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Thread: At Sea with Tatters: Lurry and Lady Sarphin talk their way to freedom

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    Moose sighed, "Okay I'm going to take this creature into my custody. Fall back but don't go too far, just in case the creature is unwilling to listen to reason."

    After everyone except Moose and Tatters had left, Moose administered a Nanite syringe to restore Tatters to life.

    Tatters' many wounds closed and its armor and body was rebuilt by the microscopic robots.

    Moose stood back and said, "I understand you have fallen on the bad side of a man called McMurphy who runs an agency called VLAD. I also understand you artificed someone in Jemison Post and the Jemison Posters want you on lockdown.

    I have used my influence to save you and your vessel from that fate for now. I say for now, because I have to prove to my higher ups that you can be trusted, and that you can be an asset worthy of respect and resources. If I cannot prove that, or worse yet, you convince them you are as monsterous on the inside as you appear on outside, they will insist on your return to Jemison Post.

    But I suspect we can prove them wrong. In fact I may even have a proving ground for you to show my higher ups you can be trusted with mission parameters. There is a live event in Ithamar. I suspect a criminal group called the Scarabs will be using necromantic techniques to sneak weaponized biological upgrades into the event. And I suspect you might just have the skillset to help our security checkpoint actually screenout those threats. And our teams would need your suggestions on how to defend against those types of weaponized biologics.

    My friends and employees call me Moose, and I would like you to be my friend and my employee. What do you like to be called?"

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    Tatters looks at the man called Moose. "Well, depends on which of us is in charge at the time as to what our name is. Our sisters just started calling us Tatters as a nickname so we guess you could call us that so you dont have to try to figure out and remember all of us."

    "Our dad said to listen to you and do our best to help you out. As to necromantic and biological threats, we have accessed all available records on the subject from Project Ragdoll and our father's archives. We should be able to identify most Necrotech weapons and threats easily."

    "As to the complaint of artificing a Person, I didnt do anything they did ask for. Also, when did artificign corpses become illegal?"

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    Moose smiled and said, "Its usually not a good way to keep the locals happy. I find its better to ask the family before doing anything to someone's dead.

    In any case, let's go out for your first mission."

    They headed out, returning a few days later. Johnny D had some new threads from Ithamar, and the rest of Tatters each had their own wardrobe of actual clothes. At first Tatters had been confused as to why Moose had offered to buy so many clothes. Then Moose explained, "You may be able to form any clothing you want, but that doesn't give each of you enjoyment of your own style.

    If you need any other reasonable items to make your stay here more comfortable tell me.

    I may have a project coming down the pipeline that you would take some pleasure in. I'll return once I finalize the details."

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