An offer to the Merchant of Death


Message sent form Urik to some old contacts on the Colonial black market.

"On offer one functional suit of VoV Robot Armor, weapons currently not operable other wise in working order. Price is as follows

10 .50 cal machine guns
4 missile launchers
20 Caled sniper rifles
30 shotguns (15 boarding, 15 sawn off semi auto)
20 machine pistols
25 colonial revolvers

The rest of the value of the item to is to be made up in ammo for the above weapons,assault rifles and grenade launchers. Willing to haggle."


An Olgog arrived in a battered tracked truck.

He hopped out and gave Urik a thumbs up.

"All dis fall off da back o da truck you get my drift?
Couldnt get all 10 Ma Dueces, supply running low. People worried about the Red Fist.

Instead got 4 Ma Dueces.

But got boxes of guided missile instead for Launchers. 8 Anti Vehicle Missiles. 10 Anti Air. 4 Acid Missiles. And 10 Liquid Nitrogen Missiles.
Threw in ten spare rocket engines without the warhead and guidance systems too. Good parts for building more missiles.

What say you? Deal o No deal?"


Urik considered for a moment. He could really use the fifties, but you can’t win 'em all.
“Yeah I think we can give this displaced merchandise a good home.” He said with a grin. “Oh and that item we were holding for you is all set for travel to.”


The transfer of goods took moments.

The outcasts went away with the high quality goods.

Since the turn of the year the Merchant of Death had teamed with a gang of Goblin Gunners for local deliveries. It was a brisk trade in tech weapons, magi cannons and other alt tech like sylvan gear, kias tech, and necrotech.


The Merchant of Death stood idly in his tent watching the strange cyborg place weapon after weapon on his rug. Each one more cunningly designed than the next.

The merchant said, “So you say this Technomancy will not backfire in Leyas rich environments like Refuge? And for example this gauss cannon could pop a tank with one shot?”

The cyborg nodded and said in a highly mechanical voice, “Yes the Fleets of Fate have built some of the finest versions of Coalition of Enlightened Nations weaponry. The plasma lances are even concealable.”
The merchant nodded his head, “Ever since the CEN disbanded during the Border Wars to be Replaced by the TRILAT the EEF never let’s us get our hands on this type of gear.”

"Yes I will make it cheap. Just make sure the Olgogs and the Earthers have enough of these to point at each other, "said FoF Model 702.
The Merchant said, “You know this will cause an arms race and escalation to war.”
“Yes and that will be more Ghaz for you…” replied FoF Cyborg Hunter Model 702 as if that was the entire point.


The Merchant of Death lifted his radio and spoke quickly, “Urik’s Outcasts I have a great new product for you. And I can even offer you free samples if you can get these products into the hands of the UtR and Der ’ al collective ’ s hands.
Good money and good gear could come your way.”


Urik’s listened to the message crackle over the radio in the Unen bunker. Free samples from the Merchant of Death? That pretty much screamed “Wait there’s a catch!” But still the Merchant hadn’t screwed them in the past and new weapons ever hurt. Finally Urik picked up the radio mic and keyed a signal.
“I hear you Merchant. What type and numbers are we talking about?”


The Merchant of Death replied, "If you can get me a trade contract for 200 Nebula Gauss Cannons, and 200 Plasma Lances with the UtR Government I can offer you 20 of each as payment.

I don’t know how far afield the Outcasts head these days, but I can make a similar offer to the Fortress Hob Rhug Dol at the Oasis of AL’ya, the settlement at the Shadow Dome of Karov, and the Der’al Collective. 20 and 20 for each, and did I mention they create their own ammunition, so you would be beholden to no one. So all five would allow you to outfit an army of 100 olgogs. A merc company of that sized armed with these weapons would summon a hefty retainer from any lord in the region.

What I seek is pelts. Pelts from Ontors, Mal’ie and Mak Hoblok from Unen to Karov to Brez to Tla’loc’al. 200 pelts from each nation from their native species of choice. Tanned and prepared in traditional style of the region.

I have buyers up north who will pay actual gold for them.

I don’t even care if they are stripped from animals who are rezzed afterwards, just need them to last at least one year in the house of wealthy folks up north. Did you know most Colonials have never even seen a Mak Hoblok. And the closest thing to an Ontor they may face in the wilds of the Colonies is a Snatcher, not even a quarter of the size. "


Urik scratched his chin absently.
“I can take the offer to the UTR. Tell me a bit more about these weapons first. And what kind of numbers of hides are you looking for? On going shipments or one lump delivery?”


"The first delivery we can make immediately of the 200 and 200 each for the 200 pelts. Each week the nation can deliver another 200 pelts, I can deliver another 200 of the gauss cannons.

All you need is the okay of the purchasing agents from the UtR, the Der’al Collective, the Shadow Dome of Karov, and Fortress Hob Rhug Dol and we can move forward. After you get each okay, call me back up and I will make delivery to them and your payment to you."


“Alright, I’ll bring your offer around. I’ll get back in contact once I have each nations answer. Good doing business with you as always.” Urik pulled a cigar out of his pocket and lit it. He took a slow drag and considered what was behind the offer. It was strange for the merchant to offer that much hardware. He usually dealt in much smaller if high quality weapons. So he had some new supplier? All Urik really felt sure of was that he didn’t want to be in the losing side of an arms race. They’d have to be cautious but couldn’t afford to be left out.