Artifact Creation (OOC)


A good question. Yes Candy may make this item. Like all lvl 4 or higher we will take it on a case by case basis.
In this case, Candy may artifice this item but it will take up all artificing etc for week 4 for Candy.

Because Candy is powering the creation of this artifact off her status as a Cult Leader (self worshippers see religions of refuge guide). She may still take part in one mission during week 4.


Lalder will have:
Auf Lalog’na working on an ring of Nerve disruption.
Auf Lalur’ab will work on an additional Lur Union Skimmer. (Original skimmer took 1 week for an Auf)
Auf Lalder will artifice his Auf Spear with Solar Essence. He has Light 1. (This is not a Hobtor Spear (death stone) as I’m sure it would conflict.)
Auf Lalyan will artifice a defensive cloud ring based on the Ol’lur ring (that one had cure poison as well, which she may add next week)
I mention this in the artificing thread as Lalder is studying other artifacts to increase his knowledge to later be able to make better artifacts.
(Until i see the missions I’m leaving Lalder Open, but he spends his spare time studying the Magi Cannon, the sylvan ship, and the Paladin sword.)


Everyone please note. Characters artificing CAN also Learn Leyas


Mama Rapi gog is going to use chill shield to grant +10 AR vs energy bonus to 4x human pirates sets of armor (they are not on mission). Her poisonbringer plate mail, the human sized plate mail (Currenty gifted to Turin the navigator, not on mission), 10x vampyrs leather mail (not on mission), Eric’s make shift nightmare hide armor, and 3x youths outifts.


All artifacts listed are available at the start of Week 5 (Time now as of post date

Ka Gor Tribe
20x everlit torches
40x single use leyas firebombs

Lord Grimaldus
40x crossbow bolts worked with light for extra energy damage
20x magnum artillery shells worked with light for extra energy damage

Agent Candy
Gloves of candies gentle caress (Making up the name because its humorous to me feel free to rename)
Shadow walk
Chill bolt
Create Fleshworms

Talisman artificed with cat like reflexes, conversion, and protective aura

Khalid Phoniexkiller
fire leyas compass

Or’Lur Tribe
20 rings of frost storm

1x ring of nerve disruption (I can’t find the leyas ability, for my own knowledge can you tell me where you found the ability?)
1x Lur skimmer
1x spear artificed with solar essence
1x ring of defensive cloud

Kul’Gul Rapi Family

total of 20x sets of armor artificed with chill shield.


Candy’s She is a person not an actual candy :stuck_out_tongue:

“Gloves of Candy’s Gentle Caress”


You are arguing you aren’t sweet?


Candy is very sweet, everyone succumbs to her sweetness in time.


Question: How many artifacts could I create if I created an item with 2 properties.

Like a cloak with Earth leyas power camo, and shadow leyas power of chill shield?


Narrator is free to overrule me but I will argue you can put up to 3 abilities on an artifact, but it counts as if making 3 artifacts. So you cold make 10 cloaks like the one you mentioned per artificer with proper levels of earth and shadow


Week 5
Mama Rapi’gog will artifice 20x fishbone ear studs of cobra strike

Mag’oz will artifice 20x ornately whittled driftwood chill bolt pistols

Vi’Tla will artifice 20x barrels of create water

Ka’Joe will artifice 1x set of ur’rhug leather armor with chill shield. 5x pirates armor with chill shield. 14x vampyr leather armor with chill shield


Kul’gul Rapi tracking:
20x fishbone ear studs of cobra strike
20x drift wood chill bolt pistols
20x barrels create water
20x assorted armors chillshielded


Glog will use General Leyas to artifice 20 stone earrings with translate.


“The Auf”, Tor’ol, Lur’og, and Makog will be working to create Lur Union Skimmers.
(OOC: If I remember right, it’s 4 Aufs make 4 skimmers in one week?)


Or’lur tracking 20 stone earrings of translate

Ol’lur tracking 4 skimmers.


Yirhug will artifice his Dragon scale Armor with fire lvl 4 working fireproof, fireball 2, summon fire spirit and lvl 3 protective aura.

The Dimension Walker will artifice as many atlatls as he can with Fire Lancet and Melt Metal Greater.


Can 2 different artificers work on an item together if each have general 2, but one has one leyas ability, and the other has the other ability being artificed?
For example, making a nightmare hide armor artificed with Stoneskin and Chill shield. One Gog has General 2, Earth1, and the other gog has Shadow 1, General 2.


Ka Gor tracking fireproof working and protective aura HOWEVER fireball II and summon fire spirit are lv4 leyas abilities and require narrator approval.

Same with the dimension walkers atrificing.

Due to multiple abilities being artificed the artificer cannot partake in missions this week.

Lalder since both parties have gen2 it is allowed though I am curious, why not just make 2 different artifacts? Unlike most RPG’s there are no slot limits on artifacts. If you want to be a mobster don with 10 magic rings got for it. If you want to be the Mr T of magic amulets go for it.


Yirhug is approved artificing his armor (no missions for him this week)

The Dimension Walker will only be able to make 4 of these high lvl artifacts and cannot take part in missions this week.


Torog (LR4, gen lvl 2, water lvl 2) will artifice (rounded) stones of Create Water (lvl 2 ability).
Hikiti (LR4, gen lvl 2, shadow lvl 3) will artifice stone clubs of Chill Bolt (lvl 3 ability) (I want to be able to use the leyas ability to shoot chill. Your discretion how much chill damage it does on impact. Obviously won’t be able to do both in same action) - Active in Slicing the Pie Mission
Tusk (LR4, gen lvl 2, summon lvl 2) will artifice wooden trinkets of Summon Hydra (lvl 2 ability) - Active in Slicing the Pie Mission.