A Political War against the concerning Candidate Yildor Roren (DR2220+ Week 5+)


Buffy McGraw-Strykker and Jemison Post Secret Agent Kand were meeting at the famous Cold Draft in Jemison post proper. The pair had some deep desires to dig up dirt on the most concerning of Colony General Candidates Yildor Roren.

But where to start was in important question. A long term connection who was alleged to have contacts who want to see Yildor and the Roren Family suffer, might even meet with Buffy and Kand.

[Describe your character and take part in the planning. Currently open to the following accounts Eli McGraw (with Buffy), Lurtor (with Kand), Derlur the Nomad (with ?). Other characters may request permission from the Narrator in Game Questions thread if they want access.]


Buffy McGraw-Strykker is many things. Woman. Mother, sister and wife. Drunk off her ass three hours ago. Now with a hang over. Or not.

She was mostly bored despite the fact she most likely a tenth of the planet looking for her. Or not.

Pulling herself up from her seat, she went to the jukebox to pick a song with some soft modern jazz. Instead her finger slipped and selected ancient metal covers of ancient pop music. (OOC example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Kytt-oAJc)

“This is going to be totally perfect mode music, or not,” Buffy stated with a soft sigh.


A big True Cambion dressed with a flaring black cloak with Dark cloths, belt, and a pistol in a belt holster underneth the cloak. For a True Cambion, he is of average height but his muscles are very defined. Especially in the arms. And On his back is a huge sword almost as tall as him.

He sets the sword against the wall and says “Greetings, I’m Kand. Good choice of Music for this night. Let us talk of the fun to have in the coming days, weeks and months. What do you have in mind?”


Buffy votes on digging up dirt Yildor Roren in one of his homes.


Kand says “works for me. Lets find something we can use against him. Either leaked publicly or through back channels. First lets see what we can find.”


Buffy’s suggestion that they dig up dirt by breaking into one of Yildor’s Homes allowed for a lot of options. His main residence was Greyrock Manor in the outskirst of Dumbar. He had another home, Villa Suerte, in the wine country in Saragosa.

He also had three campaign offices acting as residences. One in Dumbar’s Merchant District. One in Chooru’s Pagoda District. One in Neo Vargas’s Dens District.

Which location would the pair break into to search for dirt?


Kand says “I would not host anything incriminating in my Campaign offices or even my main house. Let us checkout his place in Villa Suerte.”


“Villa Suerte sounds good. Lived in Saragosa for a couple of years. Plus, think I been to one of his wine tasting parties once,” Buffy said.


Buffy and Agent Kand arrived in Saragosa on a caravan to hide their arrival alongside the normal travelers and tourists. They left the well maintained streets of Saragosa’s city center behind them and headed out into the farmland that extended in all directions. In one of the semi-rural suburbs of Saragosa, they reached the the squarish manor-house known as Villa Suerte.

The Villa Suerte had four sides. It also had an inner couryard full of various plants. Due to the design of the courtyard it turned Villa Suerte into four large corridors.

Buffy had been here two years earlier. She and her Hubby Eli had come down for a wine tasting a few weeks after their wedding in Tal Hanon. The wedding had been crashed by Unity Metatrons and had required some of the greatest heroes of Refuge including Buffy’s brother Jeremiah to save the wedding.
So they were harried and tired when they attended the wine tasting. But Buffy had always had an eye for layouts, so she had memorized the different sections on her last visit.

The north corridor was the guest wing. It had multiple expensive paintings, and two bars, one at each end of the long corridor. One bar was devoted to local wines. The other devoted to Old Earth spirits. This section had 4 windows leading in, and trio of armed guards patrolling.

The west corridor was probably the easiest to sneak into. It was where the servants quarters were, and had four large doorways leading outside. Only 2 doors on the west corridor were watched by one guard each.

The east corridor was the workout rooms, the indoor pool and the library. Only one guard patrolled here, but that guard was obviously an immutable with some form of Kalino Power Armor on.

The South Corridor was one Buffy had only glimpsed through an open door. This corridor was where Yildor had his personal bedroom, his personal office and a trio of rooms devoted to his concubines (who were currently away on the campaign circuit with him). The south corridor is guarded by a pair of mercs that look concerningly like master shapeshifters (according to the auras that Kand can see).

North - Guest Quarters
West- Servant Quarters
East- Recreation and Library
South- Yildor personal bedroom, personal office and concubines bedrooms.

Buffy remembered that the courtyard was filled with carnivorous plants which makes sneaking across the courtyard a real danger.

Kand knew he could sneak them into one section but then they would be stuck walking from section to section. The building was powerfully warded against Shadow, Earth and Fire Leyas.

Which way would Buffy and Agent Kand sneak in? What would be the first corridor they tried to visit? How would they try and get past any guards (violence, sneaking, distractions?)


“Think we should go in though the west corridor. I’ll distract him and you like get the jump on him,” Buffy suggested to Kand.


With Buffy’s distraction, Kand easily overpowered the little man in his pinstripped suit. The Earther gangster wore very impractical shoes for the Saragosan farmland. His baseball bat was easily used to choke him out.
Dragging the body inside and sticking it in a closet for a moment, Kand and Buffy were inside, but they would have to move quietly. After all one guard remained in earshot near the other door.
They were surprised the Gangster’s pockets were empty save for a commcrystal, and a three vials of the identical unknown liquid.

Now the pair had to decide were they heading to another corridor or staying here and searching the four servants bedrooms that were in this wing.


“Kand, Can you figure out what these vials are while I put on this suit?” Buffy asked.


Kand wishpers "I’m not very good with this Leyas stuff, you see its a family trait… Hmmm, I could dump some out on this guy, and see what happens, but I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was leyas. Lets take the vials and we’ll have it analyzed back at home.

I’ll take a quick look while you change. But I think after this we should check out the Library. Oh, and if you see that he has any pets, let me know. Or I can change into a small animal and hide on you while you walk around. Farret?"


“Let’s head to the library,” Buffy replies. She puts her hair up in a bun and wields the baseball bat in her right hand.


Buffy walked over to the Library, with Kand in ferret form on her shoulder. She found the 99s pinstripe suit surprisingly comfortable, and it seemed to be made from some wrinkle free material.

Kand already had the vials hidden on his person, and his keen ferret nose picked up a strong scent coming off the rose in the lapel of Buffy’s suit. The smell coming off the rose seemed to be sweat, male sweat. Odd, but it was still full of pheremones.

Buffy didn’t seem to notice it, and continued on her way to the library door. The old maple door must have been made from cloned wood, but it was sturdy and still held the woody smell.

Pushing the door open gently, she looked in. There were seven book cases that ran floor to ceiling. Six of them had a wide array of books that looked like they were printed here on Refuge. The seventh had a lock on it and thick glass doors, but looking in through the glass they could see classic novels including Moby Dick, Bulfinches Mythology, Once and Future King, and Lord of the Rings.


The books in the seventh case were original copies brought from Earth by the crew of the Exodus. A single of the books would be worth a few thousand ghaz, and they were all incredibly well maintained.


Looking past the book case, Buffy and Kand could see there were three couches and a coffee table. Kand noticed stains on the coffee table that looked fresh, as if someone had spilled the coffee earlier this morning.

Next to the spilled coffee was a letter, half written, that both Kand and Buffy could see. On the bottom of the letter was some spilled coffee as well.

Buffy didn’t move the letter but got closer, and the pair could see it was a letter between someone, possibly Yildor Roren, and someone by the name of Dodonna Salonai.

Both Buffy and Kand knew Ms. Salonai. She was the top warlord in charge of Kalino, and was in a power struggle against the other Kalino Warlords for the city. She was the daughter of a leader of the historic civil war that had split the colonies many many generations ago.

It was a fact that both had learned in their youth in the colonies. In fact every colonist knew of Caldon Salonia, the Iron Emperor who sided with the Iron Republic and conquered half the colonies before General Leo Moloko stopped him at the city now known as Barrow-on-the-Sea.

But that was literally hundreds and hundreds of years ago, and Ms. Salonai had not made a move to restart the Civil War since…

They looked closer at the letter which said:


"Warlord Dodonna Salonai,

I hope this correspondence finds you well. I truly appreciate the funds, resources and people you have brought to my campaign.

The Human Colonists of Refuge thank you.

As you know I was once a VLAD agent, and workly closely with the Old VLAD.

He used to tell me stories about the Conquest Wars of Caldon Salonai. I do not blame your father for rebelling. The way the Old Vlad told it, it was inevitable.

Once Caldon Salonai found out the old Colony General was a vampire, he set off to liberate the colonies. Of course his choice to secretly take funding from the Iron Republic was a bad political move. It gave him the weapons and armor for his civil war, but it turned many people, like the Old Vlad against your father.

I know the IR reached out to you during the Border Wars and you refused their help declaring yourself a loyal colonial citizen.

That loyalty deserves to be rewarded. If I do gain the rights of Colony General, I will immediately pull Commander Shiro and his Spec Ops out of Kalino.

That will shift the balance of power in your favor, and you can finally consolidate the entire Colony of Kalino.

But what if I do not win…?

What then? With my pull in Dumbar and your pull in Kalino we could effectively cut off all technology production. I can even reach out to the Duskan Archers and pay them to cut off Dusks flow.

In that case, you would be able to use your Iron Dukes to be the sole source of civilian power armor on Refuge. That would be a coin that could bargain your way into full control over Kalino.

But in that inicident I guarantee Commander Shiro will be a thorn in your side…unless…you throw your support behind a full civil war.

Yes if the Election gets won by those conspiring against Human rule, you will be without any support in places of power. But if we time a civil upring with a civil war going on in the Northern Kingdoms, the EEF will be too split to stop you from your civil…"

It ended abruptly as if it was discarded after the writer spilled his coffee and forgot about the draft of the letter.

Was this the bombshell letter that could turn around the election? Was this the dirt Buffy and Kand had been searching for?


Just to be spiteful, she puts all the books from the seventh case in her purse. It’s one of those shadow purses, fokes.

“These belong in a library for everyone and not just this prick,” she states honestly. If she get outs of this intact with her purse, she going to donate these to some colleges.

Buffy takes the letter and stuffs it in her pocket.

“This. Is. Perfect,” she said with glee.

Her face after a few seconds went flat and gears turned in her head. Life was never so simple to you. Nor perfect.

Then with a frown she said, “Too perfect. This letter could destroy this bastard. This could destroy the Colonies. Kand, he’s here and this is bad. Any suggestions?”


Kand looked around the room, looking for Cameras, this did seem like a setup. If no camera’s or listening devices noticed, he would jump off her shoulder and shift to to form of a human he was mimicing.

He said "this Does seem to perfect, and maybe a trap. I don’t think you should leak, but find someone reliable to. Also, you should let current VLAD know of this so Shiro doesn’t get backstabbed. At least that would put a pinch in his plans if he doesn’t win.

But as he hasn’t sent the letter, this might not be enough. But it is a start. And we don’t have to destroy him, just enough of his dirt to loose. And now we know one of his possible plans after he looses to stop as well.

But if this is fresh, we need to hide as he may come back or someone will. Especially since his books are now missing and will be obvious that someone was here. So we should not stay today I think. Maybe look for things on our way out, but it is time to leave."

When they go to leave, Kand will become a Ferret again and hide on her.