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Thread: Lurtor meets Tyr'ani at the Nightmare lord Museum backroom

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    Several shelved books open seemingly of their own accord and the sound of rustling paper fills the room as the pages begin to turn themselves. The shadows in one corner seem to thicken briefly and Uriel steps out of them.
    "Greetings, Lurtor. Ms. Shog. Apologies if you have been waiting long. Time is not what it once was to me. Can I be of help?"

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    Lurtor says "As the bearer of Gorguldul, I can travel to the boundry of the Ancient Evils and allow one Ancient Evil through to become the symbiote of a willing Nightmare Lord. From your sources you said this was a coming of age ceremony.

    What I don't know is if this is something that should be done or should be asked if our Nightmare lords want to. Especially since all of the Ancient Evils have been banished.

    I'm looking for advice or what you think this would do to the balance. Even as the balance definitely seems shifting right now with the primordial evils guys and the Ascended beings are all still here."

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