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Thread: A Threeway Negotiation, Very Aggressive, between Yildor, Ryuk & Buffy & Maud DR2220

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    How about I send out an eye spy to follow them so we don't have to run?

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    "Hurry though, I'm not done showing them my album. It's leg day. Let's do both," Buffy shouted as she continue to follow the hot trail.

    Buffy keeps an eye out for the law or in this case her brother's goons.

    "We need to get to Maud and her gang before they have the bright idea to wake Yildor up from his dirt nap. Also, we need to Maud some serious help for that rage. Girl got some issues."

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    They watched as EEF special forces collected the body of Yildor Roren. Later they learned Yildor was nanited back to life and resumed his campaign.

    Maude returned to the Ithamar Underground with her gang.

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    Ryuk and Buffy are still in Old Epoch.

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    And the township is surrounded by EEF infantry seeking to bring Ryuk into custody.

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    "This. Totally. Sucks. Ryuk, can you sneak out by yourself?"

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    . . . *slightly confused*

    I can teleport anywhere I need to on refuge, I don't need to sneak out of here.

    Are you stuck here?

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    OOC: The Lucky Fate Squad is not in this area. Just putting that out there.
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    Buffy on the other hand was. Here. In Old Epoch, Ithamar safe and sound.

    "Nope. I got a disguise and alibi to fall back on," Buffy replied. And she was telling the truth on this. Still, she had a better idea.

    "No one is going to question Maud because she's kinda dangerous. No one is going to believe Maud if she does because she's kinda nuts. Which reminds me: I need to go get her some help for Ithamar's sake."

    "Yildor going to keep his mouth shut about me because if he doesn't... his nuts are gone. His dirty laundry will be open in the air. He knows better but I hope he doesn't."

    Looking straight in Ryuk's eyes, Buffy grins like cat. "I have the perfect place we can talk. It's called Belinda's Spa and Hot Springs in the The Glacial Wastes. Could you jump us there?"

    "Please? I got have some questions and suggestions. It should be safe 'n empty at this time." Which it wasn't because Eli, Lurtor and Pren were there but she didn't know that.

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    I haven't been there, I can't teleport there, how does kasanth sound?

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