At Sea with Tatters: Lurry and Lady Sarphin talk their way to freedom


Lady Sarphin and Lurry awoke inside a lab, inside some strange sort of bio-vessel. Across from them they saw the little girl who had taken them. She shapeshifted into some large monster, and then into a fat Earther, then into a lizard. It looked like the body of Crimson Heart was on the table before her. But only barely recognizable as such.

The creature said, “have to remember to keep them in good condition and not to break to many this time. We really would like to see how a Bestial’s organs are put together as compared to a vorin’s. Last time, we broke them all before we learned any thing new.”

The creature continued its experiments on some large bloody mass of flesh in the bestial’s chest, before turning towards them.

It said, “I remember you. I saw you in Jemison Post when I was taken prisoner.”

How would Lurry and Lady Sarphin escape the monster Tatters?

[This thread is open to Grim, Lurtor, and President Ragman]


Lurry Looks around at his enviroment. He is really really tired of people blindsiding him and kidnapping him. He wasn’t sure of this girl Obviously something really wrong and that might even need to be locked up in his new prison if it was sent to Jemison Post. If given the chance right now, it looked like the best option.

Lurry didn’t move to attack since there was a chance of talking his way out of this, but he was more than on guard. Lurry used his Leyas site to see if there were any leyas wards on this vessel.

Lurry also looked for the collar to see if he was a special guest

Lurry says in a calm tone “I have worked out of Jemison Post, though I do not know of your being taken prisoner. You seem to be interested in Learning. Why did you leave Jemison Post then, you have free schooling to learn anything you want there?”


Looking back at the others, Tatters says “Oh goody, your mind is working fine. Was a little worried we hit you too hard. Hmmm, why did i leave? Well, lets see… first i show up after being invited and get assaulted. Although that did lead to the lovley week spent with the Uth. They were so willing to teach things. Then the you that was there when the Uth returned me was rude. Don’t the you’s know that it is not nice to force people to do things. Like wear ugly jewelry.”

Smiling to themself, tatters continued “Thought about not wearing it, but the other you got so mad when i took it off. As to why here, people go missing on battlefields all the time. Best place to borrow someone for a bit. No one really worries too much as long as the person shows back up. Was probably going to put this,” waving at the Bestial, " back in a bit. Might need to do a little brain surgery to fix his memories, but that is no big deal. "

“And i was always taught that any experiment that might be consider immoral or unethical by small minded people be done far away from your abode. just make sense to not possibly mutilate the neighbors, don’t you think?”


(OOC of note, Lurry while he is actually Lurtor, he looks nothing like Lurtor. Lurry is an Earther Form and not a known form of Lurtor by many. Biff, Grim, and Eli I believe are the only current ones who know. Lurry is also very obscured.)

Lurry says "My name is Lurry and I’m humble merchant and Merc. I will explain what I know from my sources, but I do not know your specifics and nothing I say speaks for Jemison Post. It is just my point of view. Just to be clear.

For your being sent to Jemison Post, that you need to take up with the EEF and the Colonies. All actions come with consequences. You did things they considered a crime against the colonies or Fort Lendill, or which ever place that had an arrangement with Jemison Post that sent you there. You were labeled too dangerous to be there and were to be either executed or imprisoned for a long time. Most likely executed. Instead the EEF, or who ever turned you in, sent you to Jemison Post and kicked you out until Jemison Post says you are able to reenter. They are giving you a chance to reform.

The Jemison Post people, the yous you are talking about, are there to give those who would be executed and final deathed an opportunity to reform and/or a place to stay. A place to belong. They give you Free Education if you wanted one as everyone in Jemison Post can take classes. As I understand it, Jemison Post just has to receive you. Any of the other things than just turning you loose in the glacial wastes to freeze to death is them helping, not hurting you. I do know after each group like yours, the refine the process and are working towards a better program and chance of reforming their guests. Seems they need a better PR agent.

Now, neither of us are bits or pieces to be experimented on. Currently you have kidnapped us. Right now you and your ship are in danger by those actions. Especially by kidnapping her. And I’m not even the one you should be the most worried about. Consequences.

I have no desire to fight you and I would like to work out a peaceful solution to this. What will it take for us to peacefully, and not in pieces, part ways?"

Lurry didn’t want to execute tatters. It was too early to give up though. He really needed a better non permanent option. Dam.


LAdy Sarphin stood up and pointing at Tatters, " I demand that you release us at this instant. you have no right to keep us here."


Looking at their two guests, Tatters set down their tools. Turning away and muttering to themselves rapidly, they then nodded decisively. Turning back, Tatters transformed into a teen aged Eather. Nodding to Lady Sarphin then Lurry, he says “Hello, my name is Johnny D. We have decided that for this conversation, I’ll be our spokesperson to attempt to make it easier for you to follow. Sorry we have trouble telling non clones apart sometimes. All you norms act so wierd it can be had to keep track of whos who.”

Looking at Lurry, “You, sir, are mistaken in thinking that we committed a crime and were sent there. We saw the broadcast from the CloneUnion and accepted their invite. Upon our arrival, after following all the instructions from the EEF group we hitched a ride with, we were assaulted, beaten unconscious and given as a slave to the uth. Although to be honest, at least the Uth at least taught us something. So far all we have seen from the folks at Jemison Post is that while the CU claims to be open to all clones, unless you are Lurtor or OTO, you don’t matter and are treat as a second class citizen or worse. These beings are just using their Political party to throw their weight around.”

Leaning back against the counter, “well, if you want to leave that badly, the door is right there. we’d be careful if we was you. Currently we are 823 meters below sea level and surround by Aquatic nightmares. They are currently leaving this vessel alone due to the influence of Gggrrrllesee. I call him George. He is the leader of this pod. He was kind enough to let me keep my vessel here after i chased off some Kasanthians attempting to capture members of his pod. Apparently there has been a lot of enslaving of local nightmare population lately.”

“If you would be able to wait till we finish putting this,” waving at the bestial corpse, "back together, we can drop you either on the shore or else where. But we will not be putting ourselves back under the thumb of the bigots running the Clone Union. OTO and Lurtor are some of the biggest liars we’ve met. "


Lurry says "I think you were had. There is only one who turned up out of all the guests as a surprise. And that was not you. And after he broke someone, it was determined he should be added the the Jemison Post guest program. There was a big fuss over that one which is why I know about. They didn’t know what to do with someone on the transport but no paperwork.

When you hitched a ride with the EEF, the must have added you to their list. Sounds like something the new McMurrphy would do. I heard some of those sent to Jemison Post were just checking in with McMurrphy and he had them knocked out and put on the transport and on the list. One of my customers told me a grand tale about that one. Though he was a VLAD agent who did get a city destroyed… so that is kind of what the program is for.

Sounds like your beef is with who ever added you to the transport list and the Jemison Post Guest program when you thought you were hitching a ride. Good chance its the new McMurrphy. He seems to be cleaning house.

If you put that thing in a bag, we can go back to shore and we or you or I can restore him. No need being messy about it. I don’t plan to fight my way out unless I have to, but time is precious too. "

(OOC hopefully I’m remembering gagg correctly. I thought it was Jamie’s character who was on Vacation.)


(OOC important Narrator Note from Running Gagg: ALL characters who took part in the final game at running gagg including Tatters were told in the intro “figure out why your character was sent here It must be a crime. And your character cannot be innocent of it” While Tatters used the excuse in game he was “on vacation” ALL characters who took part in that mission including Tatters and Gami were sent there officially, NOT vacationing. The mission was not a Tourism mission it was people being processed into Jemison Post.

In addition Tatters actions of Experimenting on unwilling subjects would be reason enough for McMurphy to have him assigned to Jemsion Post for…Illlegal Experimenting on unwilling people.")


Tatters didn’t notice the obscured increase in Shadow Leyas flowing into the chamber, the knowledge that this McMurphy signed them over to a prison was causing a great stir among the personalities.

As they argued internally as to the next course of action, magi cannon beams struck from the shadows. Beams struck Tatters from all directions. Enough magi cannons of different types to disable a warship struck the unlucky clone. As they sank into darkness, Tatters had a moment of indecision. Who was attacking them? Was it this McMurphy? Or was it the jailers from Jemison Post coming for them?

As Lief’s Marauders stepped from the shadows they quickly secured the vessel and recovered Lady Sarphin and Lurry Stananopolis. Moose was surprised to see Lady Sarphin here, but kept that to himself. He had the Marauders return her to Jemison Post with his kind and respectful regards to Lord Grim.

As Moose looked around the vessel he was quite impressed. The bio-ship was submersible and quite stealthy. In fact Moose doubted they would have tracked it down so easily. And he wondered if the enemies of the Colonies would have an equally hard time tracking a submersible ship like this one.


Moose had a DRRT Technomancer set up some covert obscured and hidden Eye Spies while the Fort Lendill scientists took samples and scans of Tatters. Once they got the okay from the scientists, Moose approached the creature, still currently dead on the floor.

If he turned Tatters over to Fort Lendill the poor creature would be studied like an animal. If he sent him back to Jemison Post it was a life sentence in a Supermax.

Moose sighed, and wondered if this was how VLAD started using irregular units. At least he could learn from their mistakes.

“Keep the collar on him, make sure its fully functional, and has the added Nanite programing to stun him,” said Moose.

A Fort Lendill scientists looked up at a Marauder and once given a nod of okay began to speak to Moose saying, “The creature has a modified Quall larvae in its head, of the Overlord substrain, Quite a unique a fascinating Larva even as a specimen of that subspecies. That Larvae may prevent pain from disabling the creature’s nervous system.”

“So our choice is kill it or let it run rampant? Not choices I like at all,” said Moose.


Moose sighed, “Okay I’m going to take this creature into my custody. Fall back but don’t go too far, just in case the creature is unwilling to listen to reason.”

After everyone except Moose and Tatters had left, Moose administered a Nanite syringe to restore Tatters to life.

Tatters’ many wounds closed and its armor and body was rebuilt by the microscopic robots.

Moose stood back and said, "I understand you have fallen on the bad side of a man called McMurphy who runs an agency called VLAD. I also understand you artificed someone in Jemison Post and the Jemison Posters want you on lockdown.

I have used my influence to save you and your vessel from that fate for now. I say for now, because I have to prove to my higher ups that you can be trusted, and that you can be an asset worthy of respect and resources. If I cannot prove that, or worse yet, you convince them you are as monsterous on the inside as you appear on outside, they will insist on your return to Jemison Post.

But I suspect we can prove them wrong. In fact I may even have a proving ground for you to show my higher ups you can be trusted with mission parameters. There is a live event in Ithamar. I suspect a criminal group called the Scarabs will be using necromantic techniques to sneak weaponized biological upgrades into the event. And I suspect you might just have the skillset to help our security checkpoint actually screenout those threats. And our teams would need your suggestions on how to defend against those types of weaponized biologics.

My friends and employees call me Moose, and I would like you to be my friend and my employee. What do you like to be called?"


Tatters looks at the man called Moose. “Well, depends on which of us is in charge at the time as to what our name is. Our sisters just started calling us Tatters as a nickname so we guess you could call us that so you dont have to try to figure out and remember all of us.”

“Our dad said to listen to you and do our best to help you out. As to necromantic and biological threats, we have accessed all available records on the subject from Project Ragdoll and our father’s archives. We should be able to identify most Necrotech weapons and threats easily.”

“As to the complaint of artificing a Person, I didnt do anything they did ask for. Also, when did artificign corpses become illegal?”


Moose smiled and said, "Its usually not a good way to keep the locals happy. I find its better to ask the family before doing anything to someone’s dead.

In any case, let’s go out for your first mission."

They headed out, returning a few days later. Johnny D had some new threads from Ithamar, and the rest of Tatters each had their own wardrobe of actual clothes. At first Tatters had been confused as to why Moose had offered to buy so many clothes. Then Moose explained, "You may be able to form any clothing you want, but that doesn’t give each of you enjoyment of your own style.

If you need any other reasonable items to make your stay here more comfortable tell me.

I may have a project coming down the pipeline that you would take some pleasure in. I’ll return once I finalize the details."