A Single Flamethrower for Sale, Leyas Powered


Looking to trade a mildly used Gnomish Flamethrower (only one, with 5 fuel canisters) for a finely crafted obsidian spear of native Olgog design.

Preferrably one crafted by an Aufgog or Kalokgog.


I could help you with that my friend. My name is Kolgol, leader of the tribe of Ka’Rhug. My tribe specializes in obsidian weapons, being that the cave we live in is volcanic. I would be more than happy to send an olgog to you with not one, but two of our finest hunting spears. Let me know if you wish to trade.

(I also happen to be an Aufgog, and I may be able to artifice something on to them, or at least slot them)


Sorry for delayed reply, I was told by Narrator may flamethrower got damaged during a mission.
So I can’t trade my weapon but I offer to trade my skill to make and artifice one flamethrower per week in Exchange for an artifact each week I deliver a new flamethrower.

My first request is a ring of meld weapon and sustain.

Tell me if you are still interested?


No worries mate. I’l have to double check who I have artificing, but I think I can manage that.


Alright the ring will take about a week to create, but it is underway now. How will we go about transferring the flamethrower tech? Would it be easier to send a person to my tribe or should I go to you? Also, is there a certain requirement for using it? If so I’d like to know…


I have all the parts and artifact crystals ready for the first four flamethrowers.

I don’t have people to send anywhere…just me.
When the ring is ready I will fly down on wings of fire to your chosen meeting spot with the first thrower.

Each thrower will come with one ammo tank of liquid naptha-mix.

If you need more thrower fuel, you will have to find a seperate source.

I hear there are lots of surface accessible petrol wells throughout Brez Karov and Unen.

If you take one of those I will offer a seperate trade to help you build a Jellied Gasoline production site.
We would have to work out specific details once you acquired a petrol well.


Ok your order is completed. One ring of sustain and meld weapon will be delivered to you upon the arrival of the flamethrowers. I will also look into taking one of these petrol wells so that we can create a jellied gasoline refinery.


Here is the first flame thrower in Exchange for a ring of meld weapon and sustain.

I will also prepay three more flamethrowers for three specific artifacts

Artifact 1.1- earring of catlike reflexes and ignore poison

Artifact 1.2 - fishhook of wall of pikes

Artifact 1.3- hankerchief of wilderness camo

If any are a problem tell me and ill change my order. I’ll give you the earring fishhook and hankerchief I’d like artificed.


Alright, sounds good. Il get on that. Here is the first artificed item: Ring of Meld weapon and Sustain


My apologies, catlike reflexes and ignore poison are both shapeshifting abilities, which sadly I do not possess…


Ok I now have your order of 1 fishhook of wall of pikes and 1 handkerchief of wilderness camo. That should suffice for another two flamethrowers. I will work on securing the locations we previously discussed. Pleasure doing business with you.


I guess you could artifice it with acid strike and mud wave?
I’ll even toss in an extra flamethrower


Sorry man, those are both at level four, unfortunately I only possess level three in earth leyas. Also, do you know specific locations of these petrol wells? If so we could probably obtain one.


The petrol wells are in the deep desert, now that I have returned to the north I can lead you there.
I just have to handle a small inquisitor problem first.


If you want to join up to help us, I could build a vehicle flamethrower for you, we will need some Chill attacks to take down a TechnoMagi