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Thread: The Barris Islands: Meeting at Omega Island

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    Jeremaih started to answer but then stopped remembering that he no longer spoke for the EEF. Instead he looked to Field Marshal Map'le.

    "Amm't T'Shesh, I can appreciate your points but it hardly seems reasonable for us to launch an invasion. Have we not achieved our aims with peaceful means? And such an action as you suggested seems sure to cause a protracted conflict. I agree that this is a time to be cautious but seems to me that following your advice will only doom us all to continued conflict."
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    Lady Xantinus frowned at Jeremaih, "By achieving our aims with peaceful means you mean allowed the Sea Kings to establish fortified positions in the Northern Kingdoms without much resistance then yeah we achieved our aims I suppose. They cannot be trusted not to use these positions to further invade this continent, the more time we give them the greater the threat will be in the future."

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    Amm't T'Shesh looked at Jeremiah with disappointment, then looked at acting Field Marshall Map'el, saying, "Peaceful solutions, K'iorn? I bet if your Falosini Overlords commanded you to invade you wouldn't be mewling at me about Peaceful solutions. I will remember that you did not stand at my side when I was reclaiming my birthright."

    Then Amm't T'Shesh looked at Xantinus and said in agreement, "Listen to her wisdom. The Illuminated will never look at you as equals. Just as the Falosini will never look at you as equals. But unlike the Falosini, the Illuminated will choose to enslave you eventually, it is part of the culture they are born with, and raised up into." Growled in an almost animalistic way, "How is it you cannot see your orbital weapons struck the Illuminated Prros. They will never forgive or forget that affront to their honor. Right now they bide their time, and when you are weak and distracted by other enemies, they will swoop in and begin slaying your peoples and taking your survivors as their slaves."

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    Map'le looked to Lady Xantinus first. "I share some of your concerns but think that steps can be taken to mitigate them. I would be pleased if we could discuss them further once these talks are concluded." tuning to Amm't T'Shesh she continued.
    "I am also not insensitive to the plight of your people and would be happy to help alleviate it. Which I think is possible. Those unwilling to not use slave labor will now find themselves at a disadvantage in trade. I also believe that Wintermute can help provide certain alternatives that while perhaps distasteful to some are preferable. What I am unwilling to do is engage in an invasion of the far continent in order to install you as its leader. No amount of insults you may utter is likely to change that. Perhaps there is some other way in which we could provide assistance?"

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    Pirate King T'Shesh said, "Yes you can provide me and my crew passports of safe access to all colonial ports. That way I can restock my crews and my larders as needed."

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    Map'le leaned back from the table a bit.
    "Well as this meeting is in the interest of fostering mutal trade and peace I think that can be arranged. Provided you agree to obey local laws while in Colonial ports I dont see a problem with that."

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