A Good Stone Home, fully functional basement, for trade or barter in Zh'Ka'al


The sign was simple,

“Ever want a place to lay low,
Some crib where the baby’s mama dont know
but high quality enough to be your primary home,
Get your own Summer Home in sunny Zh’Ka’al.”

We build it you buy it.

Purchase includes a bunker designed to your layout and full land use rights for the land the house is on.


Lance arrived on his new skimmer.

Stepping down the blond Earther said, "I hear tell you have lots for sale in Zh’ka’al.
I want to buy ten lots so I can attach the buildings and create a religious compound.
This Bladed Sun church will be peaceable to all religions and will do good deeds for the city.

I offer to make a trio of cisterns of water creation. Set these up in key areas and you can provide water to the entire city and irrigate crops."


Nelson Fink made the arrangements and went off to Zh’ka’al.
It took a few days but Gobbogs investment had paid off in dividends.
The water cisterns would be set up to begin irrigation.
Nelson genuinely wondered if they could turn the land green.

A letter is given to Lance to meet him down south.

(You have purchased property in Zh’ka’al.)