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Thread: A Political War against the concerning Candidate Yildor Roren (DR2220+ Week 5+)

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    Kand's quick look around confirmed that while there were listening devices out in the hall and in other rooms. This room appeared to be empty of all survalliance. Both Kand and Buffy wondered if this was the room where Yildor Roren plotted with compatriots when he needed a private location.

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    "Unless you can plant a bug in here or something, we need to leave," Buffy said.

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    Unfortunately Agent Kand didn't have anything resembling a bug on him. The pair escaped the Villa without being caught, with the copy of the incriminating letter in Yildor Roren's own handwriting.

    They regrouped at a room they rented above a tavern in Saragosa to figure out their next steps.

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    [DR2220+ Mission 8+]

    Kand and Buffy were in their rented room in Saragosa. They had found proof of collusion and possibly even treason between Yildor Roren and the Warlord Dodonna Salonai, Leader of the Iron Dukes of Kalino.

    But where would they go next?

    A. To Dumbar to confront Yildor with the proof to see if they can get him to drop out of the race?

    B. To the news outlets in Chooru, where they could have the story published far and wide?

    C. To Kalino to confront Dodonna Salonai with a copy of the letter?

    D. Nowhere, Saragosa has the freshest coffee in the colonies and we are enjoying a cup dammit.

    [or elsewhere, but a path must be picked]

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