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Thread: The Frozen Homeforge (week 7+)

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    (Ooc: Sorry this took so long. I wasn't paying attention.)

    Nuria made direct eye contact with Blood'og. "First, I didn't say this area was mine. I said it's mine currently. There's a difference. Should the rightful owners ever decide to return, we'll work something out.

    "Second, crews are prepping to make their way down here as we speak. I'm just making a preliminary sweep. If there was anything valuable or dangerous down here, why exactly would I allow you to leave with it?"

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    (Ooc: You got a whole HomeForge to explore, why are you ignoring it?).

    King Blood'Og III asked seriously, "Did you intend to pay me as your head of security down here in ghaz?

    If you want I will take ghaz payments instead of payment in loot. Payment is payment.

    Back in Brez everyone preferred to deal in loot instead of shiny coins. But I guess I can trade shiny coins for good loot in Jemison Post."

    King Blood'Og III offered Nuria the cigar again and offered to light it.

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    While Blood'og III waited for Nuria's decision there was a sudden shattering noise, and the sound of howling filled the Frozen Caverns. Deep below the surface, miles away something had been freed from the ice. Something very evil and very descended.

    Both Nuria and Blood'Og III could see what looked like a cloud of evil spreading from a building off in the distance...

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    Looking that direction they could see the side of the far end of the Artificers hall had been blown outward by extreme concussive force. Stepping from the cloud of evil was a bald human dressed as a Church of One Paladin. One arm was covered by a bladed gauntlet, and his other held a shield. His face had tattoos of Church of One iconography, but he wore no cross.

    The human charged from the broken building and headed deep into frozen underground city. Nuria and Blood'Og III would only have moments to follow him.

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    Moments passed quickly, and the Devil Bishop exited through the entrance they had both used to come down. Nuria and King Blood'Og II were left staring at each other.

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    King Blood'Og III finished lighting PeaceLord Nuria's cigar if allowed. Then he bounced out, heading after that Devil Bishop. Once they were on the surface, King Blood'Og III would fire leap after that fool. If he could catch up he would yell: Hey You, slow down! You ain't gonna get far on foot out here in the snow?

    If the Devil Bishop don't slow down, King Blood'Og III would throw his Hobtor Axe to trip that Devil Bishop up and slow him down.

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