A meeting with Lord Mada


Veetrik was a young Vampire, barely been a decade since his turn, however he was given the important responsibility of parlaying with Lord Mada, leader of the Kasanthian forces in the Goblin Lands. He was to speak to him in regards to the military build up of both nations here in the south.
Approaching the gate of the The Sierra Mada Veetrik requests to speak to Lord Mada.


Veetrik had been waiting for a long time for Lord Mada to see him. However one of the perks of being undead was patience as they didn’t age. Plus he was a responsible vampire and didn’t kill anyone when he needed blood. After all, he had been waiting for so long that he long ran out of the blood he brought with him.


Veetrik sighed, well it looked like no on was going to see him, he visited a few cemeteries and raised a few dozen undead so the trip wouldn’t be a complete waste. Then he headed back to the Shadow Dome.