Adepts conversation with the giants



speaking to any who wanted a say in the town

I am unfamiliar with how giants live, and what they wish inside a town. Can you elaborate what is important to you? What you need for food, water and shelter?



I have access to a dome, built large enough for a city that can be used to cap one of your buildings. I think your . . . god . . . would enjoy having it inside one of his towns. The only thing is, you would have to send a few people to go get it and replace it with crystal walls. I know a gog there that would be able to act as a focal point for the earth leyas to shape it into what is needed, but he would need you guys to provide most of the energy for it.

When we come back, we could set it up as a pavilion, then start setting it up as a building for you, perhaps as a council hall?


The cloud slavers were big and broodish. Unlike Wild Giants and other Refugian Giants, Cloud Slavers were not tool using.

As Adept described walls of crystal and Domes of Shadow he received many interested looks but little in the way of any understanding from the Cloud Slavers.

One larger Cloud Slaver named Rakug said, “Where get walls from?”



adept walks to the side of the mountain, and starts drawing earth leyas

I’m thinking it would be akin to the way you control the storms, just using what we call earth leyas.

  • adept puts his hand to the ground carving out some giant size steps in the ground, with smaller stairs carved in the left side of the stairs for “normal” size gog hardening them to support the giants weight*

Our Uhryu, can take and merge the energies if you are able to gather the earth leyas.


Rakug laugh, “Olgog Adept, you sound like K’ias. Put us to work, making stuff, doing stuff. No watching sky, no breathing air. No roping storms?”

"How make crystal walls?

and why we bother?"



Perhaps I have gone around this the wrong way. My tribe wants to be closer to the sky, but we would be swept away by the storms or consumed by the flamewinds that travel the desert sands yearly. We tried creating a shelter for us, but it turned black cutting us off from the sky. We ourselves want to remove this black dome, and create crystal walls so we can see the storms year round and be safe from them too.

This dome, I think is something your god Loki would like. It is just a feeling I get from my knowledge of him. That is why I suggested that it be brought here by your strength, because it’s beyond our gog strength to lift and move.


Rakug said, “You no want Dome you have, we can take it. But not understand anything about crystals so can’t make you anything to replace it. Only crystal ever see in jewelry of Olgog Merchants from north. Not know where they get crystal but heard they mine it in very small pieces. Not know where large crystal big enough to cover city can be found, never heard of crystal so large.”

“You decide. If you want Shadow Dome gone, I go get and bring it here instead. But nothing to replace it,” said Rakug still not understanding how to get crystal or the concept of crystal dome.