Daron wasn’t sure what to do about the neliffs, but he had seen them in action.

In his speach Daron says “Colonials, I have seen in battle the problem of the Neliffs. Manipulating and infesting into hosts is a crime against us. It is simple, I call on the EEF to deal with the Neliffs as quickly as possible. Get the information about them and how to protect against them to the public.

Prior, I hope the EEF had planned to deal with the Neliffs without causing a panic. So they kept the information quiet. But now with their existance out in the open, we need information to the public.

To the public I say in these tough times I will ask a huge challenge of you. While we learn and adapt, we cannot turn against each other. No taking justice into your own hands if you think Neliffs are involved.

Report it, help the EEF do their job. Part of the problem battling Neliffs is their ability to hide. We need your help for information any sightings of them.

As for Phantoms, I know not of them. I am astounded, but not surprise there are assassins in the world. But anyone whether flesh or otherwise, should follow the rules. If they are killing people, they should be brought to justice. Killing is Killing. And if these Phantoms are just Robots under someones control, then that person should answer for the murders or attempted murders they commit. And the security forces should be out on the look for them.

TO the Colonies, Remeber we are to to STAND together. ANd we need to STAND together during these tough times. And we will win this day because of that. Neliffs, Phantoms, or invaders will not defeat us as together we are stronger.

THank you, not its time to get back to work. Lets make tomorrow safer and a better day for our loved ones.