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    Daron says "Ok, I'm in. Lets take this ship into space. I have a lead on maybe a way to deal with the Neliffs. Blackheart Security may have something. I'm going to follow that lead, but I would wish one of you with me as well so everything works together.

    I'll make myself a small leyas generator to work out there. But I have not been in space, so I'm new to that.

    Now you say robot? What weapons does this have? What will be our mission? What gear weapons should we get?"

    (OOC I'm going to be traveling and may or may not be able to post. I will most likely do most of my mission posting on July 11th (over a week before mission due). If your in the thread, you can do cool things after I post.)

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    Daron came back and said "OK, Looks like we have to just hire 3 Blackheart Security Guards as well to get the earbuds to protect against the neliffs.

    So we can join the mission to take back this platform.

    Hekeriki, I assume you are arranging with the EEF about this. Can you handle the details?

    Also, we may need some sort of Space suit or artifacts needed to survive? I'll ask blackheart as well. I can artifice the Leyas generator I need and I can get an artifact to breath with maybe if I buy it. But I've never been in space, so I'm not sure what else is needed. And I can't help immutables with breathing.

    Lastly Hekeriki, I've made part of the requirement of Blackheart going with us is that they arrange with you. I'm sure I'm forgetting things."

    (OOC While I maybe able to respond tomorrow. Very shortly I'm going on Vacation and will have a spotty connection. So I'm going to post with Joining any strike mission. Sorry I have to post early. BUt I'll continue to try and respond if I get connection and time.)

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