2017 Charity Event 3: The 99s put a Death Mark on Ryuk and Lucia


Lucia M. Largonel awoke in the depths of a holding cell. It was not an official prison, to her relief. Instead the cell had been designed originally for holding large herd beasts, and still smelled of Mal’ie spoor. Next to her were the ten children.

She tried to move, and shooting pain went up her leg and her arm. Her left leg had been stomped by someone large, and was swelling up. Her right arm had been broken, whether by a second swing of that baseball bat, or by the fall and landing after being struck in the face.

Lucia reached up to her jaw, and felt splitting pain. The jaw was broken, and she was able to painfully ask the kids, “Are you okay? Did the bad men hurt you?”

One of the kids pipped up, “They hit us with bats and brought us all down here.”

Spitting out a tooth she replied, “Where is here?”

The child muttered, “Under one of the Caravan shops in the Merchant district of Dumbar. The one owned by an old smelly man named Gree Benson. What should we do Lucia?”

“We will wait for now, child,” said Lucia, “My master Ryuk knows where we are, and he and his rabble are coming to save us.”

Part 1: To Save the Day, or to Be Lucky not to be Shot!!!

Ryuk was wishing his day had gone better.

Not to be unrealistic, it had been a pretty good day so far. His rabble had reported to him Lucia going missing within moments of it occuring. The rabble had even tracked the thugs who took her and the kids back to the 99s gang.

Getting into Dumbar had been a little challenging. By tapping into his ally Childeen Blackheart, Ryuk had snuck his team into the colony by way of an Academia survey ship. Its credentials covered for his Kasanthians getting into town.

Information getting had been the smoothest Ryuk had ever experienced. His supporter Leyana Coque had been a regular in the Dumbari underground scene, and knew of a bar owned by a vlahadassi named Twitch. At Twitch’s Bar, they met with a bartender named Ehud who gave them the skinny on the 99s operations in Dumbar.

From him, Ryuk learned he had two options for negotiations for Lucia’s return. One was Liancour du lathe, a militant who had little respect or time for Kasanthians. The other was Mina Roren, Yildor Roren’s own daughter, a former EEF Goliath, and the 99s weapons designer. The bartender told them the only reason Mina would meet with them is she has had previous dealing with the Kasanthians in the past and wouldn’t shoot Ryuk on sight.

Ryuk accepted it, and with his Quantum Legion bodyguard Grant, and with Childeen Blackheart himself undercover, the trio headed for the Manor district to schedule a meeting with Mina Roren.

Being informed by Blackheart that they should leave their weapons at home, the team disarmed themselves to not send the wrong message to the 99s subcommander. Unfortunately Ryuk decided to try and sneak his weapons into the meeting. He had hoped if he did not convince Mina to support him with words he could aggressively negotiate with weapons.

Ryuk made a terrible tactical error. The 99s were not a syndicate one went into “aggressive negotiations” with. Their members were true zealots and full supporters. They killed the families and friends of their opponents and would not stop until “respect” was restored.

Arriving at the Manor of Mina Roren was when everything went wrong. But anyone who knew anything about negotiations would have know it. When Ryuk tried to sneak his weapons into Mina’s manor, the Shadow Wards there shut down his shadow cocoon, spilled his gear including a Pavillion tent all across Mina’s foyer, and made it obvious he was trying to sneak in weapons to a closed door meeting.

Mina quickly saw she wasn’t dealing with a negotiator who was above board, and trusted Ryuk even less than most Kasanthians. He had come into her home, smuggling weapons to kill her if she didn’t give him what he wanted. Mina had no patience for people who would disrespect her home in such a way.

And that is when Ryuk’s day got really bad.

In a way, he was lucky the entire 99s gang didn’t attack him and kill him the moment they saw that he had tried to smuggle weapons into a meeting with their boss. Only the quick talking of Childeen (in disguise), and Grant the Quantum Legion promising to take on a mission on Mina’s behalf saved the lives of Ryuk’s subordinates.

But nothing would stop Mina from adding a Death Mark to Ryuk for the 99s. Mina even promised to return Ryuk’s apprentice and the children, knowing once they left Dumbar, Ryuk would be hunted by the 99s Syndicate across the colonies.

Ryuk realized two important lessons in that moment.

Lesson one was never send your people to disrupt an opponents political campaign when you know nothing about that opponent.

Lesson two was don’t assume you can sneak weapons into a negotiation, and that negotiations go better when you don’t offend the other party before the negotiations begin.

Gathering together his pavilion tent and beginning the ardous task of stuffing it back into the shadow cocoon, Ryuk counted himself lucky not to be dead. His mistakes had nearly killed him, Childeen and Grant, and had gotten a death mark on him that would be hard to fix.


Part 2: The Boat that Night

Onboard the Academia Schooner, Ryuk met with his advisors. Leyana Coque told them about her own advetures. While Ryuk and friends had been disrespecting the 99s subcommander, Leyana had snuck into the holding area where the prisoners were being held. She had rescued twenty five former Northern Kingdoms citizens that it seemed the 99s had kidnapped off the streets of Dumbar.

She couldn’t get where they were holding Lucia and the kids, but she did keep watch over them until Mina’s personal guards arrived and told the local 99s to release the Kasanthian Apprentice and her kids, and they were taken to the Schooner were Ryuk was waiting.

Hearing the story, and knowing more illegal talk was going on, Childeen brought over his own personal workers and sent them out into town with money in hand, and instructions to be very public.

Ryuk was pleased to see Lucia and the children, but was boiling and shaking with rage when he realized the state they were in.

Not only were they covered in bruises, and obvious bat marks, with more than a few broken limbs among them. Not only were they obviously quite tormented and traumatized by their experience. But someone had been feeding them edible explosives. Their entire GI track was mucked up with the stuff.

Ryuk was about to march back to Mina’s and begin a full hot war instead of the cold war that was already under way, when Leyana and Childeen suggested that Mina might be equally unaware of the explosives.

Childeen went further to suggest someone was using the 99s Syndicate to make sure the New Vorik Conviction went through. “It was a false flag!” he suggested, “Imagine if suddenly every colonist was worrying about their former Northern Kingdom neighbors blowing up?”

Ryuk suddenly realized they had stumbled upon a plot bigger than just the 99s Syndicate kidnapping people who spoke out against Yildor. While they were in 99s custody, someone was sneaking edible explosives into their food, preparing for some false flag terror attack.

If Leyana hadn’t personally witnessed the shock and anger on the part of Mina’s gangsters at what was going on, she might had wondered if Mina had known. But it was obvious, someone was using the 99s Syndicate just as surely as they were manipulating the Colony General race.

Grant had completed his own mission. While Leyana was alerting allies and the authorities to the threat of NK citizens with edible explosives inside them, Grant had been busy. The Quantum Legion had easily bypassed the electronic defenses, sabotaging the communication gear being used by the Grimaldus campaign, in retaliation for what the Rorens thought was the Grimaldus campaign stealing their broadcasting equipment. Giving Mina Roren access to Grimaldus’ broadcasting systems for future nefarious use.

However it did relieve some stress for Grant, who really didn’t want the 99s Syndicate making his life difficult in the future. Grant could also tell the Ryuk did not understand quite how bad getting the 99s after Ryuk is, but then again he was quickly learning that Ryuk was not yet ready to face consequences.

Upon arriving back at the vessel, they set out, making their way from the docks, and out into the open water. Grant began work on jamming the signal to the edible explosives when a transmitting error on Grant’s part triggered the bombs.

The entire side of the schooner erupted in flames, and the entire crew was killed including Ryuk, Grant and Childeen.


Epilogue: On the waves and under the Sea

Leyana Coque returned from advising the authorities to find the schooner aflame, and the crew dead. A master songmancer in her own right, it was not hard for Leyana to bring them all back, including the children.

Ryuk kept the wreckage afloat by adding ice to the broken sections and sealing the hole with an igloo. The local Dumbari fire rescue teams put out the fire, and dragged the schooner back to the docks for repair.

Teleporting out of Dumbar, three at a time, Ryuk’s team finally made it back to Turtle City.

In one sense their mission into Dumbar had been a success. They had saved Lucia M. Largonel, and discovered a plot against the colonies that reached far and wide. A plot so dangerous it embroiled at least one political candidate. But Ryuk also knew he had no proof of the plot. All the explosives had been destroyed by Grant’s botched jamming signal. And while Lucia could speak about it, Yildor had countless witnesses that she had also been spreading rumors against the campaign at the rally itself, which made her seem like a political witness not a true one.

In another it had been a failure, Ryuk had a death mark on his head, and the 99s Syndicate would make his life difficult in the colonies. Lucia was also known to them, and she would be a target in the colonies. Ryuk had also lost a chance to ally with Mina Roren, which unknown to him at this time could have turned the tide and fully uncovered the plot with her help.

But as Ryuk placed Lucia in charge of Coral City, and placed his general Ocean in charge of Turtle City, and prepared to leave for off world business dealings, he had a nagging feeling he had forgotten something of importance…