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Thread: Tor'Lallur for the futre

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    Tor'og felt like been while since did much side care for tribe. Two Pit help tribe expand, trade with DC go well. Tor'og decide to look toward pets, Tor'Lallur make ranch for Pitcorns and Kul'eo. Trouble come in future, Tor'lallur be prepare.
    In other thought, Tor'og wonder where Gooplostic got to.

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    Tor'og look at developing ranch, new generation of Pitcorns and Pit-Kul'eos grow nicely. Must be ready for future.

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    The herd of Pitcorns ran wild and free. Their mouths frothing with plague, and their horns coated in a sheen of slime. They stamped their hooves, and gnashed their teeth.

    Which made the Pit-Kuelos hunker down in their burrows.

    [Unlocks 250 Pitcorns additional and 250 Pit-Kuelos additional]

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