to reinforce Brez or Simonsburg at the moment. But good chance Urog will do something there. The question is if he’ll need additional help or ask for it. The Brez will defend their lands, the question is the cost.

We definitely won’t be able to put my personal forces out as far as Drewsport, Unen or Rhug’Tor. Drewsport has Unit 817. We most likely don’t need to worry about Drewsport. If anyone will be able to do something, it will be Unit 817 with their new leyas and magi cannons. KrodKnok is in that area as well. So that leaves Unen and RHug’Tor as unknowns on the coast.

I expect to hear from more of the UtR from there soon."


Tal’al’oon arrived in a Fort Lendil Wolf Cruiser named the Omala. The captain happily noted the entire crew were Suarm when Tal’al’oon boarded. The Omala was a dark green wedge bristling with guns. The ships main guns were giant green crystals. The turrets jumped and tracked random targets as it floated toward the meeting point.
Along with the Fort Lendill ship a pair of EEF gun pods circled lazily like carrion birds. An EEF AAV landed next to a small landing craft which brought Tal’al’oon from the <sip name>. EEF marines quickly disembarked the AAV and with enviable efficiency set up a small communications dish. An EEF marine sergeant escorted Tal’al’oon to the entrance to the cave.
Tal’al’oon is a tall and thin K’iorn. His black hair was swept back and hescanned the room with inquisitive green eyes. He wore a black armored high collared long coat and charcoal pants with built in knee pads. A small orb with multiple metallic appendages with small claws or tools like a spray nozzle, and a small rotary saw floated over Tal’al’oon a large lens whirring as it focused on each member assembled. “Wise and honorable leaders, Lurtor of the herd of Auf Lal gave me summons asking I join this meeting. I understand a number of dangerous Krato serving the vile warmonger are moving to attack your settlements. How may I assist in stopping this atrocity?”


Babi arrived tilting his top hat to everyone, “Why da Krato come to Unen? Da UTR and GUTS mind their business and boom war come to us.” He shook his head, “Well they want a fight da Bruskti show dem what its like to fight da night itself. Where you want Ol’Babi and his clan to strike?”


Auf Lalyan says "Events around the world drag us in. Those who think we Olgogs can stay out of the matters of others are wrong and this only proves it.

I’m Auf Lalyan of the Auf Lal’al. That is Babi of the Bruskti. Bo’gan of the Armies of Eloga. I did not catch your name though. Are you Tal’al’oon? Lurtor has been out of touch lately being in the north, but he did report somethings."
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Auf Lalyan says "We have krato lining up to attack multiple locations. Tla’loc’al Station, Brez, Unen, Drewsport, Simonsburg, and other locations. We have not made any decisions on any plan yet, so any help and input is greatly welcomed.

I have not fought Krato before, but I know of them and the annihilators. Currently with Lalder’s Fleet out of comission due to an attack by the nine, We will need much help to protect those in these locations.

THis is my thoughts on this:
First, We need to evacuate Who we can to the Underground bunkers throughout the UtR. The Sylvans built these for us when they first helped us. There are a line of Tree ports to get people through.

Next, we need a way to take out the krato. Hand to hand is dangerous and their power in earth leyas will hinder most vehicles they can see. We plan to bring out our magi cannons for this. Using hit and go tatics. All of our Olgogs will leave a finger tip as the chance of anyone attacking being annihilated is high. Others could use this too.

My tribe will not be able to disperse as much as before due to our fleet status. I can send Olgogs to help evacuate around. But as for fighting, we will be around the Tla’loc’al station and surrounding areas. We will help others in other areas if possible.

And that is about as far as I have gotten. Lalder is off trying to find out why this is happening and to see if he can get help. Hopefully he won’t be long.

That is what I know at the moment."


The individuals at the meeting saw Lok’ab arrive shortly after they smelled it. as all proud members of Tor’Lallur there was no future in the spy business for Lok’ab.

“I Lok’ab of Tor’Lallur, here to listen perhap speak. Stone giants arrive to kill. So many arrive to kill one after other. Earth gor, Quall Gor, Evil Gog gor, Stone Gor. At least Church Gor consistent threat, now Gogs have new evil threat of week. Do Stone Gor get sick? Tor’Lallur can spread Holy Pit to them, make Stone Gor see wonders of Pit, no fight then.”


Lord Ridgly and his bodyguard both gagged a bit when the shit covered Olgog arrived, it took a few moments for them to regain their composure. Turning towards the rest of the assembly, “Niether Absalom nor Hebron have any sizable military force at the moment due to the recent terrorist activities. The newcomer has a point, with so many disasters and invasions coming year to year our military forces are nearly depleted. Lord Grimaldus still has his Bastion Strider intact so we can provide long range artillery bombardment to one site, most likely it will be near our territory depending on how much of a force the EEF can assemble to defend our lands. We do have a small airfleet of hovercopters, two Duskan Destroyers, and an interplanetary Gunship. While we need to have the EEF approval to use them I don’t think they will turn us down. So we are good on some kind of bombardment, we just need to know the best place to use it.”


Bo’gan looked with concern at his allies the Tor’lallur, “Diseased Krato, now that is a deeply disturbing thought.”

He seemed to think on it a moment and shudder. Lifting up a flagon he took a quick draugh, and then asked, “These bombardments with flying vessels that you Lord Rigidly suggested and Tal’al’oon seems to bring with him, would they be helped or hindered by charges from our Armorfiend chariots?”


Bo’gan also turned to the Kul Gul Rapi family and said, “Your mastery of shadows may provide us a tactical advantage. If you can help us deploy deeper into the Krato lines, and help us bring our troopers back out, we may be able to nullify the benefits the Krato Generals will gain by creating their fortifications…Yes we must be wary of Krato creating fortifications inside their target cities. Mobility will be key , as they change any ground they can see at will into fort walls.”


Tal’al’oon pondered Bo’gan’s proposition. “Cunning Bo’gan if we can work out a signal system for the vessels to cease firing so your forces need not worry about fratricide the charge would be helpful. My knowledge of the Krato is limited what is the best way to fight them?”


Bo’gan let his head sag, knowing giving this information might cost the lives of his own loved ones who served the Ur-Kings. But the threat posed by the Generals, and their complete disregard for the decisions of the Ur-Kings, have made them a threat to all life.

Bo’gan said, “Krato have three forms, as small as a tiny Tla’loc’al Olgog, as tall as a Karovian Olgog, and one as massive as a Giant and equally terrifying.”

"No matter what form, their strength is impressive, and could individually act as a catapult by simply hurling boulders. But that does not take into account their cunning. The Krato know the ways of the underground, they slip into places quietly and quickly through tunnels they create and remove with will alone. So none can discover where the Krato entered from, unless one is lucky enough to see it.

In their smallest form, they hide under beds, in closets, and in small alcoves. In their largest form they can still ambush, melding with stone, rock and dirt and even fields of green grass or forests of trees only to appear towering overhead at a whim."


Bo’gan continued, "The Krato will change their tactics depending on their goals. Since we know they are mobilizing it can only mean they plan on enslaving those they fight.

That is a good thing.

If they wanted you all simply dead, they would have packs of Annihilators eliminate your walls and simply coat the remaining city in Acid until all that remained was a big smoking pit. It is the main reason the Djinni, the Quall and other dangerous aliens fear the Krato.

If the Krato Generals need an Olgog populace intact, then they must be utilizing the promise of so many slaves to keep the disparate General’s Armies working together. This probably means instead of melding their forces as one distinct and loyal horde, they will be focusing different General’s Armies on different targets. Each column attacking will be receiving updates on commands through commcrystals.

While some do carry magi cannons and other weapons, their primary attack is going to be hurling streams of acid, breaking shields, and creating pits of grabbing vines and pikes."


Naeil was just kinda always there but not paying too much attention. Until a couple of points stuck her. “When you mean air quote towering overhead end air quote, how big would they be? Up to the knee of that giant robot I rode in on? The waist?”

“Oh could I have a three of four non-immutables from you guys to help out pilot the MDK. Because comm crystals would be keen and our only leyas users not old enough to drive. Well she can drive but she terrible at. Not terrible really. She just really violent when she’s in the thing. War crime levels I’m talking about,” Naeil stated with a strain face.


Tal’al’oon was shocked by Bo’gan’s description this would be a terrible battle indeed. He turned to the Auf from the herd of Auf Lal, “Honorable Auf you mentioned your forces being unable to mobilize beyond your home region. The wolf cruiser I arrived in is noted for its speed I am sure the captain would honor my request to move your forces to any and all areas affected.”

He turned to Bo’gan, “Our foe sounds extremely dangerous, will you chariot charge be effective agaisnt them if supported by gunship assault?” He looked to everyone else in the group, “Where may I be of the most assistance, I am but a humble olhmite but I will give my life to stop the efforts of warmonger.”


“Bah let dem be taller than a yvan, da bigger they are da harder they fall. Da Bruskti can get forces past da Krato defenses. We spot da generals da forces take dem out and it create chaos in da Krato ranks. Dis a good ting da Bruskti can do.” Babi said with a broad smile. “Da family will spread out to every place threatened by da Karato, make it so da shadows betray da Krato everywhere they strike.”

Babi would feed on the fear in the room, make sure everyone had a clear head regarding the upcoming battle.


Lord Ridgly paused for a moment thinking, “To be honest I am not familiar with chariot charges, though Armorfiends from what I have read about them would make them effective against larger targets. As for the bombardment, this Tal’al’oon fellow is right, we need to use a communication system to coordinate the bombardment and the charges. I know the EEF uses their detour shields to redirect the fire from the big naval guns to their intended targets. While we don’t have that ability, does anyone here know of a way to redirect the firepower in a way to prevent friendly fire?”


Of the Metal Discord Kue’lo, Bo’gan said, "That is an impressive machine. I would say its prodigious strength and size would allow it to hold its own against a pair of Krato in a wrestling match. But with no disrespect to this obviously mighty machine, how would it fare on the two more who would have rushed it from behind.
It is a common enough Krato ambush tactics against Yyan rebels, two go high, two go low. Then the Yyan just gets carried away struggling. You will need forces on the ground to help defend it.

I will take your hand as comrade Naeil of the Lucky Fate Squad and we will defend one location as pilots of the MDK.

While my Armorfiend chariots ride with Tal’al’oon and his ship as their cavalry, they will defend another location.

My ground forces among the Armies of Eloga shall go with Auf Lal’yan to defend the population centers along with their UtR forces at Tla’loc’al Station.

My ground forces among the Kolgul Militia will go with Lord Ridgly to defend Absalom & Hebron.

My ground forces among the Yyan Rebels will go with Lok’ab of Tor’lallur to defend another location.

But this still leaves many places undefended except by ill prepared local defenders."

[Tal’al’oon may call upon the armorfiend chariots in his post (100 chariots).
Lalder may call upon the ground forces of the Armies of Eloga in his post (thousands of Elogan Ur-King Olgog Tribals armed as kit]
Lord Grimaldus may call upon the ground forces of the Kolgul Militia in his post (thousands of KGM Vandals and hundreds of KGM raiders)
Lucky Fate may have Bo’gan as one of the pilots aboard the MDK. Bo’gan is a master Earthmancer (FS 8, Earth 6) for his post.
Tor’Lallur may call upon 4 teams of 20 Yyan (wild giants) armed with clubs and boulders for his post. ]


Naeil frown, “Okay then… sounds like we’re boned. I’ll start on Mag Buskt Island, again, with some backup to watch our back. Then I’ll make my way to Port Unen and the area around it.”

A Seven Headed Hydra came in and made some claw movements. Naeil frown some more, “I don’t care if she’s bored. Tell her to stay put in the APC.”

The Seven Headed Hydra gave Naeil a rude claw gesture and left.

“Damn it,” Naeil gave one back behind it’s back.

She frowned less, “Is there any way we can take the fight to them? Cut the head off the Krato’s leader?”


Lok’ab thought for a moment “Tor’Lallur no have large army, so no able to help far away places. Tor’Lallur help keep Pit safe, then can try help rest of Karov.”


Auf Laylan says "I have a few ideas. We maybe able to still mount a shadow launcher or two, from high. We’ll see what we can do to support cloud cover to block line of site.

We do have our Radars. We should be able to locate the Krato where ever they are underground. My though is to use water leyas and flood the caves directly where the krato are and to flash freeze the ice. As a plan its got many wholes, but it is a starting point.

If others need, we’ll push out some radars else where, but without the fleet, we can’t move them as fast. only on the few skimmers or ships we have fixed."

(OOC I will transport an olgog radar to places where needed. Put the radar near a cave and you should be able to map it and tell where life forms are. I will put this in my post.)