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Thread: The Colony General Election of 2220

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    Question The Colony General Election of 2220

    With all the changes going into effect from this year's Running Gagg event, players may have questions about how these changes affect specific characters or specific storylines. If so ask your questions here, and we will try and answer them.

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    The latest Results are in! as of DR2220 Mission 3:

    Yildor Roren has Kalino and he has Dunesphere.

    Captain Oliver has Kelvara, and The City of the Gods.

    Daron has Saragosa, and Ithamar.

    Lord Grimaldus has Delaba.

    Jeremiah Strykker has Baronade, Dusk and Chooru.

    Wengyr has the support of New Vorik.

    Still undecided are Mt. Vir, S'vana, Dumbar, Barrow-on-the-Sea, and Neo Vargas.

    Financial Support still undecided from A) The Valley of Vegalia Comission (Lost Colonies), B) The Five Families (Lost Colonies), C) United Tribes of Refuge (Goblin Lands) D) The Banking Guild (the Colonies), E) The Merchant Houses (the Colonies)

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