A Single Krato Bone Pole Axe, Smells of Pit Mongrels, in exchange for a Month


I’m seeking to trade a single Krato bone Pole Axe, strong as steel, able to cleave a Paladin’s armor in a single strike, in exchange for a month worth of rooming, food and water and all the liquor I can drink.

It smells a little of Pit Mongrels, but nothing a good scouring with sand and a bake in the sun wouldn’t cure.

Will accept this offer from any Olgog tribe in the Goblin Lands.

Quall-worshippers, Vampyrs and Cursed need not apply. Cursed Means Uth too!!!


The Gang of the Uf Mag’og of Brez regret that our primary water supply is current beseiged by vermin Earther contractors that prevent us from providing water. Otherwise, we can provide all other resources for one month. We are in the process of either removing or gaining access to water. Once we are given said access, we can fulfill the deal. If you are in the area (includes sketch), you can watch … or join in. There might be hateful Church of One members among their kind, if that interests you at all. Otherwise, we hope to make the trade shortly.


I accept your offer of water, food and room and sundry items (as those Earthers call them), in exchange for this. I will arrive shortly by shadow-walking the canyon-lands.