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Thread: Dark Refuge Post 2220 Mission 4: Are There Lessons from the Border Wars?

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    Captain Oliver rose to the podium and said, "My fellow Colonials.

    There has been a terrible crime committed. That terrible crime is the attempt by outside forces to affect a candidate of this campaign. Candidate Roren might be a racist and rancid old crone, but he deserved to get to the ballot box unmolested.

    That is the promise of democracy! That is the promise that a vote brings.

    That all options are on the table.

    I feel that the perps involved should be gone after to the full extent of the law. I am concerned to hear that Candidate Strykker's sibling was seen close to the candidate by reputable sources. If Strykker is not involved I will ask that he step down in the run for Colony General and return to his role as Field Marshall to avoid any question of his intentions.

    If he is involved, the EEF should hang him for treason. Which is what I believe should happen to anyone involved in this kidnapping. Especially this Ryuk. He has wiped out a solar system. Why has this villain not been apprehended by the authorities yet?

    There is another threat that we must attend to. The Sea Kings. Right now they have a beachhead at I'tash, at Makuf, and at Hobtla Mag'ol. This cannot be allowed to continue. I propose we organize a new force.

    I know I can hire on the Kolgul Militia and their Elogan Armies to provide a full mercenary army that can face the Sea Kings at these three Beachheads. The Elogan Armies the KGM uses believe in slavery, so if they are captured by the Sea Kings and enslaved we do not have to send in rescue parties to save them...unlike our brave and heroic EEF soldiers who we would absolutely NEVER LEAVE BEHIND!"

    That got him some applause from the audience.

    "I suggest we force open the Tarrisian Weapon Vaults. Break out some Xenu-Class Burrowers, and deliver our new KGM and Elogan friends directly to the front and sit back and let them do their work.

    And before you worry how we will pay for it, we will make THE SEA KINGS PAY FOR IT!"

    More applause.

    "Now I need to become Colony General to make this solution a reality. I call it the KGM Protocol. And I will implement it immediately upon my rise to Colony General. In fact, I have faith that we can end the loss of the truly valuable lives of our brave EEFers against those Sea Kings dogs. I will end the loss of our EEFers lives, while trying to guarantee the lives of all our Colonial brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and family."

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    Lucia was concerned about the issues of the sea kings nearby, especially since they already butted heads. If she was able to arrange a meeting, and received favorable vibes from the meeting request, she would request that they hydra kraken assist in taking out any ships attacking by sea (coordinating with whoever is leading the defense of course). She would also request some of the smaller fishing fish ships to take any pieces of the hydra kraken ( still trying to minimize the kasanthian presents in the waters).

    OOC: (post is at 2am due to it not posting because of automatic log out and i didnt notices )

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