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Thread: The Special Forces Operations: VLAD vs DRRT vs NK Spec Ops (DR2220 week 3+)

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    Moose looked at McMurphy and said, "Now that all played out like a typical VLAD operation. Wierd that only those agents vetted by me are supposed to be onsight, McMurphy, yet somehow a TRILAT agent gets close enough to kidnap a candidate? Unacceptable, and since that TRILAT agent used to be one of yours...should we say par for course? Or should I turn over a few stones and dig a little deeper and figure out how he got there? How much should I bet that at least one of Ryuk's inner circle feeding him plans is one of your VLAD agents, McMurphy."

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    McMurphy said, "You really think I would use a loose cannon like Ryuk in ANY operation. The K'iorn blew up a solar system just to see if he could. "

    Moose said, "I get that some folks just want to watch the world burn. But how is Ryuk not moldering in a cell in the Goru? He is as least as dangerous as Grand Technomagi Chajee."

    Ar'goon of Fort Lendill interrupted "I would like to see the release of the esteemed Giancarlo Chajee as a Honorific Founder of Fort Lendill."

    "Now that is an argument for another time," quipped McMurphy.

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    McMurphy said, "I can say with full certainty that it was Ryuk's idea to use the assasination attempt on Yildor Roren to get him someplace quiet without his bodyguards and without EEF eyes.

    So should I place a bounty on Ryuk with the Assassins Guild?"

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    [McMurphy looked around the room, waiting for input.
    Choices on the table are:

    A) Start a War with the TRILAT over the attacks on a Political Candidate

    B) Put a bounty on Ryuk, and keep everything as hush hush as possible

    C) go to the public, tell the citizens about the attack on the candidate and let the colonists handle the situation.

    D) Let Ryuk get away with it, because everyone hates Yildor Roren anyway.

    Make your case!]

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    Connor says "I think starting a war is a bad idea. This was Ryuk's actions, not that of TRILAT currently. And the EEF cannot look like it is allowing harm to a Candidate, even if no one likes him.

    A bounty is definitely appropriate in this case. Make the bounty big, but not to the point where people would turn in their mother for the reward. There should also be a reward just for the location of his base of operations. See if we can take that away from him.

    Also, since Roren already told of his capture to the public, we should also make it public that Ryuk is wanted in connection of the kidnapping. If he wasn't already a wanted criminal in the Colonies, he should be now.

    This should allow us the best chance to capture him both in public and private methods. The only challenge is if the public method captures him, you will need to put him on trial and can't seal him away right away.

    But Both of those steps will limit his ability to move around freely and even if it doesn't result in his capture right away, maybe it will limit his movements and plans. He'll have to be subtle, or he will be captured."

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    Dr. Lac looked up from where McMurphy had him secured and said, "The Unity just declared Ryuk no longer an officer in their group. He has lost his TRILAT ranking. They have put him out in the cold much like they did me."

    McMurphy said, "Good so we can act on Ryuk unilaterally without needing to worry about his TRILAT friends."

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    Moose said, "Okay McMurphy I'll bite. We put wanted posters up in every Colony. Let everyone know. Ryuk is wanted dead or alive for the situation with Candidate Roren. The only place he will be safe is in Kasanth if the Unity doesn't want him."

    McMurphy looked around the room and said, "Then the next question we all should ask, is do we assemble a team to recover him from Kasanth or wherever the hell he is hiding?"

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