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Thread: Planning Thread Post2220: Boriel I'tash and Lord I'tash's Allies

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    "How about we ask nicely? Get 'em to sit down with you and talk things out? We can arrange that," smiled a young female gog.

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    Lurtor steps out of the shadows and says "

    The real issue is their slaves have left them to come to Grim for freedom. The next step for the remaining slaves is open revolt. So for those who want to have slavery, they cannot allow more slaves to be freed in the way Grim is doing it.

    Maybe if you can turn more Peacelords away from their slavery ways, then they would not have to fight. The more peacelords follow Grims direction, the easier it will be for others to follow until all are required to remove slavery.

    That is the only way I can see to have peace. And it will be a long path to it I fear."

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    "Or a short one because we're going to get these Peacelords together for milk and cookies!"

    The young female gog then pulls Lurtor's neck down to her face level, hard. "I know what you did. Keep up the good work!" she says with a smile as let's him go and skips off into the MDK.

    Ani G. just shrugs at Lurtor and waves as they leave to complete their mission.

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    Biff pondered for a bit. He knew this whole thing was a trap. Boriel didn't care about the slaves. He just wanted one of his strongest Peace Lords to take down Elijah Morte. But he promised to be Grim's conscience. And this was in line with doing the right thing.

    Biff didn't care much for the plans. He had nothing to add at the end of the day. What happened here was less important than what happened outside this retreat. But he knew urban warfare. He didn't offer much for this conversation, but he knew what would have to be done if it came to battle.

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    In the background, Biff knew how to free slaves. He knew the main threats were the war giants and other piloted monstrosities. And slammers - they had no reason left in them. The slaves just needed to be freed.

    Over the course of a few days before the battle, he used his newly gained teleport leyas ability to bring in some experts in slave freeing from New Home to teach some of the commanders in District 49 for purpose of defense. And deep infiltration. They were warned that they could not damage the city or proceed with actions beyond the district, and were on strict orders to represent the best of PeaceLord Grim. But with enough influence, they'd prepare the troops for battle.

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    Grim looked up from a note his aide just handed him. "Apparently, most of the messengers I sent out were intercepted before they delivered their pleas. Those here are all that will be coming."

    "Tap, I would prefer to end this peacefully, but those arrayed against me have never shown any interest in peace. They only want to maintain their positions. I will not submit any more people to thier slavery."

    Looking around, "as I have been distracted by other matters, I ask you all to do your best and work together. I will not give in to them, but I have no clue how to bring them to their senses. Do your best to aid each other. "

    (Sorry guys, been having a tough time lately and havent been able to deal with this on top of every thing else)

    This was sent earlier but never posted

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    Boriel looked out across the Peacelords assembled. The battle at his kingdom had shown him who he could rely on and who was just using him.

    Slavemaster Malice had been placed in charge in keeping discipline and everyone was aware, no one would be freed from slavery if they went AWOL before they reached the walls of the Capitol of I'tash.

    Boriel had PeaceLord Grim moved to the rearguard, he could not trust the bastard Lord to lead his slave soldiers. In fact he wondered if Grim would even assist in re-establishing Lord I'tash's rule. If he didn't then Boriel knew that Grim had been trying to play him all along. He has suspected as much when he first allowed Jemison Post to become a kingdom. But he had hoped fear of the Doomwyrms would be enough to motivate Grim to be a good peacelord.

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    Boriel knew he had one chance and one chance only. They had to make the battles so painful for the I'tashi Alliance that it was easier to allow him to restore Lord I'tash than continue the fighting. He knew his new official stance regarding freeing the slaves after Lord I'tash was restored to power would blunt the political strength of his opponents. It would not be a clash over civilizations to decide the fate of Slavery, instead it would be a clash of civilizations to decide who ruled Refuge truly. The Alliance and its EEF allies, or the Sylvan Warloechs.

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    Boriel said, "Once we pass through Kasanth, we will face either the I'tashi Alliance at Koorpu or the I'tashi Alliance at Wintermute. The diplomats will decide which.

    But we must begin our planning to eliminate the threat of the I'tashi Alliance immediately!

    Does any of my advisors have any plans? Rewards will come to those who help restore Lord I'tash to power!

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    Boriel saw that none of his heroes came to his aid. So he sent out a proclimation.

    It said, "Today you must declare your true loyalty to Lord I'tash. Come to my camp, and present yourself so that we might free Lord I'tash and the entire Northern Kingdoms. But know that anyone who claimed in the past to serve me who does not show their faces today, deserves my wrath!"

    [post here name of soldiers aiding the Slavers in the final missions. State name, and forces being committed to the battle against Boriel. If you do not aide Boriel you will lose all protection from him and his Doomwyrm Rider allies. ]

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