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A Threeway Negotiation, Very Aggressive, between Yildor, Ryuk & Buffy & Maud DR2220 - Page 4
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Thread: A Threeway Negotiation, Very Aggressive, between Yildor, Ryuk & Buffy & Maud DR2220

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    Buffy scrunched her nose at that idea.

    "Oh hell no! Kasanth is boring, I hate it more than a lime green dress, and I wouldn't have a ride from there. How about Neo Vargas instead?"

    "Neo Vargas is bright and fun, less gaudy... not by much, and I bet you've been there. Plus it's mostly lawless and neutral. Double plus it's got the best pancake house I know of, " she said with earnest.

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    You're new to this, aren't you? If you go to Neo Vargas, you would be immediately arrested, as in most of the rest of the colonies. You need to let things die down before moving on the inside of them again.

    Kasanth is a much safer place for the both of us.

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    "Bullshit. I'm not born yesterday! Besides, Kasanth would be the first place where they would be looking for you. If they haven't already done it, every bounty hunter, every secret agent or every adventure wroth their salt will be waiting for you," countered Buffy.

    "We're better off going to the Goblin Lands at this rate!"

    She got quiet.

    "Do know a neutral area in Port Unen... Eli kinda sore about that place... that we can continue this little talk. If that's not beyond your confront zone?"

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    Just because the EEF would be in Kasanth, doesn't mean that they would be able to come after me. I do have some people I can call upon to keep me and others relatively safe.

    I wouldn't want to go to the Goblin lands, last time I was down there the EEF kidnapped and tortured me while trying to steal from Mada. They will have people looking down there.

    How about meeting on the waters? I have a boat I can use, and that should be relatively safe.

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    Looking straight in Ryuk's eyes, Buffy grins like cat. "I have the perfect place we can talk. It's called Belinda's Spa and Hot Springs in the The Glacial Wastes. Could you jump us there?"

    "Please? I got have some questions and suggestions. It should be safe 'n empty at this time."

    They couldn't teleport straight there, but Ryuk was happy to leave the colonial waters behind him after teleporting back to his vessel. He explained he couldn't teleport them to place he hadn't already visited yet. But from there, they reached the waters of McGraw Harbor quickly. Fearing eye spies they didn't speak until they reached the edge of Belinda Frost's hotsprings and Buffy activated a small EMP bomb to keep them safe.

    [Continued by request of one of the players involved...here! http://dr-forum.whitestarhosting.net...905#post12905]

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