A Threeway Negotiation, Very Aggressive, between Yildor, Ryuk & Buffy & Maud DR2220


Epilogue: Snake Pits

Yildor Roren stood at the window of the Stone Fort. He was not familiar with the location, feeling he could possibly see the Parapets of Old Epoch just over the treeline. The scraggly marsh trees were not large but they were numerous, and Yildor couldn’t make out much except the extending Swamps of Gelo.

Across from him stood Ryuk. The Kasanthian had a magi cannon trained on him.

Yildor didn’t know Ithamar was in full chaos from the kidnapping, with the EEF declaring martial law, and Lord Andriani personally leading the house to house searches for the missing candidate. But he knew his own gang would tear apart the city looking for him.

Ryuk began, “I wanted to talk to you, about your people putting explosives in my apprentice Lucia and my children.”

Yildor spun around and pointed a finger at Ryuks chest without regard for the magi cannon. Poking Ryuk hard he said, “You don’t even need to introduce yourself then. You must be the Trilat Officer, Leftenant Ryuk?

My daughter told me about you and your apprentice over dinner before I came to Ithamar.

So let me get this straight, Ryuk. First, you send a girl to badmouth me and other candidates? Then when she gets picked up for it, You personally try and sneak weapons into my daughter’s personal home? Let me guess was it for this sort of “Aggressive negotiation”?

Well fuck you, and the horse you rode in on Ryuk. I will not be intimidated by a kasanthian punk.

You are lucky, beyond lucky she didn’t just kill you with plasma death when you tried your bullshit at her house. She tried to handle this whole thing in a civilized way, but you didn’t get the message did you. How hard is it to know to stay away from the 99s when they let you walk away?

Apparently you don’t understand simple messages. Which is why you are here in this same place again…”

Yildor was suddenly interrupted as the door swung open much to Ryuk’s surprise. Standing there was the Scarabs underboss Maud the Blade, and beside her was Buffy McGraw-Strykker. Yildor looked out the window and saw the old fort was surrounded by Scarabs Gangers and their Gravespawn undead.

He sighed, “Are these your friends?”

“Not Ryuk’s friends,” said Maud the Blade, “I’m here to help Buffy here cut off your balls Yildor. Getting a known war criminal like Ryuk here in the colonies is just an added win. I wonder how much the EEF would pay to get their hands on him?”

Ryuk spun around confused and said, “I’m not a war criminal anymore, I paid off the Banking Guild and the Iron Republic.”

Maud the Blade actually laughed and killed one of her subordinates before coming back to her senses.

“You are funny Ryuk. Why would paying off the Banking Guild or the Iron Republic effect your status with the EEF? They are different organizations. And on Refuge, they are still telling stories about the K’iorn who blew up a star just to see if he could. I bet the EEF would love to learn how you did that,” said Maud the Blade, “But first things first, I want to give Buffy a go at Yildor.”


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Buffy jumped up and down like an excited school girl. “Oh Yildor, Yildor, Yildor! I got some plans kill ya, kill ya, kill ya.”

“First thing though,” turning to Ryuk," you’re that like, Kasanthian called Ryuk, right? Buffy McGraw-Strykker is my name. I see you have m’can train on little ol’ Roren. Got just another one question to ask."

“You’re here to slap around this 99er, right? Weren’t pointed that thing at him to save your hide because we show up? You’re not best buds with him?”

“Actually that was three questions. Rambling on and acting unprofessional. Pardon me,” Buffy breath out and composed herself.



recording everything to the unity uplink but not telling anyone

looking at Buffy I’ll be with you two in a moment.

looking at Yildor Roren I spoke to people on how to speak to others, there are three ways to do this. The first is tyrant, when one has a gun to the head of the other. Like I’m doing to you right now. The second is slave, this is when someone has a gun to your head, like when I spoke with your daughter. The third and last is negotiation, which is when both poeple have guns to each others head.

tosses Yilder a magi cannon I prefer negotiation, but never got to that point with your daughter.


Yildor Roren picked the Magi Cannon up looking at it closely.

"You know just four years ago, this was one of the rarest weapons you would see in the colonies.

Back then a person would ooh and aaah over a good human revolver. A semi auto was a near mystical level of firepower, and a real machinegun and some real ammo could build you a kingdom of your own in the wastes between the Colonies.

Now folks are running around with weapons like this, this alien tech, as if they were sold on every street corner.

The old VLAD Agency used to keep this stuff off the streets. They kept order, they made people safe. Now, the new VLAD agency has bungled it all.

You want to negotiate you say? What is there to negotiate about? You sent your apprentice to bad mouth me and the other candidates. You went to my daughter’s home and tried to sneak weapons past her rather significant preventative measures."

Yildor leaned back, one hand resting his weight on his cane, the other holding the magi cannon as if thinking about it.

“Okay, since the sister of Field Marshall Strykker is here ready to kill me, I guess I have no choice but to negotiate. What are your terms, Ryuk, so that I might craft a fair and equitable counter offer?”



I spoke to the new new mcmurphy, I can see why you lament for the days of yore.

Lucia spoke the truth, that pretty much every candidate is gunning for war. Including you. Its obvious, and even the sanctimonious EEF is willing to assassinate other candidates to keep that power. And for the most part, I don’t care about any of that, I have my own plans. And for that, I need everyone in the Colonies to pay attention to everything inside the colonies and not march the military up north.

Your plans that involve blowing up people are going to interfere with that, and I need that to stop. My business associate mentioned something about vosik . . vorin . . vosin or something like that initiative, and if it was planned long ago. I can’t have that, and it would be also nice if you take the death mark off Lucia.


Buffy rolls her eyes.


Buffy said “Pardon the interruption. I call bullshit to your antics, Ryuk. First…”

“You, Roren, are a murder who values people at best as tools and disposable trash at worst! You don’t give a ving’s butt about order or safety. You ruin people’s lives,” as she waged her finger at the man.

Turning back to Ryuk “…I’m pretty patience person. Let’s hear the offer.”


Yildor said with a sigh, "I was not behind any explosives you see. When We learned about them, we simply didn’t warn you Ryuk. I even have information on who actually placed the explosives in your friends.

But I too would like to hear what is it you are actually OFFERING? So far all I have heard is what you want. I have not heard anything about what you are offering in exchange for the end state you desire?"



See, this is where some of my skills fall flat. I was able to read the situation happening at these speeches, was able to determine that someone would be stupid enough to attack, and that it was most likely going to be near you. That made it trivial to lie in wait to arrange this negotiation.

Thats the type of thing iIm good at. Knowing what you want, not so much.

I’m sure you have an idea of what I’m capable of, and I’m certain I can be of use.

The question is whether if I can fill one of your needs.


Yildor leaned back and smiled like a shark who had his prey right where he wanted him and said, "I don’t want anything other than Peace. Peace between you and my family. Peace between the Earther Colonies and the TRILAT. In fact I will stand for nothing less than full peace.

To me that looks like a nonaggression pact signed by the TRILAT. A contractural promise, because that is what a treaty is, for the TRILAT member nations to end all aggression against all colonial targets on Refuge and in the Draco Constellation."


Buffy’s hair was starting to lose that bounce. She could feel it. So she open her purse and took out comical large can of hairspray.

“Peace. That’s outright lie. You work against peace by preying on the weak and innocent. You take from the living and shit on the dead. You run a criminal gang with no redeeming qualities,” she countered as she freshen her hair.

“Heh Maud, you want some? I got another can or how about some gum? Don’t think Ryuk got his point well thought out.”


Yildor laughed saying, "Be careful with that spray can, it was vanity chemicals like that, that burned a hole in the ozone of Old Earth.

If you wish some gum I have some extra."

He placed a whole pack of gum on the table and slid it over towards Buffy and Maud. The pair eyed the package suspiciously.

“What do you really know about me?” he continued without missing a beat, “For example did you know I served bravely in the EEF Special Forces? How about the fact that my sons Aristes and Rayfeld and daughter Mina also served in EEF special forces?”

"Maybe you were unaware that the Gang that I was killed for leading a few years ago was originally bankrolled by the EEF to keep other gangs out of Dumbar and keep the Grand Forge operational. You know, building tanks and other weapons of war for the EEF. I was defending our national sovereignty. And if I did anything over the line, I did it just because I love these colonies so very much. I love it just so hugely. These Colonies deserve a Colony General who truly loves these colonies. And I’ve proven I will do just about anything to protect the Colonies I love so much.

But that was in the past, I don’t lead any gangs any more.

Its amazing how getting strangled with a metal cord and hung out in public changes a fellow’s perspective on crime. I avoid crime because I don’t want another Strangulari’s garrote around my neck.

And in the end Dumbar did not find me guilty of any actual crime.

I was restored and vowed to make good on my original goal when I took on that role in that gang. Working towards Peace for all the Colonies, benefit to our friends and a holy hell brought down on our enemies. Just like I have been saying in my campaign meetings and town halls."

Maud borrowed the spray can and used it to punk out her hair. Once she was done the room was thick with fumes.


“Now I’m a legitimate businessman, and still a big supporter of the EEF,” said Yildor.



a half crazed, half deranged laugh comes for ryuk, that goes on for slightly too long

Peace? Between TRILAT and EEF ? You ask for what you can’t provide from someone who can’t offer it, and you know it. And even if you could provide some semblance of what you want, gesturing with the barrel of his magi cannon to Maud and Buffy , they’re are too many forces inside of it that will do what they feel like it.

You know the best we can do is this non aggression pact between my forces and yours, and that’s it.



I don’t care what you or your family has done with the EEF, perhaps the EEF was more trustworthy when you worked with them.

I’ve worked and have been paid for buy both, for various incidents where they want someone of my particular skills. Hell, I’ve seen them steal, cheat and slaughter peaceful peoples just because they can call them evil. I’ve been kidnapped then tortured, badly , by them just because someone else had an artifact they wanted. I’ve been able to buy poison on these agency’s dime just because they wanted to have something to use against people.

One of the worse things you can hear as anyone other than the EEF itself is someone saying “I’m from the EEF and I’m here to help”. Generally, you can kiss your life away after that.

And the worse part of the EEF today is they will do the same thing you do, and then act they are the better party for it.


Yildor leaned back with a sigh, "I seem to have expected too much.

I don’t at all know what you mean by pointing at Maud and Buffy and saying I cannot control the EEF. Neither Buffy nor Maud work for the EEF. They are colonial citizens and if they attack an allied nation, they would be put on trial for crimes.

Once I am Colony General I will control the EEF and be able to make such treaties. I want it ready to go upon my election. An end to the Technomagi threat and the Nightmare Army threats.

But again Ryuk you offering me a “treaty” between your Rabble which is unrecognized outside the TRILAT and an alleged gang. No thank you for your strange machinations.

But after losing my son Aristes in service to these colonies and losing my son Rayfeld, I have heard the worst sort of criticisms of the EEF. And I’m done listening. This meeting was not an opportunity for you to disrespect the EEF and these colonies that I have given every sacrifice to protect.

This meeting is done and over. If you want to reopen this discussion the least I will expect from you to even meet with me is the corpse of Comissar Von Glomhammer and the Remains of Anton Davies. If you get me those two things I will tell everyone I know that they should back off of Ryuk and his Rabble.

Until then, I will consider you a self absorbed Kasanthian punk who tried to sneak weapons into my daughter’s home, tried to kidnap me from a political rally, and have been kidnapping children from across the colonies to brainwash them to detest the colonies and the colonial candidates."



I didn’t kidnap you, I saved you from assassination. It is only the assassination attempt that enabled me to bring you here. When I’m gone, then you have these two to deal with and the first thing they said was they had plans to kill you.

So continue speaking so we can come to an agreement.

You’re not after peace, you’re after power. And to get that power, you want a treaty with the TRILAT. Fine, I can deal with this. I can’t give you what you want, you need to speak to the leaders of the TRILAT, and probably each individual faction. Of those, I can get you into direct contact with Unity Prime and Admiral Yr directly. It would be a few steps away, but I can get a message to Orloc.

You would have to take things from there, as they’re the only ones that have the power to make those decisions.

Its because of my unique position inside the TRILAT I can get your message to the people that want it, pretty much directly. Anyone else you’re going to have to through the normal bureaucratic steps.

This is what you really want , isn’t it.


[Negotiation Failed by Ryuk]

Yildor Roren eyes narrowed when Ryuk uttered the words “I didn’t kidnap you, I saved you from assassination. It is only the assassination attempt that enabled me to bring you here.”

Yildor waited until Ryuk finished speaking and then replied, "So you think you saved me Ryuk? If you would have delivered me back to my campaign or my home or the EEF, or any legitimate authority, you might, MIGHT be able to try and argue that.

Instead you took me to a place that was quiet and quite far away from the authorities WITHOUT my consent. That is the reality. But you can lie, and cover up, and try and avoid consequences all you want, Ryuk.

The FACT is you took me away from a campaign rally without my consent. That makes you a kidnapper.

You COULD have come to my campaign offices, surrendered your weapons, and just had a talk. But you wanted this quite incomprehensible negotiation where you did not find out my needs or wants before it.

And you showed a great many disrespects to me every step of the way."

Then he smiled widely and placed the magi cannon face down on the table and stepped back from it. "Had this been when I was a mafioso in my previous life, I would have you killed Ryuk. I would have you fed molten lead for your disrespects. But not before enslaving your entire gang to my will before your unbelieving eyes.

But I gave that up when I gave up my life of crime. I will simply inform the EEF of this kidnapping, and I think they will handle you quite easily Ryuk.

Your days are numbered. You better start running. The Colonies will not stand for you kidnapping a Candidate."

Yildor then looked over at Buffy and Maude and said, “Sp…I believe you said you wanted to kill me, kill me, kill me?”

Maude looked at the dropped magi cannon, grabbed it, and began blasting Yildor in the face with it while riding his body out the window.

Buffy was sure Maude had gone all Uth rage from the Uth Curse, but considering their fall there was just smashed bodies at the bottom of the tower. The Scarabs gangers outside grabbed the bodies and fled before Ryuk or Buffy could respond.

The pair looked at each other in concern for a moment.


Buffy then gives Ryuk a exasperated look and chases after the Scarabs.

“You coming or what?”