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Thread: Planning Thread Post2220: Boriel I'tash and Lord I'tash's Allies

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    "Gold. It's golden. Also, do you have enough ammo for the big gun? I could make a run to get more while I'm at it," offered Ani G.

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    Remmie says to all "That air defense will cover the biggest missing part of this forts defense."

    Remmie says to Ani G "Does this cost include delivery and operation for the defense, or do we need to do that?

    I'll be flying a glider around causing a distraction for a bit of this battle, trying to cause the enemy to think that they are fighting a 2 front battle, even if they aren't. Please don't shoot it down."

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    "Sure. Yeah, yeah. Boriel is fitting the bill, right? But we got to win or we don't get paid."

    Ani G. continues "I can get the AA in by hovertruck by myself and I really don't know who you are. Man, got no reason to shoot you down."

    "Who are you?" the slighty confused gog asked.

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    Remmie says "Call me Ran. I'll make my presence known at the fort and then head out for my distraction run."

    Remmie looks like a regular Earther dressed in a black combat gear.

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