House of Loot

A Single Flamethrower for Sale, Leyas Powered [Weapons and Armor] (15)
The New Arrivals: Escapees from the Isle of Mag Buskt [Perishable Resources] (3)
Gifts for lalder [Weapons and Armor] (2)
Gifts for Kolgol [Weapons and Armor] (2)
Brezan Alchemy and Herbalism [Stolen Trade Goods] (11)
Herd of Auf Lal' al is looking for Springshot Pistols [Weapons and Armor] (6)
Nightmare Hide armor up for trade! Just south of the Ruins of Brez ( 2 ) [Weapons and Armor] (37)
For the Dead: three bodies in exchange for surgery [Perishable Resources] (4)
Seeking Training in Vampyr and Nightmare Hunting? Join me on the beach of Unen! [Perishable Resources] (6)
A Single Krato Bone Pole Axe, Smells of Pit Mongrels, in exchange for a Month [Weapons and Armor] (3)