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Thread: The Frozen Homeforge (week 7+)

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    And Hide behind the largest piece of protective stone.

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    And add one of the new bombs King Blood'og III had gotten from the I'tashi raid to blow open the structure.

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    (Ooc: just so I know, are these 'light-and-burn fuse' bombs, or more advanced tech bombs?)

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    The bastard-made bomb had an obvious cord that had been lit by King Blood'og III.
    The second bomb placed was Leyas based and was designed to tunnel material once the first bomb destroyed the wards in the area.

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    Nuria had observed the Olgog quietly from a distance, trying to discover what he was doing, since she first heard him in the Homeforge. She watched still, as he fidgeted with his pack in between two Dragon statues. When she realized he had set and lit an explosive...

    She quickly used her Fire Leyas abilities to extinguish the fuse, then made herself known.

    "EXCUSE ME!" she shouted. "But what, exactly, are you doing here?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maklaltor View Post
    King Blood'og III will say, "Mighty PeaceLord, I am King Blood'og III and I seek you out to form an alliance against the untrustworthy and the enemies of freedom. What can Blood'og the Third do to earn your favor?"
    King Blood'og III had hoped to run into PeaceLord Nuria earlier, but when she didn't show up he didn't know what to do. Now that she arrived he would say his statement about alliegiance and then sheepishly look at the explosives and said, "I was not sure how to get past the puzzle to open the door. My pops always said if you can't figure out how to get around a wall, you got to break through it.

    Mighty PeaceLord, may I have your permission to blow up the door?"

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    The big olgog stopped for a second worried he had sounded confusing. He tried to clarify but mucked that up right quick, "I mean, um, ahhh, um, I do want to earn your favor and gain an Alliance, but I also think an Artificer Hall in a K'iou homeforge is going to have some righteous loot. XTREME loot, and stuff that would make us both way more powerful. And if not, maybe its got information stuff. The stuff eggheads turn into important advances or something."

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    "I agree entirely," Nuria said. "There might be important discoveries to be made down here. That's why I'm here.

    "However, as this place was discovered on my territory, this area is currently mine. I had guards posted, intending to keep out trespassers. You, currently, are tresspasing."

    She paused for a moment to let this Olgog consider what she had just said. "Now, tell me. Why shouldn't I have thrown in a cell for trespassing?

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    King Blood'og III pulled out a pair of urya cigars and offered one to Nuria saying, "To begin with, PeaceLord, your guards kind of suck. Not surprising, they never had a gang of blood-mad Brezans knocking down their door in the middle of the night.

    Growing up facing threats like that made me tougher than anybody you going to find working as a guard.

    I could train them to be good enough, tough enough, and unbribeable enough to keep you safe and keep your lands safe."

    Then he paused and lit his cigar (and hers if she accepted it), "Other people ain't going to agree with your opinion that because you claimed lands near a K'iou Homeforge that the Homeforge is yours.

    The K'iou and their Falosini Bosses own this place, and one day they going to come calling.

    Wouldn't it be better if all the good stuff was long gone by then?
    And if the Winged Freaks do come calling, Who wouldn't want a bad ass Brezan bone breaker as an ally?"

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    (OOC- Nuria? your turn)

    "What do you think?" asked King Blood'og III.

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