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Thread: Planning Thread Post2220: Boriel I'tash and Lord I'tash's Allies

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    Tal was confounded, "Grim I don't think you understand, with that many hearts and minds meditating for peace we can avert this war, their forces attacks will be repulsed until they lose the will to fight and join us quiet discussion."

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    Lord Malaganth nodded saying, "Yes it is true I have seen the Ohmites accomplish similar acts of Peace through meditation elsewhere."

    Slavemaster Malice interrupted saying, "That is the answer of a weakling. Grim must punish these uprising or others will rise up in the future. And with the MDK he could crush them outright and make an example of them. Grim must make them suffer!"

    Lord Malaganth looked at Malice with a combination of amusement and surprise, "Grim will choose his own path Malice... And he will choose what is right for his people."

    The two glared at each other, and waited for Grim's reply.

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    Lurtor enters the room with his cloak billowing and staff in hand with Connor following. He bows to Slavemaster Malice and Lord Malaganth, and then to Grim.

    Lurtor says "Greetings everyone, I hate to interrupt and apologize, but I have much work to-do.

    While Lord Grim considers his options, I will need to get to work on some defense of both here and Jemison Post.

    Unless I hear objections, I will expand our Satellite network from Jemison Post to here that will allow us to Monitor our possible enemies moves. I will place additional monitoring solutions on the inside of our areas as well. From this, I or another me can help transport our forces around quickly to defend or counter. We can also remove the former slaves that are at the center of this. No sense in all this fighting to have them recaptured and ensalved by those fighting against us.

    I will also have the defenses of Jemison Post on alert as well. Grim, you should not have to worry about the post, just those here. I will ask Conner to stay and answer any questions that are needed for me as he can reach me if needed."

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    Lord Malaganth agreed, "Yes Lurtor if we are forced to battle, having the ability to mobilize troops quickly could be decisive to victory. And extra situational awarness would be beneficial. The more eyes that we see through, as it were, the better off our tactics and strategies will play out."

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    They all wondered what Grim was planning.

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