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Thread: District 49: The secondary kingdom of PeaceLord Grim

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    District 49: The secondary kingdom of PeaceLord Grim

    On the 49th Petal of the living crystal city of Boriel's Retreat were the Three Towers of Grim. Owned by the previous PeaceLord, Grim had taken over quickly with Boriel's support.

    PeaceLord Grim had three beautiful crystalline towers with ten floors each. They had art objects, and beautiful maidens and youths of all species. Each of the towers also had a single floor devoted to artificed levi-gliders used to move around the city. These galleries with six well maintained gliders each were obviously crafted by the finest airship wrights.

    [Each levi-glider counted as V.A.R. 5 Flyer and could carry 10 passengers at a MOVE 10 Flyer. 18 total gliders.]

    Between the towers were open courtyards filled with flowers. There were high walls at either end of the property because District 49 had multiple other PeaceLords' lands on it. From any of his three towers he could see into the backyards of his neighbors all filled with armies.

    Grim had a defensive force of his own here. Five Hundred PeaceBringer Slave-soldiers lived on the property, but the WarGiants of the Property had long been sold to pay off debts before Grim inherited the property.

    There was a large reflecting pool, artificed to never freeze and provide clean safe water to Grim's three towers.

    [This is open to Grim and to Lurtor and to anyone Grim invites to this location.]

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    Grim stood on a balcony overlooking the main courtyard. In the room behind him were the unit leaders of the Peacebringers here in the towers and the head of the house staff.

    Sighing, he turned and enter the room. Looking at the gathered, he took a seat at eh head of the conference table and motioned for the others to find places to sit around the table. "I have called you here to discuss my recent assumtion of the title of Peacelord and acquistion of these estates. As you may have heard, my forst acts as Peacelord was to free all my slaves, which include all of you i beleive. But i understand i still have aresponsiblity to all of you. I wouldnt feel right just kicking everyoen out in the cold, especially the cold around here. So i would liek to offer all of you a place here. Honestly, it would be just the same as you have been doing, but with the option to leave if you wanted. There will be some pay, not sure what yet. but it will probably consist of room and board plus a small salary, at this time. I have never really been good at being in charge of people, so if you have any questions or concerns, please ask them now. I'll try to settle any qualms you have as best i can."

    Looking at the house staff head, he continued "The same goes for the staff. I have never really had a place of my own for any length of time, so i really don't know all that is entailed with that. So I will be relying on you and the rest of the staff to maintain the estate. I will try to stop in regularly but my obligations elsewhere will probably keep me busy most days."

    Glancing around, "So are there any questions, concerns, or problems that I should address now?"

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    One of the newly freed Peacebringers, a K'iorn named Zaslam Arurn rubbed his bruised neck, uncollared for the first time in one thousand years. He raised a hand to get Grim's attention.

    "My Lord Grim, I am honored by your gift of freedom. And we are here to serve you proudly. But I have a concern. Since you had our chains and collars removed, word has spread across the 50 Districts. Slaves from across the lands are trying to make their way here, to these lands. They are killing guards and doing other acts of crime.

    They think if they come to these lands they will be freed and lose their collar.

    But my Lord Grim, if you will allow me to speak with honesty, if we accept them or free them, we will be breaking Boriel's law. Each one is property of another peacelord even if they arrive in our lands without their master's presence or permission.

    Our only option will be to buy them, or return them to their slave masters.

    We could barely afford to buy .05 of them, even if we liquidated every bit of precious metal in this great domain and every freed person here went without both food and salary.

    And once we would buy those few, the rest would come in greater numbers.

    How should we deal with this problem my lord?"

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