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Thread: The Hobtla Mag'ol Greet the Olgog Darmag Rider (DR2220 Mission 2+)

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    Guilder Muin said, "Actually i will be setting up a private party dig in a week. One out in the foothills where the Icewyrms and the Hobtla Mag'ol used to meet to parlay. If i were to invite you along, I would have to pay you per banking guild rules. Twenty Ghaz a dig would be do'able from my budget. Someone who can actually speak to the dead? That is definitely worth twenty people's salary for a week."

    Glog recieved information on where to meet Guilder Muin for the dig site. (

    Glog went onward to the Cold Draft to see what he would see.

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    At the Cold Draft he was greeted by the barkeep Devin Danes, who offered Glog an Icewyrm Binber wine on the house and a very reasonably priced bowl of stew. As Glog ate he looked around for Jonas. He saw Jonas in the corner of the Cold Draft.

    Jonas was passed out, leaned over a table. In one hand he still clutched a nearly full jug of wine. In the other he leaned over the Drum. His tears stained the leather of the drum.

    Glog had a choice. He could

    A) walk over and wake up Jonas and have a talk.

    B) stealth over and steal the Drum

    C) poison Jonas open wine with a stomach herb that will make him have to run to the bathroom.

    D) poison Jonas' open wine with a poison herb that will cause him to die in his sleep tonight.

    E) Stealth over, slit his throat, and leave him bleeding into his wine. Grab the drum and run before the authories come.

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    Wrong account
    "The pen is mightier then the sword...especially in my hands."

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    Glog walked over to the table and sat down. Using his foot he jostled Jonas' chair to wake him.

    "I am Glog of the Or'Lur tribe of the southern lands. I am here to trade for that drum and offer you a job."

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