An Ex Kolgul Militiagog selling Simple Window Glass


His fur was brushed and his teeth were clean and bright. On his head was a large Earther style top hat and a tuxedo with tails. His suspenders were black as were his boots.
And he had been sent by Gobbog to trade for some loot.
He was Nelson Fink, and he had glass for sale.

"Window panes for houses, glass for tables. Why let the Earthers have all the nice homes in your settlement? Our glass comes in both clear and opaque. And it is made to order by the Glassblowers of the True Flame.

Glassblowers of the True Flame
When you want to keep the outside out
And let the sun shine in"

[Ooc open to all types of trades. Will not sell to Kolgol and Kalok and the worshippers of the False flame. ]