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Thread: Planning Thread Post2220: Boriel I'tash and Lord I'tash's Allies

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    "Gold. It's golden. Also, do you have enough ammo for the big gun? I could make a run to get more while I'm at it," offered Ani G.

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    Remmie says to all "That air defense will cover the biggest missing part of this forts defense."

    Remmie says to Ani G "Does this cost include delivery and operation for the defense, or do we need to do that?

    I'll be flying a glider around causing a distraction for a bit of this battle, trying to cause the enemy to think that they are fighting a 2 front battle, even if they aren't. Please don't shoot it down."

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    "Sure. Yeah, yeah. Boriel is fitting the bill, right? But we got to win or we don't get paid."

    Ani G. continues "I can get the AA in by hovertruck by myself and I really don't know who you are. Man, got no reason to shoot you down."

    "Who are you?" the slighty confused gog asked.

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    Remmie says "Call me Ran. I'll make my presence known at the fort and then head out for my distraction run."

    Remmie looks like a regular Earther dressed in a black combat gear.

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    GAvin walked back into the meeting room and looked around. "Shit, I step out to take a call and everyone up and buggers off without me."

    Waiting till people start to return, he asks Boriel's Representative "So what does His Lordship think should be done about all these evil freaks appearing seemingly out of the woodwork?"

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    Boriel's representative was none other than Slavemaster Malice, a kumfei who had served the House of I'tash for the past five thousand years. His loyal service in training kept the Slammer and Mongrel programs alive and well in Boriel's Retreat and other I'tashi Loyalist communities.

    Slavemaster Malice stood two feet tall, and sat on a floating throne. It was made from baby dragon corpses. Each was an icewyrm pup that refused to be broken. If not broken than dead, Malice always said. Malice wore a high necked armored chestpiece, and a helm that was both frightening and strange. Both helm and chestplate added to the fact that the kumfei seemed completely androgynous. Malice had neither male nor female traits on one glance, and traits that seemed both male and female on another glance.

    Slavemaster Malice's armor was so powerfully obscured, by the hand of Lord I'tash himself, that none could see Malice's aura or the aura of the Slavemaster's obviously artificed gear.

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    Slavemaster Malice revealed a whip made of the spinal column of a krato. It was lashed together with annihilator sinew,and bound in annihilator leather. At various points along the whip, zela crystal beads had been stitched into it.

    Malice showed Gavin the whip saying, "At the beginning of the rebellion of the PeaceLords, my lord I'tash called me into his office in the palatial fortress that bears his name. He gave me this whip and said you must be extra brutal with these PeaceLords who have rebelled. H.Ricos Bergen, current self-proclaimed Emperor of Tarris, came before me an Earther Freedom fighter not many centuries ago.

    He was seeking asylum for his Scarlett Hammer Freedom Fighters and the many thousands of Olgogs he had freed from death camps in the Earther lands.
    When H.Ricos Bergen and the other Scarlett Hammer came before me, they each were proud, brave, and heroic. Who better to be Lords of Peace?

    But power corrupts, and when corruption comes, there are those upon whom only the whip will drive it from their corrupted mind. My PeaceLords have rebelled, seeking to turn the Kingdoms I gave them, into idols of their own pride. This cannot be allowed. They each must humble themselves before me if they wish to retain their rights.

    They need to know what their servants dying every day for their pride are experiencing.

    This is what Lord I'tash said to me about rebelling Lords.

    I believe the lessons still hold true. Capture them, contain them, force them by pain to see what they have inflicted upon others. Then force them to humble themselves before a greater force. And only then provide them a path to salvation.

    These Primal Evils, would have been executed onsight in the time of Lord I'tash. And so their death is demanded. But isn't it better if we turn them as we turned criminal bastards and kumfei into Mongrels and Slammers. A new troop, enslaved to Lord Boriel's will."

    And Gavin did not know if this idea was Boriel's will or simply that of the same old Slavemaster who had created some of the most purturbed and disturbed ideas to inflict on the slaves of I'tash."

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    [DR2220+ Mission 6]

    Slavemaster Malice was disgusted by Boriel's supposed PeaceLords. They were not lords, they ignored their great master, and cared only to gather their lands and sit like figureheads.

    Slavemaster Malice had many many long time friends and one was a Slavehunter and Blackmarket Slavemaster by the name of Dominic Martin Rager. Domi Ragar had been some other creature at some point but had been long ago cursed by the Poison Claw Clan. While some cursed became shock troops and some slave catchers, others like Domi Rager embraced the Clan to much that he was a true believer.

    Under Lord I'tash, it had helped Malice alert the lords to terrorist attacks by the Poison claw. At the time, if a lord was in good standing with Lord I'tash they would be told about the attack and even reinforced if needed. But if they were in bad standing, the attack would be allowed to go through to test the defenses of the rogue lord.

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    Now under Boriel it was even more key. It had helped Slavemaster Malice and Lord Malaganth negotiate a rather large no hunting zone protecting most of Boriel's Retreat.

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    Domi Rager was a whispy creature, with a fairly common set of baribur wings extending from his back. His left had was a serpent, and his right wrist ended in an articulated lion's head. The serpent's mouth flicked its tongue while the lion silently eyes all in the room.

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