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Across the Sea with Eli, Remmie, Snowy Touch and Lester Colt (DR2220+ Post mission 6) - Page 2
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Thread: Across the Sea with Eli, Remmie, Snowy Touch and Lester Colt (DR2220+ Post mission 6)

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    [Please confirm if the team is abandoning the plan to repair Eli's sub to instead sneak aboard the Neliff submarine. ]

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    (OOC Remmie won't leave them, but yes if all agree, he is thinking that they should switch their goal of fixing the sub and sneak aboard the other sub to thwart the neliff plan with the quall queen. Maybe eventually take over the sub. If Eli and group want to stay with fixing Eli's sub, then Remmie will stay with them.)

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    Eli says "They'll be expecting for us to hop on our sub. So, we are not going to do that. Easy come and easy go. What they won't be expecting for us to steal their sub. Let's do the unexpected, hopefully."

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    They snuck aboard the submarine of Neliff the Orthodox and was surprised when it diverted south instead of North to Tarris. As it traveled south, Eli and Remmie overheard the crew speaking to their Neliff overlords about moving south to begin targeting the forces of Neliff the Radical. Apparently a Neliff Civil War was really going on.

    Together with Snowy Touch and Lester Colt they found a small bunk that was unoccupied and sealed the door for a few moments to speak in privacy.

    Lester Colt said, "I think I can disable the helmsman and crew with a impromtu poison gas grenade, but we would need a way to clean the air, or it would kill us all. And I don't think it would work on those Neliff creatures."

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    Remmie and Eli had a choice

    A) Lester and the Grenade. Try and take the helm of the ship for their own. Defeat the crew of 30 and their Neliff overlords 20 and Neliff juveniles 20

    B) Keep hidden. Keep the ride going and hope you don't get caught.

    C) Sabotage the Payloads on the ICBMs. Sneak into the weapons storage and mess with the ICBMs so Neliff the Orthodox cannot use them against the Colonies or the Goblin Lands.

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    Remmie says "I think first we should Sabotage this weapon. While neliff killing neliff is all good, I don't want them to have this sub and go where they please. The next target could be the colonies or other lands.

    After that, its either we hide, or we take the bridge and move this to a safe place. Neliffs are creatures of the mind, I would expect that if we start killing them, we won't stay unnoticed for long. Maybe we can have a sabotage as part of a distraction, to pull people away from the bridge area, leaving us room to take the ship?

    But the priority should be to disable the weapons.

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    Eli had seen some stuff over the course of his life, and he was pretty sure he could rig the weapons to explode in the sub if needed. But that would be a one way sabotague, once the weapons were "altered" they would not be able to be turned back.

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    "I had good life. Let's sabotage the weapons and hope someone, somewhere takes mercy on our souls," Eli sighed.

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    With his thoughts turning towards the moment after the sabotage, the team, knew once they snuck down to the weapons area, they would need a plan to escape the sub before the Neliff crew fired the damaged weapon systems.

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    Remmie says "After sabotage the missle, We either have to get this to surface for a moment or cut our way out and swim to the surface. Once on the surface, I can grow wings and fly us out of here a bit and then we call for help. I can make the cuts, but the swim would be rough. Oh and I don't know air leyas, so we would have to be able to make it to the surface if we were swimming.

    So best is if we can make this surface for a few. Then take off and leave."

    Remmie knew that carrying them would tough, but the ear stud would give him the strength to do it for a bit.

    (OOC not sure if Remmie has a commcrystal for home or not. Assuming not since radioing home wasn't an option.)

    (OOC this is the earstud:
    Triad Earring Stud - Remmie - +6 Str, 12 Ar vs M/M/E; Regen 14 hps/rd; Wings, Shadow Jump (2 Succ), Obscure (4 Succ), Grow Armor, Monstrous Strength (6 Succ), Regeneration (7 Succ)


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